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  1. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    Jesus Criminy, I'm late as fuck to the final-release aren't I. Well, just a few words to say I'm happy with the way it turned out, lots of great maps. Think I'll make more next year for the next one!
  2. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    Yeah, when I first started going on the map I thought," I'm gunna fuckin win this challenge, watch." So I used the stairbuilder and only 3 different step-textures throughout. At first I had no idea how to connect the outside garden-area to the central stairway, so I just made that abstract room with the 3 intersecting stairwells coming into it. It was really small so I scrapped the whole thing basically and made the rooms bigger. At first it would've been smaller than brit10 MAP01. sidenote : Esselfortium is the one who actually came up with the name STAIRTAN3 in #32in24 that night, lol.(originally it was so_many_stairs.wad) (p.s., idk what i just typed im rly rly high)
  3. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    http://www.mediafire.com/?ofd2021tsfmcxjg Updated STAIRTAN3 @Dew : Didn't see you're comments on my map earlier. Lol, I don't really put my stuff out very much, so you probably thought I was going to be terrible huh? Anyway, heres the changelog : Updated weapon placement at spawns. Again, @ Dew : Is this what you meant?(below)
  4. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    http://www.mediafire.com/?q46gt7zecmppaa5 "Fuck Doombuilder" MAP01. MIDI : Hit The Lights - Metallica I tried at least 4 times to make this map. 4 times DB crashed on me. So, here's the finished map, after about an hour of actual mapping-work, 3 hours of r@ging in the irc channel.
  5. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    aw damn, let me re-format the map and re-upload ... Ok made some minor edits and changed the map number to MAP01, (dunno what this'll end up being in the actual 32in24-11.wad, change the number however you wish) Also added a nice MIDI. I do NOT wish to have more time to work on this. I want it to be covered in STARTAN. Name : "STAIRTAN3" Map : MAP01 LINK >>> http://www.mediafire.com/?b6oht51hcd5xxat Screenshots pretty much the same; Only edits I made were to the non-map portions of the wad with SLADE(changed map-number, added the MIDI). Go crazy.
  6. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    Made (scrapped) at least 4 different ideas, but here's the one that actually worked. http://www.mediafire.com/?ee5ek3w3felenwn "So Many Stairs" http://s1109.photobucket.com/albums/h436/majik__/?action=view¤t=Coop-20111023-123250.png Hope ya'll can see the screenies good. (P.S: Kinda went ham on the StairBuilder.)
  7. majik

    32in24-11 - It's done! Download inside

    I'm down. I only just found out approx. 12 minutes ago, but I'll do one. That's how the 32in24 thing started, right? Make a map really fast?
  8. majik

    Onslaught and other wad music sources...

    Oh fack, thanks! I looked just about everywhere for these, and never thought to see if hobomaster(derpderp, the author) was on these forums. This is awesome. THX Ralphis i fuggin love these songs. Pretty much the only reason I still like playing crudreams. P.S : Nice pick for MAP18 hobomaster, not my favorite map but definitely my favorite music from the onslaught series.
  9. majik


    mouselook, autoaim, medium-sized crosshair. I usually play on this wad here : http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=13107 lol
  10. majik

    What is your favourite way to play Doom?

    Server : the dwango-united ZDCTFMP that seems to be always populated. Play a couple matches. Roll 3 joints. Blaze 1 1/2 of them. Play. ... In my head, ask self,"What's going on?" If The answer to this question is "I'm playing CTF on a DUI Server," blaze the other 1 1/2 j's and play until about 4:30 am. -majik. EDIT: to change the 2 1/2 to 1 1/2. And because I have no idea what's going on atm in the server.
  11. majik

    Organizing Ye Ole Doom Folder

    At the moment, the computer which contains everything (read: EVERYTHING I EVER DOWNLOADED EVER) related to doom or the source ports has this filing-system: [ HYPHENS INDICATE SUBFOLDER LEVEL] C:/Doom // Launchers - ZDaemon - Doomseeker - DoomConnector // Source Ports - Skulltag - ZDoom - GZDoom - Eternity // WADs - IWADs - PWADs -- COOP -- DM/FFA/etc. -- CTF -- etc -- GetWAD --- README // Editing/Modding - Doom Builder -- WIP - SLADE - Resources -- MIDIs -- Textures -- Flats -- Customs Every couple months I sort out the /GetWAD directory and place whichever PWAD in such-and-such folder, put the readme files in the /README directory. Simple folder-names, easy to remember, organised so I stop ripping my hair out in big chunks every time I save a really cool project idea and lose it forever in the depths of my hard-drive. -majik
  12. Waddup doomworld. Majik here with a semi-non-important message. I need to find out what the hell the songs used in onsl3.wad is. And ALL the songs from Crucified Dreams, gothic, etc. Me, being a guitar player and liking shit that sounds like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, any kind of old metal kinda stuff, wants to find these and learn how to play them. I recently found an old PC of mine and booted it up, and found a crap-ton of old wads from back in the "good old days" when all of these deathmatch wads came out. I played crudream.wad/gothic.wad/onsl3.wad, and the song in onslaught 3 map01 really struck me. It's currently playing endlessly in the back of my head and the only way out is to find out what in the hell the song(s) are called, download them, lurn2play them, etc. I know this will fix it because it's happened before. +1's for anyone who might help here. I'll keep searching anywhere and everywhere for these tunes while I'm at it too, just need a little extra help atm ;) --- majik. [edited for grammar, ffs...]