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  1. I've made an automated batch file which helps build an image in a few seconds, without annoying moving and renaming files. How to do it: -create main directory where all OP tools are located, there are will be folders Projects Cd, TOOLS, e.t.c. -create inside the main directory subfolder "WIP maps" -create inside the "WIP maps" subfolder "Doom" or "Final Doom", depends which game you use -inside MAKEIMG folder also create subfolder "Doom" or "Final Doom", depends which game you use -move contents of MAKEIMG folder to "Doom" or "Final Doom" subfolder, also paste here PSXDOOM.WAD (don't forget to use PSXDOOM.WAD from FinalDoom ABIN folder if you want to build Final Doom). Create batch file for PSXFinalDoom (copy and paste text under spoiler to file and call is "build.bat as example"). You need to change the paths and filenames if you want to build PSXDoom, also without Doom>Final Doom map conversion. Place this batch file to "WIP maps/Doom" (or "WIP maps/Final Doom") subfolder, here are also should be MAP01.wad which you are working on. Launch build.bat file and that's should do it. Then if you want rewrite the image without warning, prompt can be disabled in "MAKE PSXDOOM CD.bat" or "MAKE PSXDOOM CD2.bat", open one of those two batch files and change text to: mkpsxiso.exe -y -lba PSXDIR.txt CD.xml Moreover, I figured out how to use ePSXe as a "source port" in GZDB game configuration. Actually it's just launching ePSXe without gui and with specific cue file. Game configurations>PSXDoom format>testing Сhoose ePSXe as application. Сlean "customize parameters" and insert: -nogui -loadbin "C:\path\to\doom\or\final\doom\cue" Also ingame in ePSXe press F4 if you want to fast loading (it's just turning off frame limiter) So overall, building and launching take me less than 10 seconds. P.S. It's happened to me on unedited plutonia MAP09. Later, when I changed unknown textures/flats/actions/things, it's vanished. BTW I've done with Redemption.
  2. There are "Render Mid-Texture" line flag can be toggled. Maybe it should do it? If not, what it is actually do. I've used glass window midtexture without that flag.
  3. I've agreed with the people above. But If the Captho really won't participate, I will take his slot (in the next few months).
  4. In my case it's happened just because I compress wad BEFORE makeimg (it even not needed to be compressed). Now map playable and maxable, I've added colorings for sectors. Also I need to reduce some steps to get more stable framerate at the courtyard. Some other opinions: -important quirk of PSX DOOM engine is possibility of activating actions if the action line too near, as example on TNT:MAP10 now I can lower red bars from the other side or just open hell knight closet through the outdoor wall! So all who converting maps should bear in mind that they need to check situations like this and make changes to map. -negative texture offsets leading to stretching/reversing textures. -"Reverb off" sector flag should be applied to outdoor areas (according to original PSX maps). -in original PSX maps there is "line block projectile" flag used on some glass windows, but not many of them. -in MAPSPR01.IMG there is a limit, the output should be about no more than 730kb, otherwise ZMALLOC error will happen. You probably need to sacrifice some sprites to make space for this or that thing. Anyway, it would be convenient to see used sprites and free space in VRAM Viewer. -monsters on plutonia maps can be slightly nerfed, according on PSX controls and speeds. About monster usage. Now I understand why mancubus is rare kind in PSX DOOM. Because his sprite is big and used many space in VRAM, along with spiderdemon. So if you use fatso on your map, get ready to sacrifice two another monster types. Baron is also high consumption, especially when you can use hell knight even in Ultimate Doom maps. I've used nightmare HK in my case. @Erick194 I found crash in map editor, when map have no sky, GZDB crashes. The DoomED thing 50 (hanger) have chain hook sprite. Also I hope there are more automated tools will available to build image without many hassle (batch files, e.t.c.)
  5. riderr3

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    It have own flaws... But I like to create a new texture from multiple patches. May be is would be related for Defining a new enhanced source port standard (Boom+/MBF+) thread.
  6. @Gerardo194 @Erick194 I figured out how these tools worked. So sign me for Level 10: Redemption and Level 9: Abattoire I've already have some tests and converted first three areas of Redemption (successful run), but still can not convert whole map because of error - CACHE MISS ON LUMP 703 Maybe I'll cut some parts to check what caused this error. @DynamiteKaitorn this is even beginning, I've deal with those tools for one hour. So expect many troubles ahead, alot of mapping/building errors :) P.S. Screens of MAP10 TNT (only first areas worked, also need to fix some awful texture stretches) Using CRT shaders of ePSXe and also connected my old PS2 gamepad via USB converter.
  7. This thread should have more technical info in the first post. Overall, here are many details comes up, so PSXDoom mod for ZDoom is seems so unfaithful.
  8. riderr3

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Voodoo people are ready to launch. From my WIP mapset.
  9. riderr3

    Anyone have a link to a specific skulltag announcer?

    Not sure but maybe it's here: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=985
  10. riderr3

    PC sounds and HUD for PSX Doom

    Did you know about pk_doom_sfx_20120224.wad? It's original, but HD sounds of PC Doom, you can also check the quality. Also seconded for CDMage, this is old but useful program.
  11. Finally this project is started. The PSX Doom is the first Doom which I played, and I have some experience with PSX hacking. But right now I have a couple of projects on my plate so maybe I'll join somewhere later, if the free slots will remain.
  12. riderr3

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Actually I need to finish my own mapset first. There is 2 and half levels needs to be done + improving. I have a plenty ideas for DWMP2018, I even have the cool name for it. Also to warn players, existing bugs can be specified in txt file which comes with the wad. If someone have significant bugs in their map.
  13. Then they will bring democracy there on the wings of tomahawks. Because the dictator Satan oppresses his people.
  14. The chainsaw on Phobos where are no trees around. That's enough said 😊