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  1. The Fistula Another generic level with a generic name. I think if this wad were released by an unknown author these days, few would pay attention to it. But in the old days it was different, especially from a technical point of view, this level is designed with dignity. Of the noteworthy things at this level, one can note the “broken” stair steps that are located behind the starting left door. They are so designed as if they had fallen down and we have to move around the edges. There is a slightly tedious elevator that leads to 4 "floors". While I was busy on the lower floor, in the "execution room" PE got into a fight with others and released a bunch of lost souls that created problems for me later. I didn’t even need blue armor, because the secret megasphere is enough until the very end. If the arch-vile comes out from exit room, then you will not have a place to hide, so take a rocket launcher and do the thing so that it does not come out.
  2. The Combine This level is not difficult, but there are such tense moments as the sudden appearance of chaingunners as well as inescapable pits. Good thing there is affordable blue armor. Do not visit the nukage pool until you find the blue key. The sequence near the yellow key is quite interesting (I mean, how do the computers-doors go up). I did not get into the plasmagun trap, because this is not the first playthrough and the memory of crusher is still fresh. Want a story? In the late 90s, my friend started going through Final Doom on PS1, which partially included Master Levels. He was indignant at being stuck at The Combine level, and eventually ragequits and abandoned the game (as he said). Now I guess that he just didn’t shoot an intuitive switch near the exit. Given that he was a noob in this kind of games. Indeed in Doom, one of the basic principles: "if you can not reach - then shoot!" By the way, in the Eternity Engine, the “night” levels in Master Levels show the usual sky, although the graphics are present in the original wads (if Master Levels are launched through the built-in start menu where you choosing wads). Bug or feature? We would like to see a comment by Eternity Engine officials. Paging @printz and @Altazimuth maybe they can explain.
  3. The Catwalk In the beginning, these moving platforms were a bit annoying. What is their purpose if they do not raise the player anywhere? Just to delay the progress... If you are risky, I suggest immediately going to the left. There, although it is more difficult, you can pick up chaingun and green armor, with a bunch of different ammo. On the right side is something like a "mountain pass in a technical room." The first baron is too grindy because we do not have a strong weapon at that time. In the "wooden basement" it is easy to fall into the inescapable pit, which just happened to me this time. Towards the end, it is important not to pay attention to imps in the cages and run to the end of this catwalk, because the floor collapses. In the final room there are two secret passages on the sides (activated by a shot) which contain a bunch of goodies and several shotgunners. I don’t know why these locations were added, but probably just to make the shape of the level look like a rectangle (just look at the map and see for yourself).
  4. Canyon And where is the canyon actually located here? This is more like another UAC checkpoint. Probably the visplane limits in the vanilla doom engine do not allowing to create a full-fledged detailed canyon. This level was breeze compared to the previous ones, given that SSG is available from the beginning, and blue armor can be obtained without too much difficulty. When you receive the blue key, it is better to return to the first blue door and clean the location from the other side, because it seems more convenient to me. After passing through the marble location, you can go back to take the megasphere, but there is not even such a special need, because I went through the level without loading any saves. Fun and easy level, but still, it seems to me that some kind of "highlight" was not enough.
  5. You don't even need the patches because it already exists in game, just hidden. I converted memory values to Gameshark cheats, use them to to enable it. As example, ePSXe has "cheat codes" section and "cheats" folder. Google how to use them. For Doom: SLUS_000.77.txt #Nightmare skill 800775FC 0004 #VRAM View (Pause menu) 800A88AC 0010 For Final Doom: SLUS_003.31.txt #Nightmare skill 8007796C 0004 #VRAM View (Pause menu) 800AB3CC 0010 For the real PSX hardware it's more trickier and requires additional Gameshark CD. P.S. As it turned out, in this case we will not have passwords for nightmare skill, and therefore, you can continue to play on this difficulty using the "warp to level" cheat or save states. Therefore, perhaps someday a small patches will be useful to add Nightmare skill with working passwords and VRAM viewer button cheat.
  6. Bloodsea Keep Two black imps on the red key pedestal have already become iconic. This level at that time was one of the inspirations for other mapmakers. There are several unpleasant crushers, including slow ones. In the "prison" zone there are many cells in which various hitscanners are serving their sentences. To ease the fate of the player at the end of the level, you need to take a chance and get RL and chaingun, which are located directly outside the castle - you need to take a radsuit or invul sphere to advance painlessly through the bloodsea. The final throne and arch-vile rather represent a small arena of boss battle.
  7. Black tower Previously, when there were no source ports with multi-storey capabilities, creating a semblance of a tower was not possible, and such levels were created. Black Tower is one of the highest quality of its kind, by mid-90s standards. There is a basement near the start on the left - it is recommended to clean it with all possible efforts because there is an SSG and a bunch of medikits, which you can return to until the circular staircase rises. Each floor is a series of challenges - puzzles, crushers, teleporter traps, turning off lights, and so on, which the Vanilla Doom engine can provide. In this playthrough I missed the only Rocket Launcher, respectively, I had a lack of ammunition. Therefore, berserk and a chainsaw were useful, because you can save a bunch of ammo on pinkies and spectres. A really interesting and challenging level, probably one of my favorites in Master Levels.
  8. Never encountered this error before. Maybe something extraordinary. I found few more bugs, info under the spoiler: Also a special reminder to @Erick194. You know these screens that appear after playing demos. So, since the missing levels were added, but their authors were not indicated on these screens. Let's respect the original authors? List of authors to be added to in-game credit screens (according to DoomWiki): Master levels - Jim Flynn, Sverre Andre Kvernmo. Doom - Tim Willits, John Anderson. Doom (No rest for the Living) - Arya Iwakura, Russell Meakim. Doom (Xbox bonus maps) - Michael Bukowski, David Calvin. I could have missed something, or there might be some updates later. To adjust this.
  9. Master Levels by various authors. Eternity Engine, UV, pistol start. If you use ZDoom related source port, I recommend using a special Master Levels loader that replaces the old DOS utility: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/utils/frontends/zdmlmenu In my case, I just use the built-in menu in the Eternity Engine: Attack This map shows that it is a set of good-quality maps, at least by the standards of 1995. For those who just recently finished Doom 2 for the first time and want more, this is the recommended mapset. This level consists of interconnected locations, corridors, windows, as well as roaming monsters everywhere (mostly low-tier). The difficulty is not high even on UV, which is exactly what I like. The main thing is to quickly pick up body armor and SSG, as in the beginning it will be more difficult. There is even a place where you can get stuck forever, only if you specifically want it - these are elevator doors near the central location, you can jump from it to inescapable pit. Excessive use of brown textures can be considered a slight drawback.
  10. riderr3

