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  1. riderr3

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Throughout the Plutonia episode, crates only appear on MAP01: Congo.
  2. riderr3

    Mapping in Doom before Doom Builder

    Yadex which based on DEU. I still have it installed now on my old linux laptop. Before Doom Builder, this map editor seemed very advanced, although it didn't have a 3D preview. But I never finished a single map with Yadex, there were only some sketches. Had fun with it.
  3. I already tried two other Titan maps months ago. They have a HUGE LOAD OF LINEDEFS which are necessary for progression. By my calculations even after removing stairs and entire sections, there will be no more than two types of monsters. And also a huge height variations. I would not want to spoil this map and the project with irrational conversion. Agree. I think it would be quite simple to reduce them in half. In order not to take away the fun. This switch works. You mean this switch can be used through the nearby wall? But this does not change the situation in this case. If you think that I added a metal switch instead of a wooden one just by whim or by mistake, just use the VRAM cheat shown on the Doomwiki Master Edition page and see how I and other mappers struggle to save space for textures. Especially when switches takes 2 times more space. Edit: Another option - it is from such angles that some textures seem incorrectly aligned horizontally (but it is not). It's a feature of the engine, not a mapping error.
  4. The good news is that currently we have the only opportunity to see Spider Mastermind in Final Doom (due to memory limits), since the GEC decided to add the remaining maps from the Cabal series, here are two of them: And this one has Cyberdemon, which is also a rare guest:
  5. In Doom, it possibly only when lowering the ceiling sector around the mid-texture, and it must be the sky.
  6. I was present in this thread initially and it was planned exactly as "Lost Levels for real PSX". And much later, sentences like "let's join the old maps to the new ones" began. As already noted, it is too late to change priorities and of course this kind of "uncut" project can be started later, but probably not under the guidance of the GEC, because they have their own projects. By the way, the faster Master Edition is released, the faster advanced tools will be available to us. As for mouse support, this would be nice, but theoretically it would require decoding and copying some part of the code from Final Doom to Doom. Here the question will even be interesting, which is more difficult - to port part of the code responsible for the mouse, or to adapt Doom maps for Final Doom (who knows what difficulties may arise). Although, for example, if these Doom maps were transferred to the Final Doom engine, this essentially means that the Doom engine will be thrown out (which is a little sad, because it’s like an imitation of Doom using Final Doom). I personally like the first option more.
  7. I also thought this is small "jittering" effect seen also at any kind of door tracks. There should be no problem then. A real stretching occurs near very high lifts.
  8. Under a spoiler I post a bunch of screenshots with bugs found mainly in the new maps of Beta 3. Perhaps some have already been found earlier. P.S. Done. Because I edited this post, re-check what under the spoiler because you can miss important bug reports.
