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  1. Yeah, just in case. Also my modem is broken last week. Got new today. Fortunately I've uploaded my map earlier. @HexenMapper I suppose it will be 2 episodes wad, probably 18 maps? And what about secret exits, will they be added later?
  2. I'm done with my map. "Parthoris tunnels" by riderr3 For Heretic upstart mapping project Advanced engine needed: Crispy Heretic or ZDoom Music: Ambient 10.mid from Dune 2 Single Player: Designed for Cooperative: Yes Deathmatch: Yes Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 8 days Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, Slade Tested With: Crispy Heretic Description: This tunnels were filled with monsters for a long time, now it's time to cleaning. http://www.mediafire.com/file/usks2l4la20k93n/parttunn.zip Download and comment.
  3. Add me too, I've not touched Heretic stuff for years. So that is the motivation.
  4. PSX Doom in friends house, somewhere back in 1998! We are also played Final Doom deathmatch/coop with link cable and second PS1. PC Doom I start to play somewhere in middle 00s.
  5. I remember good old PS1 Doom times where I input cool password and I can have 300% of armor.
  6. Dis... disappointment...
    Played this through DW Megawad Club! Overall verdict, pros and cons: +Non linear layouts +Proper monster placement +New music +Good final boss idea -Lack of "scenic" locations -Some levels lacks of medikits -Not many of Boom features used So I rate this megawad 3.8/5
  7. MAP30 So this is the short boss map. The final boss looks like motherdemon from Doom64, and it's shoots different types of projectiles. If you have BFG there is no problem to kill it. I finished it with plasmagun second time. The main tactics is run/shoot in this circle, watching for pits/obstacles and also hide behind big flesh pillar. Overall verdict, pros and cons: +Non linear layouts +Proper monster placement +New music +Good final boss idea -Lack of "scenic" locations -Some levels lacks of medikits -Not many of Boom features used So I rate this megawad 3.8/5
  8. A few sketches done in just two hours. It is necessary to fill the outer space with some kind of rocks/stones.
  9. MAP29 Most parts of map is dark and gloomy, I even want to raise the gamma correction. I have big problem in lava area because of radsuit is ended and I running on lava and shooting two archviles. The view to inner yard is kinda sinister. Running from revenants after getting blue key is fun. After final door I realised that is not over yet. Probably the most longest level in wad - 28 minutes to complete.
  10. MAP28 Well, the design of this map is looks like a boss map with some points of no-returns. Have no problem at the start with 2 arch-viles because of having BFG and enough space to move. I even survived in crusher hall. I knew intuitively that I had to run. Many lost souls just prevent rocket launching. In techbase part of map there is many moving mechanisms which can distract the player.
  11. MAP27 So we back to tech-base with funny music. Right after start there is many snipers all over the place and mancubi appeared in the cages. It is possible to attack monsters in rear from fleshy cave. Megasphere is helps a lot especially when I wandering with 7% HP. There are lack of medikits on this map. There are many roaming monsters especially arch-viles, which revives dead baddies. I'm wasted invul.sphere, think I can use it when "armored" cage opens with couple arch-viles.
  12. MAP26 Well, my megawad have coliseum map too, but this have more complex design. There are different height elevations in this map and monsters scattered around many ledges. The overall gameplay of this map feels plutonic in many cases. Last fight with lost souls are fun, I even telefragged a PE. My only complains is the yellow key obtaining when touching flaming skulls object. Because I collected armor bonuses earlier than platform rises, so I wandered a little more.
  13. MAP24 Starting area feels dead-simplish in some ways, monsters start to shoot me from all directions. RL is helping me here. In the south part of map there is some catwalks, and player must come close to evil eye to reach the yellow key further. Cyberdemon guards the red key. And I stuck in this area until I found the switch for lift operating. Lost souls coming from small closets reminds me Well of Souls from Plutonia. Invulnerability sphere is very useful to fight with 2 archviles and mastermind. MAP25 Whew... shotted in the back instantly. This map have almost no safe places, so it is need to clear every new area. I got rocket in the face by cyberdemon. But he can be killed by circlestrafing, around his pedestal. The roaming revenants here is more bigger threat than cyberdemon. I knew there will be serious ambush in crushers area. Also, getting berserk secret needs moving very fast between those crushers. Blue door is again hidden in the dark.
  14. MAP23 I called this level "rocky chasm". It consists of different type of rocks, lava and dark caves. In my opinion lava floor should be brighter. On the whole level scattered a lot of backpacks. Balancing on those raising pillars needs more skill and patience. I deal with mastermind only with SSG. There is also BFG nearby.
  15. MAP22 This vineyard filled with many kinds of vines, mostly they are blocking the view. Very non-linear layout. I can say even unnecessary non-linear. Also, no safe place at the start, until I ran to another place. The exit pit is kinda obvious, even without a sign.
  16. MAP21 I really like mossy bricks and vines, this is one of my favourite texture themes. Also monsters are appeared rarely on this map, so it's kinda relaxing style especially with this music. Only the cyberdemon appearance broke the silence. I finished him with 13% HP. The sequence behind yellow door starting to be tedious. I found the exit just accidentally.
  17. MAP20 At the start, there are two teleports leading to two different places which can be revisited later. This map design reminds me some Sandy Petersen maps, mainly layout and openness. It's possible to raise the bridge by shooting the button, along with other switches which are activated by gunshot. The final sky-hole area, I thought there are cyberdemon hiding in there.
  18. About 10-15 days for one middle/large sized map. But sometimes I'm too lazy to make something. Also I spent 2 years for my own megawad. But there not only map making, also new texture adding, along with midi and other stuff.
  19. MAP19 A group of revenants are encountered me after start, plasmagun is so helpful at this moment. After grabbing computer area map, I suspected a natural rocky canyon outside. Behind the red door cyberdemon are suddenly appeared. Probably scroller teleported him there? I pushed cyberdemon to lava with BFG. Near the final cave a horde of imps trying to trow me to lava. And finally fight with revenants and archvile, BFG another time helped me. This is the short map, less than ten minutes.
  20. MAP18 Not much say about this map except nicely done puzzle behind the yellow door. I looked on automap and realised the way to complete the sequence. Also, extra ammunition and medikits stored behind optional keyed doors. There are enough armor on this map.
  21. MAP17 First part of map is looks like hub with panel textures, but design of other parts is kinda messy. Also here are crushers between pillars like MAP10, needs advanced platforming. Archviles first time is appeared on this level, along with groups of revenants. Found soulsphere secret when searching of medikits. Exit is not marked, pity.
  22. MAP16 We back to episode four. This sky in kinda familiar. There are plasma gun at the start so I thought the level would be difficult, but most of this difficulty is the roaming chaingunners. I spends a couple of minutes to find red key and realized I just missed the blue door. Thanks to prboom-plus colored lines. Berserk pack are helped me when I really need medikits which are not so often in this megawad.