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  1. About 10-15 days for one middle/large sized map. But sometimes I'm too lazy to make something. Also I spent 2 years for my own megawad. But there not only map making, also new texture adding, along with midi and other stuff.
  2. MAP19 A group of revenants are encountered me after start, plasmagun is so helpful at this moment. After grabbing computer area map, I suspected a natural rocky canyon outside. Behind the red door cyberdemon are suddenly appeared. Probably scroller teleported him there? I pushed cyberdemon to lava with BFG. Near the final cave a horde of imps trying to trow me to lava. And finally fight with revenants and archvile, BFG another time helped me. This is the short map, less than ten minutes.
  3. MAP18 Not much say about this map except nicely done puzzle behind the yellow door. I looked on automap and realised the way to complete the sequence. Also, extra ammunition and medikits stored behind optional keyed doors. There are enough armor on this map.
  4. MAP17 First part of map is looks like hub with panel textures, but design of other parts is kinda messy. Also here are crushers between pillars like MAP10, needs advanced platforming. Archviles first time is appeared on this level, along with groups of revenants. Found soulsphere secret when searching of medikits. Exit is not marked, pity.
  5. MAP16 We back to episode four. This sky in kinda familiar. There are plasma gun at the start so I thought the level would be difficult, but most of this difficulty is the roaming chaingunners. I spends a couple of minutes to find red key and realized I just missed the blue door. Thanks to prboom-plus colored lines. Berserk pack are helped me when I really need medikits which are not so often in this megawad.
  6. MAP15 In the starting room there is a secret window probably leading to secret room but I have not been there. After I comes to the outside, many shotgunners starts shoot at me from windows and balconies. Where is medikits when I need them? Mostly small medikits I've seen. Near the normal exit door I accidentally fall to lava pit and there is no way out. But after this I remembered that is MAP15 and I found secret exit later. No keys on this map. At least I've not found any. MAP31 At the start I was shot by shotgunner instantly. Can not say what this map resembles, probably another interconnected monster hideout. There is a fence through which you can pass (a bug or not?). And finally a backpack here, even three! Red key ambush kinda tough. The appeared pain elementals forced me to find a safe place. Normal exit is actually leads to MAP32, judging by intermission text. MAP32 So I lost all equipment after MAP31, that is surprising. But at least backpack is provided in starting area. This map featured many new textures (from Hexen or something?).Tough difficulty, but mostly I not complain. Overall I like this map theme - buildings between lava with a pinch of rocks. It's like a breath of fresh air after those tech-bases. BFG is provided to deal the cyberdemon, but I used plasma gun for this.
  7. MAP14 Cave tunnels leads to dark marble/stone hideout. In my opinion as map author, making a good cave area is more time consuming. As always, there are hitscanners behind the corners and couple of roamers. After reaching final door I realised I have only blue key, then going back and some revenant closets is opened in different parts of map. I expected ambush near the yellow key - the place looked very empty. Did not find the way to reach soulsphere. Also at the exit I returned for getting shells and armor.
  8. MAP13 The brown rock theme is continued. And it's not looks like village. I like those texture mishmash, kinda of crooked realm. May be monsters turned village to this. The invul. sphere area contained surprise for me. And I spends all cells for that, but have 50 rockets. There are not much new textures in this wad. I don't know cause why author won't used some cool textures from Realm667 as example. Anyway, in my opinion Doom 2 have texture sets almost for all occasions, unlike Doom 1, which lacked good textures as example, for outside areas.
  9. MAP12 I like change of map theme, kinda E4-ish in some places. Music also fitting. For those who thinks about previous maps are looking same, they should look at MAP12. And finally monsters are got me, because of hurrying/panicking and felt into collapsed floor. I need to be careful next time. I'm started to getting lost and at last found blue key layed in small slime lake. Though, arachnotrons guarding this key appeared too late. Red key ambush can block your way from the cave, also, probably some hitscanners are released on another side of map.
  10. -Anything related with mossy bricks -Spirit-world style -Libraries -City maps with buildings and rooftops -Sandy Petersen maps
  11. MAP10 Nice interconnecting between areas, but this is cause why I'm lost there. I feared about rad-suits not be enough, and I wasted them before I got yellow key. So, by wandering I found two secrets with chainsaw and soulsphere. Also platforming between crushers is neat idea, may be I will use that gimmick in my wad some day. MAP11 Moonblood have very accurate ammo usage in continuous play. This map have clever monster placement and I almost don't peek at the automap to find where need to go. The place consists of cement/tech textures with a pinch of marble. Most dangerous ambush in green brick area - the whole room collapses and also other multiple traps is released. I retreated to starting area, also berserk pack is helped me a lot when I have less 30% HP. Also I like "DR door" ambushes, when monsters just waiting for your shot and opens walls. I remember I used this trick in some Urania maps.
  12. MAP09 This level contains dark areas with sneaking lost souls and spectres. A marble-face carvings are occurring more often. We going to hell probably? Level exit is right after blue-keyed door without any signs. And do not miss that soulsphere secret near the exit - shoot this computer on the wall from the balcony.
  13. My craptop have enough powers to run GZDoomBuilder. The rest I do not really need.
  14. MAP08 Starting area of this map is reminds me of MAP02:Underhalls, and that is nice. I like how CEMENT texture is used there. I'm rarely use this texture set in my wads, pity. Watch out of chaingunners, especially after getting blue key, they are roaming among the sewers. As the other maps in this wad you are always need medikits and always searching for them.
  15. MAP06 Now we going up. Dark tech-halls with lost souls seems so familiar... The chaingunner on balcony and two cacodemons are whacked me and I'm going forward with less than 20%HP. I feel I can not progress faster without SSG, and finally I found it. I thought it will be on MAP09 or even higher. Ambush near exit area is dangerous, it's better to run forward in next room. Secret with berserk pack is very helpful after this. MAP07 58 minutes of play time is passed. Another techbase which looking similar as the previous maps, except outside area. Have no problem with mancubus close encounter. The pinky can not come down from stairs, because stairs is too narrow. Use chainsaw against those pinky groups or you will run out of ammo. I hope to find backpack but still no luck.