  9. Want a debate? There will be a debate. I wanted to write this wall of text in PM. Well, let it be better for more people to read and think well. 1) Well, for example, you wanted to mix everything together. Without even considering anything. Now look - I converted They Will Repent and in the latest version I added a secret exit to Fear. Be sure to look at it, I spent my ideas on design and a pseudo-3D effect. And now you are essentially proposing to demolish this secret exit, EXACTLY for identity, so that the sequence of levels coincides with the PC version. These are your words - "A version that intermixes our new levels with the originals". Is this an insult to the mapper/converter and its map? And if I don’t want someone (who?) to disfigure my map in the current project. Well then, you have to convert this map all over again yourself. For this so-called second "version" of the Master Edition. And there may be a bunch of other nuances. But it’s better to leave it for another project, which will take considerable time to create. 2) I am not against any compilation of new and old maps, I rather even for! But in the current case, this destroys the whole idea of the Master Edition, which was born from the beginning. Of course, someone can create a compilation of old and new maps, but under a different name. And the name will be fresher, and clearly state what the purpose of the project is. I will have no questions to such "compilation" project under a different name and with a different agenda. In another project, you can even put my maps upside down (I even allow you), but not in the current Master Edition, which we know and love. 3) Let's finish this project, and then we will already offer some utopian ideas about Doom 64 that are not very relevant. There is no need to confuse, because not all maps are finished yet, but some unknown compilation is planned. Let's better discuss the current problems and bugs, of which a whole carriage. And I apologize, but your posts are constantly "running ahead of the train." 4) In a previous post, I proposed the optimal scheme for some level progression/episodes of the the current project. People supported my idea. Because I pondered these ideas yesterday for several hours, and not just threw the text into the forum. 5) There is already a little confusion because this project has almost the same name with GZDoom Master Edition. But this is not so scary, since that project is for GZDoom. Cram the old levels into the project with the current name, and for some reason create two "versions" - this will bring a lot of confusion. You can’t even imagine how much. Even simply in Google, people will for example type Master Edition, and the sequence of maps will ALREADY be confused, because you offer two "versions" of Master Edition. 6) The description of this project reads: This project has the purpose of incorporing the "missing" levels from the PC versions: (Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels, TNT and PLutonia) according to the PSX limitations. It is clear that NRTFL, Sigil, extra maps for Doom and ML were added later. But this does not change the essence, because these are new maps, not old ones. You know, I would compare this, for example, with the fact that if some dictator wanted to take and rewrite the country's constitution. What people live and the stability to which they are accustomed for a long time. If he rewrites the constitution, corruption will begin. And in our case - confusion. Therefore, why do we need two versions of the constitution, because it is better to create a new country with a new constitution. 7) On the Internet, everyone who knows this project under its current name, what is its purpose. For example, I posted a bunch of playtrough videos from maps that I converted. And the description of the videos clearly states what this project means by its current name. 8) For those who are not in the know. A disk with Master Edition has a unique identifier - SLUS_666.01. That is, it's like standalone addon (hack). And not a mixing new levels with old ones. Older Doom and Final Doom games use their respective identifiers. 9) Keep in mind that at this stage (or was earlier) there is a limit on the number of levels in one episode - 64 for Doom and 32 for Final Doom. Passwords are not designed for a larger number, otherwise the whole system will break. Also in the new GEC menu, the menu of items for episodes may not be enough. (that is the initial menu where we select Doom, Master, TNT and Plutonia) 10) For those who are interested, the most optimal method is to create a compilation of old and new levels after the completion of the current project, when everything is settled, in order to avoid confusion, in different thread. But it’s better not to call it Master Edition. In order not to be confused! When the GEC has laid out the full tools, it will be possible to create any kind of projects. 11) All of the above can be taken into account, or not taken into account by the GEC. I’m not the boss here, I just warned about the consequences of using two "versions" of the Master Edition.
