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  1. So rather than continue yet another circular argument with Graf, I decided my post-shipping-Quantum-Break holidays would be best spend avoiding the bulk of the internet. Which worked out rather well. My holidays started the day after release, and I very definitely needed to switch off from everything for a while.

    So let's see if I can summarise all the things.

    • I got drunk a lot.
    • Went to London for a few days. Saw The Book of Mormon finally.
    • Finally knocked over The Witcher 3. Fuck that game's mechanically repetitive, but the world building is second-to-none.
    • Getting laid more often now that I have free time.
    • If I tried to talk about the PC release, I'd quickly break every NDA I've ever signed. It's getting better though (not that anyone cares anymore).
    • I actually have no recollection of January through March. Well, I saw Steven Wilson again live, but that's it. I can't even remember what I did with my girlfriend for our two year anniversary.
    • I had a moment where I went in to the supermarket and realised every movie I wanted to see at the theaters was already on Bluray.
    • I presented at DConf in Berlin earlier this month. Video 1, and Video 2 around 1:49:50. This conference had a better effect on restoring my morale than anything else did.
    • I've been designing future-proofed systems and doing SIMD optimisations at work. I'm starting to enjoy work again.
    • Tonight, I opened up Calamity and started tapping away at that once more. But I am considering converting all the code to D. Because fuck C++.
    • On the subject of programming in my spare time, a chunk of it will likely be taken up by some D code once we open source it.
    • I am sure there's some hilarious butthurt threads around about the new Doom. But I rather enjoyed it and I can't be fucked looking through any forum posts for hilarity.
    • Dark Souls 3, I am disappoint.

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Eh, there's a few D4 complaint threads, but for the most part they're kind of the same old SnapMap, loadout, and Glorykill talk. Other than that, the single player has almost universally been the subject of praise. That crashing-to-desktop-without-an-error-message nonsense just needs to stop, though.

    2. Linguica


      D44M is 2/10 needs more Aidan Gillen

    3. GooberMan


      I walked past him in our office once. We were both busy as fuck. I don't think he even noticed me. I felt special anyway.