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  1. Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    Big brazzer watching us.
  2. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Screenshots from speedmap which I made today: This time flipped textures is chosen. I dig the gargoyle usage.
  3. I'm also wanted to add crushers, but run out of time. And instead of that I've added teleport ambush and lowering floor at the same tag. Probably there are more variations can be done.
  4. Done. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ezko06ld9oevx4/poolfool.zip
  5. What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    Not the best, but still recommended:
  6. I remember old times when I tried to making maps. It was Yadex Map Editor (predecessor of Eureka Editor) on Linux machine. Even it's been without 3D mode, this editor seemed to me advanced enough.
  7. @Bridgeburner56 If you want make screenshots brighter, open the console and type: png_gamma 2
  8. The Age of Hell (megawad)

    I hope there will be some nightvision goggles 😉
  9. Fungous Abortion (vanilla WAD)

    These vanilla screenshots have some charm.
  10. It turned out even more appealing when you get out from mapper's block.
  11. Negative hud element offsets = PRboom+ crashing with signal error 11. Eternity Engine does not affect.

  12. GZDoom Builder not working

    That's not your problem. That is broken build. Try r3012.
  13. How intelligent are various monsters?

    I like mapping trick when cacodemons placed behind the windows downside, and they are floating into player's room. Clever monster placement can make monsters smarter, more or less.
  14. DOOM II teased for E3

    Eh... they want overshadow good old Doom 2 with this title? I don't understand developers of modern games. They just bring old titles to new games, this is kind of spit to the old gamers. No Carmack, no Romero, it's just parasiting on old franchise. All this ramble because of millennial goofies which can not exit from MAP27 first library room, 5 minutes to flipping 2nd switch many times and staring at those lift, instead of flip 1st switch. I saw it myself at twitch, that's kinda painfully to watch. Those kids are playing too much simplified modern games. Also I'm just wondered if they release modern Plutonia, how it will looks like?
  15. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Second probably. I'm the one who start playing Doom/Final Doom on PSX in 1998. Then I discovered PC Doom around middle of 00's. Somewhere in 2009, when I start using internet I've found many stuff such as source ports, pwads, cacowards, e.t.c.. I remember when I downloaded doomcity.wad with couple of other wads and it is been very interesting experience. Also Doom Legacy is my first source-port from where I started.