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  1. I think its better to leave any extra new maps outside of Master Edition. You know why, because after all tools will be released, it be more handy to use the tools in full scale for these maps (except maybe that Deadlock.wad aka NEW.WAD which are supposed to be a second secret map of PSX Final Doom, judging by the reference. But it is on GEC decision.)
  2. This also depends on when the last 3 maps will be finished, I guess. IIRC, there are three maps with Icon Of Sin which is converting by the GEC team (not sure how much percent of them is done). And full tools with multiple maps adding support will be released when Master Edition will be done, so there is a point. Even the last three maps still need an additional testing for bugs.
  3. The fact is found that "Digitized Pain" music track is used two times in a row in consequenced levels Trapped on Titan and The Titan Anomaly. I suggest just to swap levels The Titan Anomaly and The Farside Of Titan, but decision what to do on @Erick194, to swap a levels or change the tracks.
  4. riderr3

    Personal Wad Journal - Odd and Sods

    Initially I named this map "Hazel keep". The wrong name added in finished wad by those who compiled the wad. The article on Doomwiki should also add original name.
  5. @janiform done Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hwdadz50q7bctxs/Triangles_of_Death.zip/file
  6. I made main layout of the map and will post screenshots in a next few days. Currently eliminating error p_playerinspecialsector unknown special while lowering floor and changing texture, otherwise I will change portion of map. It happened in Chocolate Doom because it's vanilla format map. Edit: here are the screenshots captured in PrBoom-Plus
  7. Hello. I'll taking MAP07 slot then.
  8. Moreover, the NM and spectre flags is used to add more monster variety because the added maps missing some of monster types due to tech limitations, so that flags did that job.
  9. @LadyMistDragon Yeah, this map is the my very first released map and nothing more than "non-playable architectural concept" in the times when I played out with map editor. Fortunately, I took into account my previous mistakes. Even more, this map was planned for GZDoom format and the moat outside the fortress should be filled with water that could be dived, there was a red fog outside, custom textures, fountains, etc. As usual, many of mappers at the beginning planning too much advanced stuff that do not correspond to the skills of mapper and I had to reduce the map, as well as to change its format. I have preserved screenshots of this map from 2011 when it was not completed, at the early stage of making:
  10. I also wondered this question, moreover, in beta 4 the textures do not stretch vertically (compare the external texture on the Black Tower in Beta 3 and Beta 4), which allows you to remove the some auxiliary dummy sectors and this will increase framerate (hello to Industrial Zone and many more maps with sector height more than 256 units and added auxiliary sectors). As well of addition of returned PC Doom textures optimized for PSX Doom. I think that we just have stick to current version of tools, because the tools update will not be soon. Another map update might be when new tools will be available. More about secret exits, confusion in the names of maps and maps with poor monster variety. With all due respect to those who converted the maps, there are problems with finding secret exits to Slough of Despair and The Express Elevator to Hell. I saw this on streams where players could not find secret exits, unlike They Will Repent, where there is a hint of a secret exit that promotes the player in search. I say this as a mapper who made 100+ maps for Classic Doom, Boom and ZDoom and created several exits to secret levels. I hid the details under the spoiler because of the secret exit. Slough of Despair: The Express Elevator To Hell: About confusion in the name of the maps. This is a question to be resolved before Beta 5. Since some maps were been renamed to avoid confusion (like Sewers to Forgotten Sewers because Plutonia already has The Sewers), what will happen to Hell Keep and Central Processing? Sooner or later, there will be a compilation of the “Definitive Edition” maps where you will have two Hell Keeps, the original converted from PC Doom and PSX Variation, and confusion will begin. This also applies to Central Processing from TNT and map with the same name from Doom 1. For Beta 5 I offer @Erick194 rename the new Hell Keep to Inferno Keep (the one that was added to Master Edition) and TNT's Central Processing to Main Processing in avoiding confusion. About with poor monster variety - where 3 monsters types is present or less (except special/boss maps like Grosse, Tomb of Malevolence and Hunted where monster cast is fine). I mean the Chasm and Mill which plays very poor by the wise of monster variety (3 species). I open them with map editor and realized that there are free memory for more monster types. Why wasn't this yet fixed for years? I helped DynamiteKaitorn and sent to GEC updated maps where some of original monsters returned. I hope it will be included in Beta 5. It was also noted that at the Betray level there a huge abundance of Plasma Cells. In conclusion, I would like to mark the situation on the Grosse map when you beat Cyberdemon, there comes a crowd of barons through one narrow door. It is not difficult to deal with them, and this is a large drawback of the map - through a narrow opening, the barons slowly go out from the small passage and do not introduce any challenge. This is ridiculous. My proposal as a mapper is to make one wide door in that place, or two narrow ones, while placing the barons as close as possible to the door.
  11. Since I watched the recorded stream on Twitch, I want to mention the discussion of the "lost" Plasmagun on the Forgotten Sewers (Currently Map02 In Beta4). It was simply marked as "appears only on Hard Skill" - is it intentionally or a mistake? Even more interesting is that on the original PC doom map there was neither Plasmagun nor Rocket Launcher (yeah, and it's boring). For example, only 3 boxes with Rockets have been added on this map, but Plasma Cells and Packs is too much in abundance (I vote to stay Plasmagun and RL, but this map have too much cells). Therefore, here it is necessary to consider and it is possible to redo the ammunition balance, this is a question for @mr-around or those who are responsible for this map.
  12. I accidentally found a bug on the Downtown map and it is not connected with the previous case. This time, on the Nightmare Skill demons simply did not teleport to the room with rocket launcher even when I crossed the action lines many times, you can try it yourself. I did not see this problem at other skills. And this is clearly not mapping bug - perhaps the NM skill monsters are too fast? Or behavior and movement differs from PC Doom and got problems. Presumably other maps is also affected on NM skill, it can potentially lead to stucked monsters or even more strange behavior. @Erick194 can you deal with this. Also, Vram Viewer cheat (see info on wiki) is kinda broken in Beta 4. Previously, it's correctly showed the graphics in order - textures, flats and then sprites, now it is mostly mixed and the skybox texture on the last page.
  13. Comment from original map author: I guess that's why this map outtaken from Master Levels. Also here is the old video where I completed this map with pistol start on UV:
  14. riderr3

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom's original pallette has 4 shades of purple, which are used only for Commander Keen's sprite. Mind that sprite is fullbright, so purple fading to dark is horrible (ID needed purple just for Keen, so they didn't care how will this color fade to dark if used for example, on wall textures).
  15. I checked map editor, everything seems fine. There are 3 pits with "SR Lift Lower Wait Raise (fast)" action lines, you just need to find them by using open button. Also there are is hidden closet in final room which brings you to previous area in you want to get out. Titan series is a puzzling maps overall.