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  1. All those speedruns is sanity issue...
  2. And again... people pulling out Skulltag from the grave.
  3. Interesting look of old levels... P.S. I wonder if somebody can add Lost Levels from Final Doom/Master Levels to real PSX...
  4. oku2v31.wad for sure.
  5. Not too much like other people from Doomworld (cause I am making wads myself), but played mostly megawads or "classic known wads". After completing each wad, I rate it in idgames/files section.
  6. Many people just don't use even 20% features of UDMF. So why do they need to use this format? It is funny about some beginner map authors launching Doom Builder for the first time and choosing UDMF/ZDoom formats, in hope they will create something... But it result they are abandoning their projects, in cause of UDMF format have too many features and authors even didn't know what to choose. Familiar feeling, right? I remember myself in 2012 when I tried to make huge ZDoom wad and for sure abandoned it. At current time, I'm slowly evolving from vanilla to limit-removing and boom.
    An quality fan-made continuation of TNT.WAD. Completed it for 12 hours totally. MAP15 and MAP28 along the favorites. Final bosses is interesting, though it can be rushy sometimes. I played with PSX sounds wad and did not noticed boss death sound, cause it shared same sound with PSX arachnotron. The level is of detailing is very high. Sometimes even can not believable, what this can be done with vanilla limitations. Skyboxes are one of the best what I saw in other wads. What I don't like is some maps is just out of place, like MAP27. One more disappointment about they pulled out Europa/Lithosphere from MAP32 slot. Hope we can see them in another related projects. Also you can see the real name of cyberdemon at the cast screen :)
  7. Because some of textures is does not match for those diagonal shapes. But others do well. Myself, I even made an shifted teleport texture, for special cases. That is old screenshot from Urania. Here I've mostly used bricks, bstone and tiles.
  8. This is cause I've store 13 source-ports in my "ports" Doom folder. And using G/ZDoom only for G/ZDoom wads. ZDL wad launcher helps launching wads and ports easily.
  9. Because modern shooters is too slow and made for kids.
  10. TNTR.wad MAP19, damn this red key.

    Blue door is reached and there are no other ways only red switch and red door but red key is not found. Overall this map is very dark/poor visibility, and very first time of playing Doom wads I've raised gamma level to 2.

    1. riderr3


      Well, I'm just miss those silver bars...

  11. TNT Revilution, MAP19 is reached. There are cyberdemon somewhere... MAP15 along the favorites. My only complain is kinda rough ending of MAP04.
  12. I called cacodemons tomatoes all the time. Big, flying juicy tomatoes.
  13. Yes, time is running very fast. I even remember old times when we played dm/coop Playstation Doom with link cable with friends. Also I voted for SM. But this is very depending on monster placement.
  14. Looked at the screenshots - wanted tangerines :)
  15. Yeah... I remember when I first time made Boom-compatible map for Doom1 (for another project), also testing on default compat (my fault). Other people found one closet with monsters just not lowering with Boom 2.02 and and it makes level unplayable because it is not possible to progress further. Boom 2.02 is always standard for Boom community projects.
  16. 3 and half more maps done for my map pack. Progress is slow, but steady. Also I've chosen another title because of some levels are really huge.
  17. I suggesting other map authors to experiment with heights and platforms ;)
  18. That's where the Final Doom cover came from.
  19. How many time did you spend on this? I've made my megawad in 2 years. Also should say that GZDoomBuilder features can improve mapping speed a lot.
  20. Also my map name is "Parthoris tunnels", parttunn is just short name for wad file. So it can be fixed or just leave as is.
  21. Yeah, just in case. Also my modem is broken last week. Got new today. Fortunately I've uploaded my map earlier. @HexenMapper I suppose it will be 2 episodes wad, probably 18 maps? And what about secret exits, will they be added later?
  22. I'm done with my map. "Parthoris tunnels" by riderr3 For Heretic upstart mapping project Advanced engine needed: Crispy Heretic or ZDoom Music: Ambient 10.mid from Dune 2 Single Player: Designed for Cooperative: Yes Deathmatch: Yes Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 8 days Editor(s) used: GZDoomBuilder-bugfix, Slade Tested With: Crispy Heretic Description: This tunnels were filled with monsters for a long time, now it's time to cleaning. http://www.mediafire.com/file/usks2l4la20k93n/parttunn.zip Download and comment.
  23. Progress