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  1. Ok Guys, so it seems like it was something to do with Windows 10 on my computer - I had an old Windows 10 build and reinstalled Win10 and everything works perfectly fine now
  2. I reset my computer so there should be nothing affecting it and when I did the graphic drivers, it kinda made everything worse. I have NVIDIA GeForce 210 in my computer and I am trying to get everything going on Ubuntu (Doom Builder and GZDoom) - Slade can wait for use on Windows Software - but I didn't do hardware
  3. This is a Windows 10 issue because GZDoom and ZDoom BOTH don't work UUUGGGGGGHHHHH - I can't even get my work done properly without fullscreen
  4. That's the thing - I was using the current drivers before the Windows Update, but then after, GZDoom stopped working in fullscreen mode, even with the current drivers
  5. Soooooooo, I reset my computer (no graphics drivers whatsoever) and it didn't work - I updated the drivers, same result Both no drivers and current drivers aren't working
  6. yea - now I am getting back to where I started before my restart - as soon as I updated my drivers, I was unable to get the start menu to popup for proper shut down - I am thinking maybe just upgrade the card
  7. NVIDIA GeForce 210 but that isn't really the concern because before the update, 12/17 update, I would just whip open GZDoom 2.3.2 and it would play like nobody's business, but after, 2.3.2 and 2.3.5 are both not working in fullscreen It all worked before - I get the screen that went up as it opened up - this is just basic generic GZDoom 2.3.(2/5) starting up Doom, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, any source port - Like I tried Gez's idea and it just gets stuck on the console window as borderless window mode. I start Doom in fullscreen, it shows the Ultimate Doom title screen with music, and it doesn't allow me to do anything - before the update, that didn't happen I tried that just now and it is getting somewhere but it still doesn't allow me to click anything. The console is still open and the cursor is still blinking but it's not allowing me to do anything. Update: Yea, having "win_borderless true" made it work 50% because now it is rotating between title and info screens but still no clickage
  8. So, my computer updated to the December 17, 2017 update of Windows 10 and ever since then, I am not able to play Doom in fullscreen at all. Just to get out of fullscreen, I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete into shutting my computer down. Whether I have it in windows mode and set it to fullscreen or I have it load to fullscreen from the boot menu, it still doesn't let me play. It just freezes. What's going on?
  9. It was my first attempt at a single-player episode and I hope to have more than just squares and such in the single-player wad that I am making. One of the maps was a line-by-line and item-by-item recreation of a Wolfenstein map so I couldn't really add it in (even though it really wasn't texture-by-texture). It was back in '09 so I get that it would be forgettable. I didn't really have any other inspiration at the time other than creating a train station for the first 5-6 levels and lost inspiration for the rest. I hope to make a second episode that is better but that might be a slight stretch. Still, it was a start and I learned from that and this so I could make bigger and better maps for the future. Thank you Walter confetti for reviewing my first single-player episode attempt. I am improving my style to make maps every time I map.
  10. Well, not unless he puts them between P_Start and P_End tags and files them away in the Texture-PName combo
  11. I totally got the global effect: In SLADE: Create a new file (8 letters preferred) Create a new file (named LOADACS) Within LOADACS, use the file name you named Within the original file, make it ACS (ZDOOM) and use this code: #library "(name)lib" #include "zcommon.acs" script 1 ENTER { if (GameSkill() >= [Skill_Very_Easy to Skill_Very_Hard] or [number after doing ACSRETURN in MAPINFO]) { GiveInventory("Shotgun", 1); } } Compile the original file (ACC needed) Put the compilation in between A_START and A_END Save and Test
  12. That helped I also am trying to get that script to work on any other map without scripting it into each map (my Hell's Train Station is in E5M1 and for an update, hope to have the shotgun start show up in the other doom maps/levels/episodes)
  13. That would work but I would have to script each into each map - not only that, I am trying to get it in a package that doesn't have maps and uses the base Doom and Doom 2 maps
  14. Oh, well, it works for me both ways . . . now - how not to include the shotgun in the mid-2 skill sets I have custom names for the difficulties after nightmare EDIT: I think I could pass it with the last 3 by having it as '>' instead of '>=' but it just wouldn't feel right
  15. Thank you SO much - the only thing that I did was add an additional ';' at the first '}' to make it: script 1 ENTER { if (GameSkill() >= SKILL_VERY_HARD) { GiveInventory("Shotgun", 1); }; } I tested this and it works - it still brings up the pistol but it adds the Shotgun to the inventory Now just to modify it into NOT adding the shotgun into the mid-2 difficulties. Edit: I have the first 4 as easy/normal, then the next 4 as normal/hard