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  1. Not bad. Keep it up. Add windows, balconies, interconnections to spice up map design. Player must see what he is striving for. Also hide monsters between crates, behind corners/columns and in unexpectable places. It is better to put flying monsters somewhere behind the mountains or behind sector objects, so they are can fly over and create nice effect. Also when I reading "Canyon", I immedeathly imagine ROCK4/ROCK5 textures! And... they are here.
  2. I lol'd at nightmare cacodemon... Also those fireblu-like texture is unused in original PSX Doom. It goes unused here but later appears in the PSX version of Final Doom.
  3. Well done. So I would vote it + Master Levels at DoomWorld Megawad Club. There is already people who voted for Master Levels last month.
  4. Id Tech 1 doesn't handle much stuff what we can imagine.
  5. Some patches/textures which I use in my Boom WIP project. Also need to add more new switch variations for some cases.
  6. Heh, I'm also encountered this problem when making map for Texture Extravaganza project (when I was boom noob, lol).
  7. Where this come from? I mean both heads and statusbar.
  8. I don't remember. But I remember how I look at the other side of hangar through the window, and saw red fireball flying to me from afar!
  9. I suggest you take a look at this https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/
  10. Some Urania maps can enter into this category, more or less. Not just a tooting in own horn, but based on other people reviews. Also no save buffer errors. But these maps is not friendly for pistol-starters.
    Progress in this wad like in Eternal Doom - peek at the automap and return to unvisited places. For those who like adventurous style. There is enough of ammo and medikits. I liked the hybrid textures from Doom and Heretic.
  11. I'm not sure, but there are another console Doom source releases (Jaguar Doom?). May be there are some similarities between them like LEAFS lumps?
  12. No description, though. I think it's fault of new download frontend. Old idgames showing whole text file.