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  1. Thanks Boris. That's a good idea. Anyway, I just found another method to simulate pick up flash which requires only 3 lines of ACS code. Here is my solution: FadeTo (183, 177, 150, 0.3, 0.03); delay(1); FadeTo (0, 0, 0, 0, 0.03); Function FadeTo allow me to alter the color on screen for a specific time so I just set the time to be very short which is similar to your suggested solution.
  2. Recently I just started creating a new map and I want to include an "Ammo Refilling System" in it. Just like vending machine, there is a switch that will give the player a few of ammo when he press it. Right now, I can add ammo into inventory using GiveActorInventory function and create pickup sound using AmbientSound function. However, I can't find a way to make a screen flash just like when you pick up an item. I want to know if there is a way to trigger flash event using ACS (or you may suggest any other method). Actually, one possible solution I come up with is that I just have to spawn ammo over the player head. However, this solution will not work if the player is in clipping mode. If possible, I want the ammo to go directly to player inventory (Well, maybe I am asking too much :P).
  3. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I released the first map here (well, you may not remember it at all). Right now, there is still no new map I have been developing yet (I only have an idea but still no time to make it). The reason I post this thread is that, actually before the first map, there was another map I made and planned to release it as my first map. However, right now it is marked as failure and unfinished work due to various reason such as bad map and texture design, few texture glitches, bad coding structure. Anyway, recently there seem to be someone who still interest in this unfinished map as they watched my demo video. So I decide that there may be somebody here who want to make it better or, at least, I think it will give you some idea to make a good map. Here is my unfinished map (wad) link: http://www.mediafire.com/?oy87po77x0obfgf The playable map takes place in the 3rd map. Since it is unfinished, there is not enough ammo for you so feel free to use cheats. Some other maps (map 1, 2 and 4) are the ones I used to test my ACS scripts. Use them as you wish.
  4. ExIm

    My second level!

    OMG, the map design is really great! I wish I could design like this -_-" Fighting with monsters is also fun, I died 3 times in HMP difficulty :P
  5. ExIm

    My first map released

    @Hellbent Oh, that make more sense. Thanks for advice :D
  6. ExIm

    My first map released

    @scifista42 Thanks for advices! I will try make better map design next time. About the recording, I used FRAPS to record the video and TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress to encode into avi file (xvid format).
  7. ExIm

    My first map released

    @Krispy Thanks! So I should add a few more ammo in the map... @Hellbent Yes, you have to survive it to clear the level. It's quite hard but you could survive it if you move in the proper way.
  8. ExIm

    My first map released

    I’ve just finished my map so I want to get some feedback. This map is the first map I released to public. It is based on ZDoom UDMF map using Doom II as IWAD. I designed it to be the first level of the wad so it is small and quite easy map (except the last part of the map). Most of the enemies are just zombie men, shotgun guys and imps. And right now, it was designed for single player only. Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?na788pgdc6gwygc Here are some screenshots I also uploaded my playthrough demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMw2SHFDySg *edit demo link *fixed blue key location, lower turret system's difficulty in HNTR (easy) and HMP (normal).
  9. Oh my... How stupid I am -_-" I didn't notice the bracket and wasted half of a day just because of this. Thanks for pointing out!
  10. Hi, It has been a long time after I disappeared from this forum. Now I want to edit the DECORATE so that one ACS script will be executed when thing is spawned and another script is executed after thing is destroyed or dead. The problem is that when I applied DECORATE code in either Spawn or death state, the DECORATE code is still work. However, when I tried to applied to both states at the same time, ZDoom shows error stating that 'tnt1' is an unknown actor property. Here is my DECORATE. Actor TidBFGBall : BFGBall replaces BFGBall { States { Spawn: TNT1 A 0 TNT1 A 0 ACS_ExecuteAlways(998) Goto Super::Spawn } Death: TNT1 A 0 TNT1 A 0 ACS_ExecuteAlways(999) Goto Super::Death } }
  11. It's work now. So the lump order is important too. Thanks again :D
  12. Now, I've finally manage to include your code into my wad and it works really fine. Thanks, Gez! Here is the result I made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7-T0Hi1T-w Anyway, I've a bit problem with SLADE. After I included DECORATE into my wad, I can't open it again in Doom Builder (there is no map to select) unless I delete DECORATE in my wad using SLADE. Is this normal or is there a way to open it in Doom Builder without deleting DECORATE?
  13. Oh, I see. I'm not familiar with DECORATE so I don't know. Actually, I still working on my first map and don't even know how to edit things other than creating a map and write ACS script in Doom Builder 2 -_-" Just download SLADE 3. Got to learn this.
  14. What do you mean rocket replacement? Is it other thing like spawned dummy rocket? And how to make it to call the script by itself (I think if I place ACS_Execute line normally the activator should be the player right?) Right now, I have global variable that increase by one once a rocket is launched as you said. But I also want to know info of every rocket about its coordinate and movement (like speed, angle) so it will be useless if I can't assign id to the original one :(
  15. Well, it seems my problem hasn't been solved completely yet so I come here again for advice. Now I know that there is ThingCountSector to count number of my rockets in specific sector. My objective is to assign an ID to every rocket that has been launched (or spawned) and each one is unique. For example, when I fired the first rocket, it is assigned an ID of 1. And then if I fired another rocket, its tid will be 2, 3, 4... and so on. I tried using while(true) loop to check at anytime new rocket will be launched. If that occur, I taught I can use Thing_ChangeID to assign the id to it. However, when I used ThingCountSector to count the rocket with new tid, it showed 0 (that's mean it fail to assign the id). I even tried to change ID of myself (Player class) before executing this script but it still failed. FYI, I use ZDoom In UDMF format.