    Plutonium Winds

    The visual level design here is mostly similar to Plutonia and its unofficial sequels PL2 and PRCP. But it is by no means a gameplay part, since for example the gameplay in the first maps revolves around ammo shortage with not so much opposition (although it was tight in places, I admit), while the latter maps are somewhat reminiscent of slaughterwads with a bunch of ammunition and opponents. The same applies to the size of the maps - the first ones can be completed in 6-7 minutes, while the last ones takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Although this could be explained by a kind of progress, despite the fact that even MAP12 (the first map in wad) is not a walk in the park. I am not opposed to forced pistol-start (maybe even for), but usually if the levels should be completed in this way, they should be better balanced, as the ability to store things from previous levels is discarded. And again, I repeat as previous speakers - perhaps some arch-viles were even superfluous. This is especially noticeable when you go through the same room several times.
  11. MAP18 And again a secret hidden behind his back. This invisosphere is very useful in the beginning. When you pick up the BFG, immediately head to the walls of the central building - they will open and there will be many batteries to collect. I only later realized that the pedestal with the BFG can actually lead to different places, depending on which side you go to it. Over time, it seems that here the main threat is not only numerous arch-viles, but restored chingunners - that’s who can quickly pump out your energy. Because your main weapons here are RL and BFG. I noticed that in the building cacodemon and chaingunner was stuck in each other- possibly a mapping error. After collecting all the keys and moving on, several arch-viles and some other monsters arose again. Once again they revive it all? I did not bother with them and cyberdemons near the exit, and just skipped them and broke through to the exit. Enough is enough for me, I'm moving on to Master Levels. Overall rating: 3 out 5 Favorite map: MAP15 This 7-map episode was completed in 1 hour and 40 minutes. There were heaps of monsters here, unlike Plutonia (although the MAP15 of PW were closer to Plutonia spirit). Usually I don't play such wads very often, but I'd rather play them than typical slaughterwads. In this case, I think the author went too far with arch-viles, given that there are not many safe places, especially last map. As for the visual design of the levels, I have no complaints.
  12. MAP17 The secret at the very beginning I unintentionally discovered by my old habit of exploring the walls of light. I liked the design of this map - a red cave and thickets. In terms of gameplay, this level is quite grindy (or seems to be). There is also a cyberdemon sniper, but there are many checkpoints where arch-viles and revenants guard the passageways. The most dangerous revenants are in the very top of the cave, on a ledge. You just may not see their fireballs coming down from above. In a place where there are three key switches, you can catch your breath. But still, hitscanners and revenants, who crawl through a narrow passage, can enter there. In this place you can take a break if you have a BFG and you can lure the whole crowd in this direction, and evacuate via teleport. The secret with the soulsphere and a small red button is extremely clear. It was obvious that near the end of the level the BFG and the corresponding opposition would be available, only smaller than at the previous level. The final candlelight walk and the lonely zombieman seem like a little mockery.
  13. MAP16 At the very beginning, it is noticeable that the platform is moving using the Boom trigger, but the author did not specify the format in the text description of wad. The first encounter is like a mouse movement, where the easiest way for us is to circle around the location near the walls. A bunch of weapons hint to us that later there will be a great slaughtery. After teleporting to the next zone, it becomes a bit crowded, and the nukage pit where the radsuit is located becomes the safest place. Behind a yellow door again you also had to jump into a pit, but only this time with safe liquid. In this part of the level there is a shortage of body armor, although there are a sufficient number of first-aid kits. After taking the blue key, on the way back behind the yellow door, the arch-vile couple restore the many killed monsters. I guess I was lucky that arch-viles went behind bars and I managed to deal with them. Otherwise, I would not have enough ammunition. In the last battle, we have a huge amount of weapons and ammunition, an army of hostile monsters and exit platform that slowly goes down...
  14. riderr3

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Beyond Zero Tolerance for Sega MegaDrive.
  15. MAP15 This level is more balanced than the previous ones, at least in terms of ammunition and places for temporary shelter. Here we can use the scheme “two steps forward, one step back” because you can visit all accessible places at any time - there are no traps that block the retreat. Spawning arch-viles can only prevent you, but we are already used to the fact that they can appear at every step. Cyberdemons who are mostly snipers do not pose a great danger, but make the player be more attentive. Do not try to find a secret exit, there are no secret maps in this mapset.