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  1. For those of you waiting for more Doom - The Arcade Game, the story comes with the release 1 zip so read through that.

    For those of you waiting for more The Gateway Experiments (or Space Station Omega if that's all you know it by), read on.

    What you know: The Gateway Experiments started off with the main character from Doom (Russell) being called in by his old friend Aaron (Doom Chronicles Chapter 4) trying to get Russell back in to the Marines. The government had decided it would be a good idea to open up the gateway experiments again, and they wanted Russell back in case things went wrong. Russell got to watch things go wrong, he got out after an invasion occured, Aaron tried to kill Russell after revealing he opened the experiments again, and Russell killed him.

    What you don't know: Russell starts having dreams after those events. The first dream he had was him entering a 30's-noir-style hotel. Inside were demons as servants. I hadn't gotten as far as working out what other dreams Russell was to have.

    The government considered the situation contained on the space station, so they framed Russell for destroying the station and all on board. All ships that dock at SSO get implanted with a tracker, and consequently are quite able to track down Russell's ship. Elaine (Russell's girlfriend, Doom Chronicles Chapter 5) was taken prisoner, and Russell dealt horrible doom to the marine squadron that infiltrated the ship. Not long after the marines died, Russell gets a communication from a group called MAGE who want him to come on board their ship and have his ship destroyed as the tracker is quite irremovable. Russell goes on board and discovers that MAGE is the Movement Against Gateway Experiments (lame acronym, huh). They had unsuccessfully tried to shut down the experiments before the demons showed up again at SSO. They want Russell to do a hit-and-run operation on a government facility with the intention of using some gateway tech to go to hell and see what's going on there. With the demon's god dead at the end of D-TAG/Doom 2, the demons should have been aimless and useless. Russell decides he needs to get Elaine first/instead (ooh, choices!), and goes off on a mission to get her.

    Elaine is being held at a high security holding facility. Russell is able to sneak through the facility and get to Elaine's cell. Opening the cell sets off the facilities alarms, which locks down the facility. After getting Elaine out of the cell, Russell hears sounds of gunfire not too far away. Seeking to find a way out of the complex, Russell instead finds that the demons have decided to invade this facility aswell. Things are made harder as the facility's automated monitoring triggered the self destruct mechanism. After managing to smack down some demons, find a way out, and watch the facility explode in to chunky little kibbles, Russell realises that the demons just won't go away and that his duty didn't finish 10 years ago when he destroyed their god.

    After getting back to the MAGE, they drop him off at a secret facility that houses some gateways. Infiltration of the facility reveals that the government was using the refined gateway tech to get in to hell and capture demons for all sorts of studies. Computer reports indicate that they were trying to tame the demons and use them as an unstoppable army. Brainwashing refused to work, and despite the fact that the demons already had a techno-fusion thing happening they had so far been unable to integrate human tech with demon tissue. After avoiding or killing any marines as he went through the facility, Russell finally gets to a gateway. He sets the wavelength to hell and steps in.

    The demons on the other side don't attack him unless provoked. In fact, they seem to ignore him. Russell explores to find more of the same behaviour. After more exploring, Russell is confronted by the 30's-noir hotel seen in his dreams. On the penthouse level is a demon chosen to speak to him. The demon world had been thrown in to quite some disarray with the destruction of their god and his seven minions of hell. Civil wars, degeneration of mind to a more primal state, and mass genocide of differing species constituted the first few years after their god was killed. A group of demons finally realised what was happening though. They realised what they are, and what they need to keep things under control. They need a new god (Side note: it's a pity - the demons were on the brink of entering a higher state of consciousness until they foolishly determined they needed a new god). Who better to be their new god than the entity that destroyed their previous one? They want Russell to bring unity back to hell and give the denizens a purpose for living. Russell realises that if he declines, the demons could very well realise they can exist without a god (they had "invaded" space station omega and the prison facility in an attempt to bring Russell back to hell, which is quite an argument for independent thought) and thus could be quite unstoppable, so he agrees.

    Russell spends a couple of months in hell bringing things to order. Some demons are convinced he is their new god based on reputation alone, some need convincing in the form of a superior display of power. Eventually, Russell manages to unify hell back in to a big, lumbering juggernaut. After the unification, Russell decides it's time to tell the MAGE what's going on. The MAGE can't believe what's happened, so he takes some of them back to hell to demonstrate. The MAGE is convinced that the demon army is now completely under control.

    There is still the issue of Russell and Elaine being fugitives though. It isn't the only case of the government covering things up since the demon invasion ended though. The MAGE has detailed reports of the corrupt activities the government has been up to. Russell decides it's time to use his new found power for a revolution. If he can bring peace and order to hell, he sure as hell can do it for earth. The end of The Gateway Experiments involved Russell using his demon army to overthrow the government and bring forth a new form of order determined by himself. Would he keep the demons and the humans separate, or would he merge them in to a totalitarian state ruled ruthelessly by himself? As with the rest of The Gateway Experiments, the decision would have been entirely up to you.

    The end.