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  1. @THMG well I will take MAP21 slot. The theme which I've chosen - library. Boom format.
  2. It's impossible to create unique and interesting encounters on purely symmetrical maps, because they do not allow the most efficient use of monsters, so your encounters and traps should influence the layout of the map from the start. Try taking one half of that symmetrical room and reshaping the vertices to create something asymmetrical. Some of the best gamespaces I ever created were a result of just dragging vertices around. Never underestimate the power of splitting linedefs. Figure 1 : quick example of plain, symmetrical room design Figure 2 : quick example of improved, asymmetrical room design
  3. @THMG Did you are really sure there are will be 32 participants? I'm doubt. If there will be less maps so "4800 hell knights" is not suitable title. Or allow authors make more than one map per person if there will be not enough maps. Also some authors can just abandon their works. People are very impatient, they can not made even one map, not speaking about to create a whole map packs. @AleksB I see your map layouts too symmetrical, like previous maps. This symmetry can be diluted. Anyway do what you like within the rules.
  4. This year I'm only played three megawads - TNT Revilution, 1994 tune up project and Moonblood. Cause I am slow at playing like snail -_- Has to say Moonblood is pretty solid megawad even when one-man-made. Also TNTR was very long-awaited project. I remember in 2014 where I posted in Devilution thread, begging about new demo, and as result thread are locked. Despite the Doomworld community is relatively small, but also it is friendly and people helping and supporting each other.
  5. +++Texture Extravaganza Community Project
  6. For sure it's Pain Elemental banging.
  7. Well... by quantity of maps this year seems is less authors are interested than DWMP2016. Anyway there is three weeks to go.
  8. Doom Legacy which can run on Windows without glitches ;)
  9. Maybe this link also can be helpful https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Tips_for_creating_good_WADs
  10. I hope this project is not dead. Didn't see new builds though. P.S. I realized I'm posting in old thread -_-
  11. Today the first time I saw solidsegs overflow... luckily my map in Boom format, and it's have very huge open area.

  12. Older than Doom 1. But I played NES in my childhood, cause no one of my friends have PC back in the days.
  13. This is the cause of I started to use ECWolf. Also I hope they can add support of pre-wolf ID shooters. On another side I think original Wolf3D is not that bad. Even vertical mouse moving, because in plain corridors this is not a problem. But in Doom 2 as example it have Chasm, and vertical mouse moving should be toggled off in this case.
  14. E3M9. Pathetic copy-paste.
  15. Current map sketches made yesterday. E2 will be very abstract, E1 have industrial theme. The previous made map was typical techbase with a pinch of caves. Group of hiding zombiemen/shotgunners leading by revenant at the top can be dangerous too. Caves with many secret paths. The ruined ceiling. Voltage zone. And top view of map which done in october. If you remember I've promised to add stone/rock outside. Also last week, I've changed some enemies and placed SSG at the start, anyway is pretty tough.