  10. I tried this map on real hardware and I want to note that slowdowns are more noticeable here than on the emulator. The map is normally converted, it just needs optimizations. This is made easier than ever by reducing the number of steps on the edges of the rocks, as well as reducing the number of lines of these rocks. This will not affect progress. There are four such places at the level. A crack-hole in the beginning produces the strongest lag in all of Beta 3, here this can also be simplified and everything will be fine. Now I would like to say something about the sequence of extra maps for Doom and Master Levels. Since none of the participants put forward their proposals, I will publish my proposals. Maybe the GEC will like something, or you can criticize. As we know, Beta 3 has the first three levels that are not related to the main narrative of Doom 1 and Doom 2. Anyone playing for the first time will ask, “In general, why do these three maps come first?” Hell Keep will be the best opener-map in the Master Edition, especially since this map is designed to start with a pistol. Getting heaps of weapons on previous maps greatly breaks the balance on this map. Here one could try to shove these additional 5 maps into secret slots (two from Romero, two XBOX special maps and lost 3DO map). But the problem is that Doom 1 and 2 already have enough secret maps (two for each). If you add even more it will be overkill. Therefore, here the best option (logically) will be the location of these 5 extra maps BETWEEN Doom 1 and Doom 2 maps. This will be a kind of “transition layer” and will not interfere with Doom 1 and Doom 2 maps. There is also a suggestion on where sub-episodes can be located in Doom, in case if Sigil is added: (a small concept hack) Each of the sub-episodes begins with a pistol-start, as they should be. "Doom" consists of Doom 1, five extra maps and Doom 2. At the end, the music is played with voiceover (track 8) and the icon of sin image with monster cast is shown. (voiceless track 9, for example, is useful in ML, TNT and Plutonia, because the plot of the ending is different there) "NRTFL" and "Sigil", respectively, contain their own levels and unique final text, after which the player enters the main menu. About the sequence of Master Levels. Not many people know that 13 Master levels for official Final Doom have changed their sequence, as example Virgil put on MAP02 slot, e.t.c. Since many additional maps have been added to the ML of Master Edition, the important question is in which order they will be placed. Manor and Trapped on Titan are too long and complex for the first maps. And even more so, the first one has all the weapons including the BFG. Not the best weapon progression, right? Given the difficulty of the levels, the BFG should be at level 3 or 4. It is not necessary that all 4 Titan maps go one after another, because it will be too repetitive. Two by two would be the best option. Perhaps the maps can be divided into three phases: tech-bases, night levels, hell. Mephisto Maosoleum will be the best candidate for the last map, as it has an Icon of Sin. And do not forget the important point that we have a Doom2 Map14 Homage, which was planned as a secret map for Final Doom, but it did not enter. Earlier in this thread, there were proposals to rename it to Master's Den or Musty Stain (I support any of these renaming). Therefore, one of the maps must contain another secret exit (one of us will make an additional secret exit on one of the ML maps) I ask @Erick194 to take note of my suggestions and write them down.
  11. In Plutonia's Bunker I also found one game-breaking bug in teleporter near blue key. Fatal error with black screen and debug text. Thankfully it is optional teleporter, so just don't step in it until next update. Or you can step and guess what causing this error =)
  12. Moreover, I will say that this map has even more bugs. It is interesting that the yellow key can be taken simply by running around the pedestal (which is also counted as bug). But still, without activating the desired trigger, it is impossible to go to the yellow door. Did GEC not tried maps before compiling? Therefore, I have a convincing request to @Erick194 to add important information to OP about the impassable MAP02 of Master Levels (in Beta 3), and it must be skipped with warp cheat. If this is not done, the players will suffer. This sky if fine for this map (It's also my personal point of view). There is no strict rules about choosing the skies and coloring.
  13. Due to the features of the engine, you can simplify your task. There is no need to jump down from a high platform, you can simply go to the edge (shown yellow on the map) and press "Use". The platform will go down! And almost immediately press the "Fire" button. There is nothing to spawn, there is no such behavior. Even monsters teleporting from far closets beyond the map. IoS is probably already presented in PSX Doom as dummy monster without spawning and exploding. If you use map and objects cheat you can see there something beyond IoS in small closet and it sounded like zombieman if you come closer. I just want to note that the final corridors are far away and they are not noticeable.
  14. Not for the difficulty, but I also thinking about it, because as example weapon progression is strange. SSG exist at first three maps, but it is Ultimate Doom where SSG should be very secret weapon. The first three levels will be good as secret maps. It's because you play with keyboard, right? The proper way is playing with Sony gamepad and it is big difference. The map is mostly easy, just do not run far ahead, but explore the area. See my playthrough on Youtube on UV skill. Some Thy Flesh maps on PSX Doom even more harder. I would also vote for the demolition of the extra wall in Well of Souls, because it heavily breaks progression. Solution have been proposed previously by mr-around.
  15. Looks like it was 10th CDDA track applied with trigger but not from usual ones. CDDA music takes up a lot of megabytes on CD.
