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  1. At 2:15pm yesterday, Fear Factory announced that they would be at the Indie Temple in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley from 8pm till 10pm that night. Whilst there, they would be mingling with the crowd and playing their new album. Word spread rather quickly. At 2:30pm, an email got sent around to the metal group at work about it. It's not a good idea to wear open topped shoes and shorts to work when one of the best metal bands out there announce something like that, so I had to race home to get clothes and my CDs. I got back in to the Valley by 6:30 and was in the Indy Temple at around 7pm. It started out pretty empty, but by 8pm, there was more people at the Indie temple than is normally there after 11 on a Saturday night.

    It was pretty easy to tell when Fear Factory had arrived - there were flashes going off at the back of the room. After waiting for the initial rush to die down (and hearing that they had pens on them - what a dirty lie that ended out to be), we grabbed our copies of Obsolete and set off to meet the band members.

    For those unfamiliar with who's in Fear Factory these days after the break up ordeal of a few years ago, here's a brief history: Burton left the band citing creative differences; a few months later Dino left the band and Burton came back; to replace Dino they snagged Byron from Strapping Young Lad (which coincidentally makes an interesting triangle - Rhys Fulber produced three of Fear Factory's albums, Devin Townsend provided guitars for two Front Line Assembly albums, and Byron is from Strapping Young Lad).

    First up was Burton. He's rather approachable and at the start of the night was almost approaching people that was near him. He was more than happy to sign our CDs (after we snagged a pen off someone) and take photos with us. Scott did the unthinkable and asked him if the new Fear Factory album is better than the new Metallica album. Burton tried to take the question seriously and said that the album is some of the best stuff they've ever done. That's Scott for you though.

    Next up was Raymond. He was easilly the most approachable of the lot, and what I gathered of his personality I liked him the best out of all the band members. He was alot more talkative than the other guys and even helped us both try to find a pen and find Christian after we'd finished. I mentioned to him what Burton said about the new album and he took an objective look at it. He said it's good but I got the impression that it's not the best album they've done.

    After photos with Raymond, we went to see Christian. He was half smashed and still drinking, so he was pretty much only in the mood for drinks, pictures, and signings. We did ask him what he thought of the new album, and he said that it's going to have some awesome cover art. We held up our Obsolete CDs and asked if it was going to be better than that, and he responded with it was going to be better than Demanufacture.

    Before we went to see Byron, Burton got on the mic and told us that the footage being filmed by all the cameras going around would be on a DVD accompanying the new CD. He then introduced the new album and put the CD on over the speakers. No live performance unfortunately.

    We finally got around to seeing Byron. He was somewhat out of it. He wasn't all that talkative. I asked him what it was like being in two awesome metal bands, and he gave a short answer something along the lines of "it's good." We got our CDs signed (I forgot to grab my SYL CDs so I missed out there) and took one photo before the camera ran out of memory. I'm only half in the photo with Byron. The images were resized in the camera afterwards and thus averted the camera crisis.

    With a fully signed CD from the Fear Factory lineup of 2004, I decided to pay full attention to the CD. Holy shit. This is definately going to be one of THE metal CDs of the year. I can't wait until April for it's release now. I went up to Burton and quizzed him about the lack of synth in the songs. He said it is in there. I got confirmation that Rhys didn't produce the new album. Never fear though, this album is still good without the synth. I'll review it in full once I get the album.

    StaticX were also wandering around (Fear Factory, StaticX and Korn are playing tonight at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, but I had no money to buy tickets so I won't be going to it). I didn't care enough to get photos taken with them, but James got some.

    Eventually the night ended with James on camera being asked by Burton what was the first thing that came to mind in regards to the new album. James said "awesome" and I yelled out "holy shit!"

    Every time Fear Factory come out, I'm always broke and can never afford to see them live. I've got one better than seeing them live now though - I've met them. Thank fuck Fear Factory are back and creating good new metal.

    Photos to come once I find some space online to stick them.

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    2. GooberMan


      Danarchy said:

      I don't know jack or shit about popular music these days.

      Well I guess they are "popular" per se. You won't find a metal head without a copy of Obsolete in their collection. It is interesting that they chose to tour with StaticX and Korn though, as Fear Factory aren't anywhere near as well known in the mainstream as those two bands.

    3. Fredrik


      Who cares, Fear Factory sucks.

      Right, I guess you cared.

    4. GooberMan


      Isn't the entire point of the blog forum "Who cares?"