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  1. Anything about this situation?


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    2. RonLivingston


      I had merged some sectors in some maps while on GZdoom builder plus I had to also remove some unnecessary stuff from those maps too. like the water flats from the sinks and toilets and also redo the restroom doors but ofcorse in city center, taking off the ceil5_2 as well as all the trees and stalagmites, and remove all the seats from the train station as well

    3. riderr3


      Trees and stalagmites actually not used many memory, best way here will be removing some monster types, if you want to keep original areas. BTW those map with error, how many linedefs and sectors it contains after reducing? As example map with 1350 linedefs and 200 sectors can hold 5-6 types of monsters, with help of Find Side. If it's originally limit-removing map it would be harder to do that.

    4. RonLivingston


      You may understand how glitchy the textures really are, even if I are to solve this