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  1. riderr3

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Well, here is my map. DL link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oy23471roy4r79c/hofmcity.zip
  2. I guess that the simplest maps for converting have is already occupied. Also not sure how GEC will handle Living End, cause I've also take a look at it weeks ago and there are gross slowdown right after start. Probably can be reduced size of the area and height variations. P.S. Also I've detected DynamiteKaitorn tested it on PSX Doom. Because PSX Doom HUD on screenshot above, rather than PSX Final Doom HUD (Master Levels are part of it). I'm too considerate sometimes... P.P.S. Yes, Master Levels is part of PSX Final Doom, but not the PC Final Doom.
  3. @DynamiteKaitorn You can just open PSXDOOM.pk3 or PSXFINALDOOM.pk3 with SLADE3 wad editor. Skies are inside textures folder.
  4. riderr3

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Greedy publishers as always.
  5. riderr3

    Best/Worst maps in The Plutonia Experiment

    Haha. Try to play late levels of Eternal Doom 3. (This wad should not to be confused with new Doom Eternal game). And this is still on my list of the favorite wads.
  6. Done. http://www.mediafire.com/file/qfg7x7pkeofqs61/quarr667.zip P.S. I've might add more detailing but this session I've joined too late.
  7. riderr3

    Avactor Release !

    Thanks! I see this one is quality wad. If I only have time to play this, because right now I'm working on my own project. Added to playlist.
  8. riderr3

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks like a deathmatch map. Also with overabundance of symmetry.
  9. riderr3

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My map for DWMP 2018 is almost done. Inside administration building. Platforming ahead. Hotel building. Also view on skin tower. Warehouse building. What lies inside the skin tower. View to collapsed building.
  10. riderr3

    Avactor Release !

    IMHO for such large wads with OGG/MP3 soundtrack it's better to provide soundtrack as separate download.
  11. riderr3

    rise of hell/base of the uac remake

    You can try to use this page to generate map name. Or use map names for ideas. http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/name_gen/
  12. Hexen have some cool technical improvements and more texture schemes, but I prefer Heretic gameplay, monsters and weapons. So there is Heretic in Hexen format is exist for mappers who need use Hexen Features in Heretic. Sure nowadays you can use UDMF.
  13. Progress. River Styx: - it is almost impossible to climb this narrow steps due to the specificity of collision system of engine. I've just made one wide step. - a lot of crushers in one place cause a crackling noise, I had to reduce the quantity of crushers. - "FrontZClip: Point Overflow" happened near the set of windows near soulsphere, so I reduced them. Like the ones in Final Frontier. Baron's Den: - good news is the barons are stayed here, even in more quantity than original map. - trick with dummy sector: a large moving platform with height of 384 units, without stretching the textures. Instead moving to next higher floor it goes to lower ceiling of dummy sector. - nearby lines activating marble doors & lifts in the north area, they need to be at distance from each other (16 units). Because if the two-sided lines with two different actions is too close each other, one action will not be completed. Like the Habitat ones. Also updated old maps: Habitat: -lost souls returned. -fixed minor bugs. Abattoire: - fixed large texture stretchings in the final room, along those in the red key room. - water and brown slime are returned (Find Side savings). Even these are not related with linedefs, Find Side can be helpful in some cases. Final frontier: - imps are returned. Just forgot to add them last time. - fixed some mismatches of textures and sector colors. @Erick194 I've found one more bug related to Find Side when unsuccesfully tried to retrieve lost souls on Spirit World... When using the Find Side, rapidly scrolling lines appear in the throne room on the columns. The remaining scrolling lines are stayed normal. Animation shown here: https://imgur.com/5zB7C7V This can be potentially exploited as a special feature in custom maps. Maybe make this as a optional feature of PSXDoom Builder? If possible. Also, if you add lost souls to Spirit World (sent one), Revenant will lose it's melee sounds. I thought it was related with specific map, but then made a blank map with these set of baddies: Here are also no sounds of revenant melee. Moreover If I change here lost soul to pain elemental, the revenant will also lose firing sounds. Maybe this is kind of sound restriction exists? And why it's only affects the revenants?
  14. This hell-like fence is quite unsuitable here. FENCE01 texture actually used in such techbase/storage maps. As well as the sky. Here most suitable candidates is sky01, sky04 or sky07. Cause PSX Final Doom doesn't have original TNT skies. From 5 to 8 sector color index is ok for such areas, where LITEs is used. Overall, you need to cut/conjoin some optional sectors and linedefs to save memory for monsters. Currently I have 200+ sectors on River Styx and 5 type of monsters (5-6 species is mostly standard for original PSX Doom maps). Moreover, especially on bigger maps, with Find Side tool you can receive more VRAM space for at least one low-tier monster. On River Styx I've retrieved pinkies that way. Also the megasphere on crate... It's too easy to obtain it. Why not use the imagination? As example you can made lift from that crate and it's can be activated by hidden linedef. Player will hear the sound and return to grab that megasphere.
  15. riderr3

    Help Loop Properly

    Where did you get that skybox?