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  1. SiFi270

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    +++Demonfear I've been going through the whole Top 100 for a while now and it's pretty close by anyway.
  2. SiFi270

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I'm looking at your screenshots again, and I think those lines on the ceiling mean you're still in software mode somehow. I couldn't make it look like that with any of the four sector light modes.
  3. SiFi270

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    But AmethystViper also tried doom_wide.wad, as the ZDL screenshot shows. I've also copied the Unity IWAD's statusbar into its own wad, and the only problem there is that the offset needs to be changed to 53, 0.
  4. SiFi270

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Well I don't know what I'm doing differently.
  5. SiFi270

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Widescreen status bars have been supported since before the addition of umapinfo, but only in OpenGL mode.
  6. oh dang of course I mean... are you sure it's not Map32: Get 2 It, from Plutonia the Way the Casalis Did?
  7. Interlock from Memento Mori? edit: I thought it might have been that outdoor area to the right of the exit but now I don't think it had those stairs. In hopes of narrowing it down: Is it something E1 themed? Not sure what, but something's giving me that impression.
  8. Come on, do you guys seriously not recognize Punisher?
  9. The only problem with that is the anthology version still has a bug with one of the shotgunners at the end getting stuck and preventing any of the others from spawning. It was fixed in tnt31.wad and the PS3 version.
  10. I was actually referring to the graphical issues @SteelPH brought up here. The last I heard about it was a couple of pages later:
  11. Nuh-uh. It's Registered Heretic E4M1 :P After writing that I compared them more closely and found out the bridge is wider in the Heretic version (and the one John Romero shared along with a bunch of other unused content) than the version American McGee uploaded to idgames, so I guess there was a meaningful difference after all.
  12. I'm thinking Bad Dream, but I'm not 100% confident.
  13. It's still quite a shame that you need to stick to EX if you want to load a PWAD with new graphics.
  14. Yep. But is it the Doom 2 version or the Heretic version? just kidding i'm not that mean. i drew it over the heretic version but that's not important.
  15. A corner of Odyssey of Noises.
  16. That's the Chasm. I'm gonna put up mine when it's finished, in the meantime I'm posting this before someone beats me to it. EDIT: Beaten by a split second, but here's my entry. Might be a little mean. Edited again to add a few more lines.
  17. SiFi270

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    I was just about to edit that post to say "never mind i found it". Silly me.
  18. SiFi270

    Doom Unity Ripper (For Doom 2019 Re-Releases)

    Would it be possible to make this extract extras.wad as well?
  19. I wonder if Deathless will be updated to adjust the health for Lost Souls and the Mastermind.
  20. Speaking of, I've been trying to run the three versions of H!Zone available from archive.org, and they've all given me the same error: "Runtime error 005 at 0000:45E9." Does anyone have any advice?
  21. SiFi270

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #23)

  22. SiFi270

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I just got the original Xbox version of Resurrection of Evil, mainly to see how it handled Master Levels, because there isn't much documentation on that particular version. The biggest surprise is what level names are displayed on the automap. Everything seemed normal when I checked it in the first level and it said "Level 1 - Attack". Then I beat it and it said "Entryway finished/entering Underhalls" which is understandable, but made it a little surprising when Black Tower turned out to have Map25's sky and music anyway. But its name on the automap was "Level 5 - Ghost Town" of all things. The next intermission screen said "Bloodfalls finished/entering The Abandoned Mines" before sending me to Bloodsea Keep, or as it's called in the automap, "Level 7 - Fistula". I finally figured it out, and you may have too. Apparently the game's doing this thing where it warps to you whatever level the original Master Level replaced (while somehow letting you keep whatever items you finished the level with), but the automap names were written with a system more like the PSN version's in mind. When it gets to a level number higher than the total number of Master Levels, it uses a name from Plutonia, which is nowhere else to be found in the port. So if 25 is Ghost Town, 31 is Hunted, and 32 is Speed, that means Congo would be 21, suggesting there are 20 strings for the names of the Master Levels when only 18 made it into the game and the original had 21. Maybe if they included them all like they'd (seemingly) intended, Express Elevator and Bad Dream would share a string, since they're referred to as "Express Elevator I" and "Express Elevator II" by the save files and multiplayer menu. Speaking of those levels, getting either exit in Express Elevator still takes you to Bad Dream, but taking the secret exit shows the "you'd better blaze through this one!" message. None of the levels that had a starry sky have it in this version, and beating Virgil's Lead loops back to Attack.
  23. SiFi270

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    Well that's upsetting. I think what happened is I made a new .bat to test the original recording, to ensure it'd play the same with just epic.wad and none of my usual cosmetic addons, which it did. But then I must have accidentally clicked the .bat I used to record without removing the "-record sidwi-ep.lmp" from it and immediately quit, not realizing the consequences until now.
  24. SiFi270

    Beat Grazza Demos Month

    I thought I'd try putting up that HacX demo on Youtube to show people what they're missing, but it ended up being a disgusting mess. Some of that, I blame on Legacy, but a good deal of it's on me because I got tired of sitting through the whole thing to see if it was recorded properly this time.