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  1. I'll be presenting there in a week and a bit.

    Who am I scheduled against?

    Take a guess.

    No, really, go on.

    If you guessed John Romero, you'd be spot on.

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    2. Linguica


      Hey Gooberman, the video of the talk we were all waiting for is finally uploaded!

    3. Chezza


      Interesting Question & Answer.

      Question: Say, in an alternative universe where you had a hand in the making of Doom 2 and 4, how would of you approached it?

      Answer: I always like to work on new IPs, so basically I wouldn't of made Doom 3 or 4. However if I did, I wouldn't of rebooted the series. I would of created a continuation of Doom 3.

    4. GooberMan


      FYI everyone: My talk has been behind a GDC Vault paywall since late August. This one has been 100% public on the GDC website since around the same time, but now it's in a far more convenient Youtube format.

      I want to get my video made public, there's plenty of interest outside of gaming in what I have to say and as such not many people want to subscribe just to watch one video.