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Status Updates posted by riderr3

  1. I watched the stream. I think I had a reasons to make the map for the DWMP2019 shorter and simpler.

  2. So the first slime trail on the sky is encountered today on my WIP map. Interestingly, the GZDB nodes viewer is freezed about a minute. Rebuilding the nodes helped get rid of the slime trail and no more freezing of nodes viewer.

  3. I see that's a bunch of "lost" Heretic and Hexen wads is thrown at the download section. Thanks for uploading!

  4. Your progress is fast.
    Also on my project: I've made 14 maps so far and has concluded 17 maps should be enough (Doomwiki says >15 maps is already stated as megawad). Moreover, nowadays 32-map megawad sounds like a cliche.

    By the fall of 2016 I've planned 33 maps but the progress is very slow, because now I'm participating in many community projects (also speedmaps, you can check it out), and the quality of this submissions are even better than those which in my project. It does not mean that I give up, but I throw out potential improper maps.
    The reasons I shorten my project is: the making is turning to a slog, themes are starting repeating, this hinders other projects in which I want to participate, e.t.c.

    I will use MAP31 as final map (no secret maps), the intermission text should end the story.

    1. Deadwing


      It's not that fast, TBH (or not as much as I wanted). I've been doing that mapset for one year at least haha Also, my levels are usually short and there's barely any detailing, so that's helps a bit making things faster >.<

      Yeah, there's not much need for 32 levels. I'm trying to keeps things without any filler or subpar level, so the experience remains fresh even in the later maps. I'm also using secret maps as normal ones 😛


      Can't wait to play your new mapset, though 😄

  5. It feels like bots attacking my profile page here 😷

    1. riderr3


      Well, I get it. If you refresh the page on your profile, view counter will increased. That's not good at my opinion.

  6. Negative hud element offsets = PRboom+ crashing with signal error 11. Eternity Engine does not affect.

  7. What an awkward registration system on 3DGE forums.


    The password does not contain the required characters.
    You have provided an invalid answer to the question.
    You have exceeded the maximum number of registration attempts for this session. Please try again later.

    Why I must input nonsense as my password, cause later I can forget it?
    Also I can not answer on this silly questions, because my english knowledge is not enough.
    That's why these forums are pretty dead, and nobody even hear about them.

  8. I found latest Chocorenderlimits here

    Though without Heretic support.

  9. "Images of various inanimate objects as an avatar indicate the non-standard thinking of their owners. According to psychologists, in this picture the background means more than the object that is placed in the foreground. As a rule, the owner of such an avatar loves to speculate on the themes of the universe, romantic, easy vulnerable, loves nature and does not like noisy parties."

    Okay 😏

  10. If the Eternity Engine will fully support Heretic also with demo recording support, I will throw out the old version of Crispy Doom in the bin. There is some kind of conspiracy against Heretic, in order not to develop a full-fledged limit-removing port.

  11. I hope you will not mind if I take your "Hangar 7" midi for the E1 Community project? Credited also.

    1. Jimmy


      Go right ahead. The MIDI Pack stuff is meant to be free for community use. Thanks!

  12. Well. I completely removed ZDoom and replaced it with QZDoom. I hope I will not lose anything. I do not see the point of storing obsolete programs when there is the same thing, but more modern. Also like how QZDoom handle with skies without doubling. Will use it with software rendering.

    1. Gothic


      Doesn't Gzdoom mixes the 3 of them?

  13. Seems this person played FPS first time in life

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Back then that was the case for pretty much everyone. 

  14. I laughed so hard on this, I choked on my spit!

    Reading some old threads just made my day.

  15. Today the first time I saw solidsegs overflow... luckily my map in Boom format, and it's have very huge open area.

  16. TNTR.wad MAP19, damn this red key.

    Blue door is reached and there are no other ways only red switch and red door but red key is not found. Overall this map is very dark/poor visibility, and very first time of playing Doom wads I've raised gamma level to 2.

    1. riderr3


      Well, I'm just miss those silver bars...

  17. For some reason I can't see reputation of users. What is happening?

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Now I'm not sure if I should change my avatar to that green plus in a circle. :]

      Anyway, I think having just likes is OK. I'll have to get used to therebeing no green number next to a username.


    3. sluggard


      Good, you post stuff only when you need / have to, not for Rep points, It works better that way.

    4. Paul977


      Agree with Roofi and dmg_64, gg Linguica

  18. Boom have too many features, I even not use most of them in my maps.
    I still not understand those people who creates maps for the first time and choosing UDMF format.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      MBF reks me with both its limitations and the amount of things I could do if only I had time and energy. My glass is so half-empty.

    3. R1ck


      UMDF doesn't interest me. Hexen format however, I can freely use flats as wall texture.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Ha, I know that. After finishing a Boom map and going back to vanilla I feel relieved for some reason, despite the fact that I'm actually limiting myself a lot more. Ports suck, honestly.

      I do miss generalized linedefs though :_(

  19. I recently got the rank of bony member, but after a few hours I was again returned to the junior member. What the hell?

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      You've reached 206 posts.