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  1. There has been none.

    Right now my programming focus is on Binderoo, the open-sourced rapid iteration framework using D that I'm developing at work.

    Once it's up to a minimum level of functionality, I'm going to port everything I've done in Calamity so far to D. The reasons I stated for using C++ originally, eh, I'm over it. I've wasted far too much time in C++ doing stuff that's simple in D lately. It's time to move on.

    More about my rationale for leaving C++ behind can be found in the presentation I made at GDC Europe last month.

    Calamity will be a good testbed for expanding Binderoo to handle COM interfaces since the current implementation is DX11 based. This further helps out for UWP apps, as secretly UWP handles are just COM interfaces that the compiler manages for you.

    Once the porting work is done, I can get on to the meat of the implementation.