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  1. Thanks for feedback. I updated the map, also tested on complevels 2-3. Here are the changes: -The main problem with lift was resolved. The cause of lift not moving is ceiling where monsters stucked. -The teleport pad can be accessed from both sides and not conflicts with each other. Do a rocket-jump from other side and you see what happens. -Changed some non-fitting textures. -Added extra steps so enemies can move freely. -The computer panel which lowering red key is changed to usual button. Because it's have been not obvious. -MIDI was changed (Dio - Fever Dreams.mid) Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/japb61mcldfpwl8/reckonf_v2.zip
  2. About lifts on 2nd picture. I will change map to work properly on complevels 2-3. I totally forgot that PrBoom-Plus is on DEFAULT complevel by now because I tested Boom map before. Such small issue can do big problems. Also I found there are SG Guy are stucked, it's happened only in ZDoom. The secret in first building can be reached by the jumping from the ledge on lower "catwalk". About hidden blue key: just look on automap and look to suspicious yellow lines. There are marker near the wall. And different texture also. About textures. Yeah, there are almost a half textures from IWAD in one map. I think I better reduce them a bit. Rocket-jump to teleporter can be performed easily from corner of this sector (and a bit left). Need to do something with this. If I provide teleport to another place at opposite side, player can accidentally miss secret exit. Probably I will use just two teleporting lines for different sides. I used STAR* textures from 1st picture as support textures, that was not good idea. I can change them too. This "weird" building is not related with secret exit but I can do some changes to it. Anyway is supposed to be squared because of GRAY* textures. Also can change the music. I know it can be repetitive.
  3. RecKon. It's kinda game of words. Remember some Doom 2 unusual map names as "The Inmost Dens" and some others. Sometimes map names may contain a mystery.
  4. Here is my map. "Main Reckon Facility" by riderr3 E1M3 replacement for Standard E1 Replacement Community Project Advanced engine needed: Limit-Removing Music: Dio - Fever Dreams.mid Single Player: Designed for Cooperative 2-4 Player: Yes Deathmatch 2-4 Player: Yes Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 8 days Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, WadSpy Tested With: PrBoom-Plus Description: Tech-base located somewhere in the mountains. Mostly in E1 style, with a little pinch of E2. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6s89g842eahzk79/reckonf.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/japb61mcldfpwl8/reckonf_v2.zip
  5. +++ Urania
  6. Hope I will finish with my map tomorrow. Still need to arrange things for skill 2 and 4. Also have some opinions for Doom 1 mapping... There are conservative set of textures, as example - not many textures for outside areas. At the other side, Doom 1 have some cool computer, lite, and hell textures. And for those who complaining that Doom 1 have scant set of monsters. I do not agree with this. Just because other approaches are needed, by comparison with Doom 2. The mapping for Doom 1 is different. But when you get used to it, it can please you. @CarpetolA No complains about your map, this is just the type of level that I like. It does provide a challenge. Have to say your map is more populated than my map.
  7. I'm already used to the new design. But still missed some things.
  8. I even not played original Perdition's Gate. Also not many people know what is this wad.
  9. Better drink estus flasks.
  10. Almost three. Yes, I've damn fast when in Doom mood, have an plenty ideas this time. But this is still WIP, inside buildings only geometry is added. Also I can share fastest method to make a maps, step-by-step: -Make a sketches of all map from top-down. -Manage elevations and brightness. -Place some things in order not to forget their location later. Like a markers. -Add some tags and actions. -Choose textures. -Add remained stuff and test your map.
  11. Nah... I will always found secrets, but not all! There must be a situation when you thinking "there is some more secrets in this map which I not found!" BTW Plutonia Experimant have not many secrets. Because Casali Bros. not that good at secret-making. In comparison with John Romero.
  12. Have progress on my map "Main reckon facility", E1M3 replacement. Some WIP screenshots: -No barons in this map. And I will not recommend other authors use them until E1M6 at least. Cause of maps balance. -There is only one teleporter in map. -The map will be designed in that way when player will not accidentally goes out via secret exit. -I hope gameplay will be closer to E1 style, with slightly increased monster count. Zombiemen, computers, comfy closets, e.t.c... No plutonish stuff this time, seriously! @Sgt Jack V Making an full-vanilla compatible map pack can be huge pain in the butt for some mappers. There will be VPO errors, tutti-frutti errors, medusa, e.t.c. @Spectre01 I tried your map. Design is OK but too many monsters in one place. May be also add some columns, and hide-and-seek places. @mrthejoshmon Please update the first post.
  13. I think DOORTRAK textures in hellish maps does not match. I used SUPPORT3 and WOOD8 for this. And there is some kind of mystery about silver locked doors (DOOR3) . Many Doom and Doom 2 levels have them in starting areas. Also the famous Plutonia starting/ending pad, that is Casali bros. gimmick.
  14. So I'm in then.
  15. Just have to say, every map is supposed to be played with pistol-start but this is not recommended, cause lack of ammo and infighting needed. Also it's not that torment with compare to some others: (image by Linguica)