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  1. Sign me in.
  2. Another shovelware from Nintendo.
  3. @bonnie You can make a small map though. Choose the appropriate layout for this.
  4. Even an zombiemen can be serious threat when you have 10% health without armor!
  5. For some reason I can't see reputation of users. What is happening?

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    2. leodoom85


      @DoomkidIf that was his decision then it's fine. Besides, the rep feature was divisive in opinions to begin with...

    3. Linguica


      Yes, I disabled the public reputation counters on a whim to see if I would miss them.

    4. Linguica


      I've never particularly liked the idea of people trying to "farm points" just in order to make a counter go up, but I also think that some sort of public reputation system is nice. Although there already is a sort of permanent "reputation system" in the form of registration date, which I like because 1) I think being a long-time member is a valuable thing and 2) there's no way to cheat father time.

    5. MysteriousHaruko


      Well, that's fair. I'm sure, no one will miss reputation system after few days. 

    6. CzechMate29200
    7. cyan0s1s


      But I had just become an 'excellent' member dammit! EXCELLENT!

      According to the reputation system at least. It was silly anyway.

    8. Roofi


      Reputation points are useless according to me apart from competing between users.

    9. bzzrak


      Now I'm not sure if I should change my avatar to that green plus in a circle. :]

      Anyway, I think having just likes is OK. I'll have to get used to therebeing no green number next to a username.


    10. dmg_64


      Good, you post stuff only when you need / have to, not for Rep points, It works better that way.

    11. Paul977

      Agree with Roofi and dmg_64, gg Linguica

  6. That's because I save to 2 save slots: one in beginning of the level, and in the middle.
  7. I hope someone will retake this project. Most of content is already made. So new thread is needed with new coordinator.
  8. 1994TU.wad, so it is none from the list.
  9. +++ SUDTIC TEUTIC OBTIC P.S. Seems we again have no chance against anime avatars gang.
  10. ^ Over time, I realized that half of the success is making proper connections between areas.
  11. There is not export to png with transparency from MS Paint, also there is select object itself in Paint, with transparency on but only to paste back onto other image, to select around edge of object, you then use lasso tools roughly, and copy, copy as is or with transparency on, you can then paste as is solid white square, or with transparency on , not white box, but it still has original image as backdrop, white or picture. Use other editors with layers and transparency and save export as png, or animated gif. I'm using GIMP for image editing https://www.gimp.org/downloads/
  12. Doom Launcher have many interesting features, but I using ZDL more than 7 years because it's minimalistic. Just drag and drop wads without all bells and whistles.
  13. May be you even can find this infamous texture cache overflow error in PSX Doom. When I encounter this myself in 90s, I thought my console getting crazy.
  14. 1) Plutonia Experiment 2) C&C Red Alert 1 3) GTA San Andreas
  15. "Garden cleanup" by riderr3 For Texture Extravaganza Community Project Advanced engine needed: Boom Music: Scorpions - New Generation.mid Single Player: Designed for Cooperative: Yes Deathmatch: Yes Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 5 days Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, SLADE3, WadSpy Tested With: PrBoom-Plus Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bp1p6sjp57rtfvd/grdclean.zip P.S. @bzzrak you can try this map without cheats.