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  1. 32 Also the new download section is sucks. It's not showing how many new maps included in wad.
  2. I guess you missed that switch in cave area, it's easy to miss For access to another side of cave. And welcome to Doomworld!
  3. Today I accidentally hit "report post" instead of download link. I feel so old...
  4. Primarily as singleplayer gamer, best Quake for me is Quake 1. And it will stay. This architecture, design and feel cannot be surpassed by anyone. For sure Q3 is multiplayer standard in this decades. But what about Q2? I think it's have much easier levels in comparison with Q1.
  5. Myself use GZDB for a long time, so I even forgot about this camera thingie.
  6. This is the official mapset, so I'm just curious. Doom Builder? Slade or DeepSea? Or their own map editor?
  7. I know this is dumb question. But how? I have not found options for this. They appeared in center of top screen and this is annoying.
  8. I only played Dimension of the past and should say this is very solid mapset.
  9. Usually I'm inspired from some music track names, preferably metal. Or combine 2 words like Plutosaurus or Subcataract from Urania.wad Someone can create a library level and call it "UAC library". But it's too obvious and uninteresting!
  10. Chainsaw placed in rooms with bloody-textured walls and corpses. As if there was a massacre but all were dead, including the attacker.
  11. GZDoom incompatible I suggest?
  12. Hey I place switches like this how on 1st screenshot. It happened when I have not similar wall texture with that switch nearby. But for my next map pack I added multitextured switches. I also have some unpublished and not completed wads on HDD.
  13. Many copy-pasta wad! The original doomcity.wad are better and one of my favorites.