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  1. From good news: I took my hands on the modded Japanese model PS1 SCPH-7000, including the original gray Dualshock. It will be interesting to test added analog control.
  2. riderr3

    Valve announces handheld system: Steam Deck

    Nowadays, for many companies is not profitable to make AAA singleplayer games.
  3. Moreover, I'm not sure what the point is to return Arch-Viles in old PSX Doom/Final maps. As well, it is controversial to change the sequence of classic PSX levels to which players have accustomed for many years (again as example how did in PSXDOOM TC and Lost Levels). But on another side, fixing bugs on old PSX maps is useful (for Definitive Edition or for patch), for example: -Stucked baron on Command Center -Stucked imps on Deepest Reaches -Inaccessible section on The Death Domain -Some few other mapping related bugs that are mentioned on DoomWiki, pay attention to them In order not to disturb the ecosystem of old PSX maps, it is advisable to use Keens, WolfSS and Arch-Viles on some maps in the Master Edition (hint at Hunted and Wolf3d maps), especially for possible new exclusive episode by the mappers, which will be useful to fill the gaps, as well reveal the potential of those improvements that were introduced by GEC.
  4. Even this way, this will postpone the release of the final version of the current project. People will wait another year when original maps will be polished and configured to work with new maps without troubles. It is important to note that at the request of the GEC I made a section for a secret exit on They Will Repent, which fits quite well into the level atmosphere. And what, now I have to delete this, to correspond the sequence of levels corresponded to the PC version, in the case of returning original maps from PSX Doom? (And even after compiling old and new maps for Definitive Edition, it's better to play this episodes separately like in PSXDoom TC). It is better not to overload GEC, because they have so many projects, and the community can independently compile Definitive Edition when GEC will upload out all the necessary tools after Master Edition is done. The rational solution here is finish the Master Edition first, and later go to new projects, including compiling new and old maps. Too many contradictions accumulated from the very beginning of this project, ranging from the name of the project and ending with the discussion that what it will containing. Also what about a creating of XDELTA patch for usual PSX Doom/Final to add features and fixes from Master Edition? (such as NM Skill, VRAM Cheat, analog support as well as corrections related to optimization, corrections of animation, textures and the rest which I did not mention). Such a patch will be suitable for those who will play Master Edition and the usual PSX Doom/Final separately. This is only the tip of the iceberg... Such discussions are formed more and more questions than answers.
  5. Yeah and may be call it like DEFINITIVE edition or something like that 😉 I agree that some people played a lot of normal PSXDoom and Final, and they want to play Master Edition with only new levels (without replaying old ones) as stand alone game. If you really expect to include an exclusive episode, I am in the subject for creating a map or maybe even few. Do not count as advertisement, but for the last decade I made 100+ maps for the Doom and it's derivatives.
  6. Jim Flynn's maps is all about puzzles and traps so they are one of my favorites... Watch at 8:19 I posted this video two years ago. P.S. It is strange that you missed the original map for years. Talking about Doom back in the days, and at the same time do not know the creations of Jimm Flynn.
  7. Considering the dark and gloomy atmosphere of PSX Doom, the increase of the gamma some may consider as heresy 😆
  8. It should work on popsloader 6.60 and why not try it yourself (recommended to use cdda enabler plugin to play the music in title/menu, also check out this crazy track at Plutonia level Go2it as well Icon of Sin)
  9. Funny fact, but I just played the PSX version earlier than original, and I thought about who is this goat head at the end, and he also appeared on some marble engravings (it was like mystery for us at the time).
  10. riderr3

    Which console do you play doom on

    PSX Doom Master Edition on PSP and PS2.
  11. That means Grosse can be updated with added keens (well, what is the other usage of them?). It also applies to WolfSS. I think Arch-Viles also can be restored as boss characters on Hunted of Plutonia, right @DynamiteKaitorn? I expect that other maps not fits them because of memory limits, except some smaller maps can utilize them properly (and mappers can pay attention to this advantage). Tools for Beta4 is also will be useful for participants, before Beta4 comes out.
  12. Since I followed this thread, I found more errors that maybe previously not mentioned and should be considered. Caughtyard The railings on the both sides is passable Because of passable railings player can stuck between skull piles; also at the other side Hell Knight not teleporting because of W1 teleport action - in case if someone blocking teleport destination, action will not work (all who has "W1 teleport monsters only" tag on their converted maps, better change them to "WR Teleport monsters only"; it's PSX Doom engine flaw - maybe Erick will fix it) Odyssey of Noises Minor visual flaw - other pits has proper red rock walls, and this pit has simple rock texture
  13. riderr3

    The Precipice (an 3DGE Project) on Idgames!

    Well... In general, I checked my three-year-old map and encountered certain difficulties. 1) All gameplay here is centered around a cyberdemon sniper that constantly keeps in tension. 2) There are also cacodemons without which this layout does not make sense. It also applies to revenants and mancubus that are kept under the sight of a huge territory. 3) There was a jetpak (from EDGE format), and I wanted to convert the map in UDMF - there were also difficulties here. 4) There are many textures from Doom 2, alternative to which is difficult to find. 5) Skybox sectors have nowhere to do because they use custom texture. I came to the decision to free my slot for other participants who will create a proper final map, as it will be easier to create a map from scratch. I wish them good luck!
  14. riderr3

    The Precipice (an 3DGE Project) on Idgames!

    @MidnightMage will you accept my old unused map from abandoned community project? (with excluding of new textures and Doom 2 monsters)
  15. riderr3

    I need 50 old school doom wads from 1994-2000

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/List_of_notable_WADs Sort by the date.