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  1. Some patches/textures which I use in my Boom WIP project. Also need to add more new switch variations for some cases.
  2. Heh, I'm also encountered this problem when making map for Texture Extravaganza project (when I was boom noob, lol).
  3. Where this come from? I mean both heads and statusbar.
  4. I don't remember. But I remember how I look at the other side of hangar through the window, and saw red fireball flying to me from afar!
  5. I suggest you take a look at this https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/
  6. Some Urania maps can enter into this category, more or less. Not just a tooting in own horn, but based on other people reviews. Also no save buffer errors. But these maps is not friendly for pistol-starters.
    Progress in this wad like in Eternal Doom - peek at the automap and return to unvisited places. For those who like adventurous style. There is enough of ammo and medikits. I liked the hybrid textures from Doom and Heretic.
  7. I'm not sure, but there are another console Doom source releases (Jaguar Doom?). May be there are some similarities between them like LEAFS lumps?
  8. No description, though. I think it's fault of new download frontend. Old idgames showing whole text file.
  9. It's important. But it also depends on which themes/layouts/textures have beens used. And I'm also like blue and orange skies. As example, my map submission for DWMP2017 in limit-removing format, so I decided to make whole underground map in hellish setting, cause there will no boom sky transfer feature. So there will no unappropriate default skies. My next Boom project will be featured with some new skies. As example level on cargo ship, where cloudy sky scrolls slowly. Second episode uses wide crimson-cloudy sky which are vertically seamless, so these maps have floating islands and huge towers. The spaceship map contain starry sky which also scrolling, this time diagonally, makes an illusion of space flight. Also late maps contains animated sky similar like PSX Doom fire skies, resembling overall heat and pressure. And level where you starting with night sky, later go to caves, and comes to new place on daylight.
  10. I'll pass this time. Happy dooming anyways ;)
  11. I'm rarely play GZDoom wads, but this wad will be an like exception. It is now on my "to play" list.
  12. -read the rules when posting new stuff -wooden theme is not match this type of layout, imo -there are some bugs like missing textures -I can not open red door, may be there must be another action to open it -there is switch (also not worked) which can be reached only by jumping, but author not provide info does the player need enable jumping or not -fancy zdoom effects is cool, but it's better concentrate on map layout, detailing and interconnections -you can also try make limit-removing maps (Doom 2 in Doom format), there are less features but you will not get dizzy from tons of checkboxes and windows
  13. Community projects have taken away some of my time. Otherwise, I would have already done 1-2 maps more for my Boom project. Currently almost 2 maps are made with 13 of total. Northwest areas is not ready yet.
  14. I did that few times, but some parts of computer display (edges) are outside of the screen of FullHD TV which connected via HDMI.
  15. I'm also like it. Current Freedoom SSG is looking too futuristic IMO.
  16. MAP07 music. Sinister stuff! Also I can mention E3M2 for Doom1, though I think this don't fit the map design.
  17. It is game of words, recon and reckoning. Like many other custom Doom map names. Not only maps. "Nukage" or "nukeage" as example...
  18. I like OP's sence of humour!
  19. I use PrBoom+ for most stuff and GZDoom only for G/ZDoom wads minority. So PrBoom+ is being my favorite through the years.
  20. I leave it here, just in case.
  21. Yeah I knew it. Even with timezone differences. I hope someday DWMclub will play Master Levels.