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  1. By the way GEC is actually working to implement accurate Doom64 on GZDoom engine. I wonder which editor did they use with Doom64 maps. That's right for overclocking, but the cheat engine cheats can be applied also on real console with swap method and cheat CD like gameshark or action pro. Also I still not mentioned the fact is the VRAM viewer is actually presented in-game! I suppose with this method PSX Doom devs converting official maps. But they hide this feature before game was released. VRAM cheat for PSX Doom (cd release v1.1) and PSX Final Doom respectively: 800A88AC 0010 and 800AB3CC 0010 For the Master Edition Beta (Doom 1/2 part) the values shifted a little to 800A868C 0010. That means GEC did some changes to PSX Doom engine while Final Doom stays the same. After inputting cheat press start in-game and you can see VRAM pages, left and right arrows to turn the pages (like level warp cheat). Even current sprites is visible and their cache changed dynamically. Example for PSX Doom Level 16 Hell Keep: The last one shows distorted menu. The VRAM cheat is mentioned in databases, but still marked as "unknown". This means that apart from me, no one has yet thought to press the start and see what this cheat does. Also I've found proper berserk cheat which is not mentioned in databases For Doom and Final: 800A8820 0001 and 800AB340 0001 With further digging of nearby cheats, I broke the engine a little, for example, the view from the player’s eyes looked as if he was sitting crouched, or his Z-coordinates were changed at all.
  2. riderr3

    Haunted real places by DOOM

    This thread can give a huge inspiration for someone who make a maps.
  3. riderr3

    Level design tropes you use

    If I have "mapper's block", I've just start to draw different interconnected geometrical shapes, and it works!
  4. riderr3

    Linetype 19 quirk?

    W1 floor raise to lowest ceiling which can instant lower to nearby lowered ceiling? Both of this actions used for fake 3D bridges (WR).
  5. I've also tested Dis some time ago and it can hold SMM, barons, and mancubi. For compensating monster types you even can add mancubi with corresponded death trigger to lower the floor (like they added them on PSX Tower of Babel). Or just leave cacos here. Lost Levels version contains only SMM and Barons, but there are used dead triggers for each. As for texture breaking/warping effect on the floor, you can do nothing without that, except making arena smaller, which is unacceptable for such map and will break progression. Can be leaved like that, even if this sometimes looked ugly under certain view points. Moreover, PSX Doom official MAP54 also have this issue with warping floors. Also for this map can be used more decorative versions of textures because of free space available.
  6. riderr3

    Doom 64: Community Chest

    @StevenC21 please reserve the MAP15 slot for me, I'll participate. By the way, after nicknames at OP, you can put links to completed maps.
  7. Don't worry, it can be fixed. GEC does not have time to cope with everything, cause they have many projects and stuff.
  8. What about nightmare Spider Masterminds? In Master Edition there probably will be only one usual SMM at Dis. Except maybe CEG will make a surprise for us. Also can you lower the brightness at Storage Facility? Cause if you changed it to night sky, there is too bright outside - most appropriate brightness value here is 96, as for Titan Manor. Moreover, the area before final door is more darker in original map of TNT. Also check what with sound reverbs here, because outside there is echo heard, and some inside areas did't have it.
  9. riderr3

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    50 hours played at Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, and still go on.
  10. riderr3

    Doom 64: Community Chest

    Agree. New original title (maybe sub-title) would be appropriate.
  11. ^^^ "Texture cache overflow" it's not necessary related to textures. This error even happened sometimes on official PSX Doom maps like Suburbs and Perfect Hatred. NM Cyber is more appropriate when more powerful weapons and lot of ammo will be given, or it will be turn to grindy battle. You can lower the sky ceiling and player can see a bit of it, because originally it was too high and not visible. Also possible to add more of texture variations like those skin walls and big marble faces.
  12. Here are the comparison between unedited Earth Base and PSX version. Just look at the linedefs numbers. But it looks decent on PSX with colored sectors and translucent windows. I keep original progression with reducing optional stuff. Sound tunnels is removed because of conjoining sectors. Also blank texture used instead of dummy border sectors. Also I've uploaded vids, but anyways the Earth Base is outdated cause I've added arachnotrons here.
  13. riderr3

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Pharaoh will get the locations that were deleted from Lost Levels TC. I've used ePSXe mouse controls this time but it's not too precise.
  14. ^^^ That's interesting but the first priority will be given to optimizing maps for stable work on real hardware.
  15. Not sure what you mean, but if you have DosBox installed you can use dm2conv tool to convert all names of textures and flats to their PSX derivatives even without find and replace, in a couple of seconds. I explained it here. Just use the tool before converting map to PSX format, or flats can be screwed. I use this tool myself because still there is no alternatives. Also I did not believe that some of PSX Builder features was cutted away, at least I feel no difference between it an GZDB.