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  1. Mirko

    Why do you Speedrun Doom?

    Wow, so many different responses :D
  2. Hello, I've been speedrunning doom for almost a year now, on and off. I mainly started after watching the Doom Gods do speedruns such as Xit Vono and stx-Vile. Speedrunning Doom is very fun, but why do you do it? Is it the competitiveness and satisfaction of beating someones score? The pure thrill of doing the run? etc. I would really like to know why you do speedrun. Thank You :D
  3. Mirko

    How do I change the name of my map?

    Ok, I think I understand how DeHackED works. Should I change the map name after the wad is done. I was going to do it 1 at a time, but I would just be harder...
  4. I am making a megawad for Doom v1.9, And I'm pretty new to mapping. I've looked everywhere, but all I can find is how to change maps useing XWE. I need to change my map name using SlumpED or something of vanilla doom. Please help, thank you :D
  5. Mirko

    Doom Builder 2 Help!!!

    I tried all that... I reset my computer and it fixed its self, weird.
  6. Mirko

    Doom Builder 2 Help!!!

    I've been working on a map, and when I went to test it recently. Nothing placed from things mode shows in the map, although visual mode shows that the things are there. Any help? Thank you.
  7. So many different stories from so many different people. I think I would go by my first name, but my first name is Mate Pronounced "Mar-Teh" or as my Aussie friends like to pronounce it "Mar-Tay". As you can see, if you see someone named "Mate" you wouldn't pronounce it like "Mar-Teh" Unless you knew me :D
  8. That is a good way to look at it :D
  9. Ok I changed the post name.
  10. Hey guys. I don't have a gamer name as I just go by my middle name. Does it really matter if I have one or not? Do you think it is cooler to have one, or it doesn't really matter?
  11. Well I'm not sure what the proper term is, gamer name, gaming nickname?
  12. Me personally, I've never really had one, so I go by my middle name. I guess I just don't have a nickname or taken the time to think of a very cool name.
  13. Mirko

    What is your favourite way to play Doom?

    Wow, so many people differ in how they are playing Doom. :D
  14. Casual Playthough, Cooperative, Deathmatch, Speedrun etc. Me personally, I play a bit of everything.