  16. People who converting the maps knows that this will broke the map. It's not only embedded, but also affect echo type and with different track monster sounds can disappear. It affect memory. @Impboy4 I would even ask another question: if we had new samples and instructions, then we ourselves could create new tracks. These tracks consist of soundfont and samples. It turns out this situation: a bunch of new maps will appear in Beta 4, but another problem appears, because no matter what we do, the tracks will be repeated.
  17. What does the spinning “In Progress” sign next to SIGIL mean? Why is there only one map. It seems like we're being teased. If you plan to convert this episode, in this case I will later borrow map slots 4 and 9.
  18. I only done Farside and Titan Anomaly, somewhere in april. Other ML additional maps converted by mr-around. 20 maps at ML episode and the same quantity for TNT. That is enough for them.
  19. I would compare Zombiemen with flies - gray and annoying.
  20. Of the highlights of Beta 3, it can be noted that now you can use the cheat "Warp to level" and go to secret levels. Previously, they were hidden. But now it’s up to find out which of them are secret and which are not, as well as where the secret exits are located. Another important point is that it looks like the demo format was also decrypted and now it's possible to record and play demo in PSX Doom format. For example, if you go to the menu where you select difficulty and wait, after the “fiery” splash screen, later you can see someone playing at new maps (probably Erick or Gerardo). Additional Master Levels maps in general, combine well and form a single episode in which we mainly visit night and underground levels. The Icon of Sin level turned out qualitatively (albeit predictably), and these sounds are more suitable for the PSX version. But after the triggering death of IoS, is absolutely unclear where to go! I’ll tell you as a long-standing mapper that this is absolutely not intuitive, because: 1) Two corridors in opposite side. No one will notice them and no one knows about their existence. 2) It's too dark to see that corridors from afar. They even hidden at automap. 3) Barons who standing in these corridors only see player when close. 4) In result a lot of people just ragequit this map (I was suffered and thought that this map was simply impassable. How many missiles did I launch into it?) I don’t want to offend GEC team, but I want to say that the design of maps is not just “pick and slap a few sectors”. In this case, it would be logical to make two corridors on the sides of IoS, in the player view and proximity. Or a little further down at nukage. But so that the player immediately sees that the IoS is killed, and he can move on. P.S. Later probably it would be logical to separate the NRFTL episode so that the player begins with pistol start, but not after Icon of Sin (how this are supposed to be). And choose this episode from the menu where we choose the difficulty. NRFTL is also have it's own ending story.
  21. I just wanted to use Hopeless Despair here, but I didn’t have enough memory! This is kinda temporary solution so far, it depends how much those tracks will repeat through the games. Also each person may have different musical preferences, and the GEC does not impose strict restrictions. I'll try Beta 3 right away when I get home.
  22. Updated my map. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8ipfwmmd5297qqc/secrifts_v2.zip/file V2 changes: - you can leave the yellow key cave via lift - the yellow key trap works only when pedestal is lowered
  23. And the main hardware of PS1 is not capable to show two players view on the screen for this game with current engine (there will be 5-10 FPS, technically speaking). Someone may request any number of new features that come to their mind, but this is not the goal of the current project. In Master Edition for Playstation, it is the “recovery” that is performed, where the missing maps are added, the cheat code that was hidden by the developers, the fifth level of difficulty which technically was ALREADY present in the game e.t.c. Even being untested, usual MP mode via link cable still should work on Master Edition at most of maps. Coop and DM starts is present. Although it would be nice if there were a couple of volunteers with hardware equipment to test Beta 4 in multiplayer, when the most maps will be ready. For myself, when I needed a split-screen on the console, I played on a PS3 with a friend. Getting a PS3 a much easier nowadays. Although this is a Classic Doom port instead of PSX Doom port.
  24. Yeah, this is my omission, I'll fix it and update the map. I wanted to make non-linear progress where player can choose his paths to the yellow key or blue key.