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  1. Delyon

    Where can I find GZDoom’s source code?

    Well gentlemen, I concede that I lost the bet.But I managed to get ducon back on this thread! It has been nice chatting to you guys. Auf Wiedersehen and au revoir.
  2. Delyon

    Where can I find GZDoom’s source code?

    Looks like our friend ducon is not going to be back here too soon.The clue in the sentence below clearly shows that this gentleman was after the WINDOWS source code not the Linux version: "I only can download a 'WINDOWS' executable, but not the source code." I am willing to bet 1 million Greek Drachmas in cash that this is the case.
  3. Delyon

    Where can I find GZDoom’s source code?

    Great news.I am so happy for you! please if you don't mind,tell us: have you just compiled the Windows or the Linux version?
  4. Mr.Zahl,Please don't get me wrong about my comments regarding DECORATE, clearly I was just joking.DECORATE is an ingenious way for interfacing the modder to the game C++ codebase. It helped thousands of non- C coders make mods for zdoom with ease whilst isolating them from the complexities of the engine mechanics.The downside is that it ties you to ZDoom and its "siblings".You cannot use it to mod for Risen3d,Doomsday..etc.In addition some modders cannot bear to expose their "brilliant" work to others.Besides source code gives you more freedom and flexibility.However,admittedly the vast majority do not want to mess with classes ,pointers and compilers when they can build excellent mods like Psychophobia with just DECORATE and Notepad.
  5. I simultaneously posted this same thread on the ZDoom forum and so far the response for it has been minimal. This proves the point about how little interest there is for source coding in the community. Maybe we should quit source code modding and stick to DECORATE. Old Confucious once said:"If you cannot beat the DECORATErs at their own game,then get back your paint brush and join them".
  6. "...this makes the tutorial irrelevant?" Thank you very much sir! Que Sera Sera...
  7. If this is the case,then have a quick look at my latest illustrated guide on how to build the source code for Zdoom and GZdoom on VC++ 2005 Express Edition. I promise folks ,this is going to be the last one! http://www.moddb.com/games/doom/tutorials Merry Christmas. Au revoir for now! A.Delyon.
  8. Hi everyone, I've just posted an illustrated guide on how I compiled the latest Risen3D source code on VC++ 2008 Express Edition (also .NET v7.1). If you are interested in creating a source code mod for this beautiful Doom port then this modest article may give you a little help. Please have a look at: http://www.moddb.com/games/doom//tutorials Delyon.
  9. Hi, I've just posted a simple guide on how to compile the source code for Prboom+; the Eternity engine port and Chocolate Doom using VC++ 2008 Express Edition. Please have a look at "Getting started Part 3" on moddb.com http://www.moddb.com/games/doom//tutorials The purpose of this article is to show my fellow modders how easy it is to build these ports on the Express Edition .This should enable doom fans with a minimal knowledge of C to start making mods for Doom using their favorite port with a little help from the tutorials I have been posting on moddb. If you are still feeling nostalgic then please have also a look at my recently released new mod for the classic game Rise of the Triad (ROTT) ,this mod enables you to carry more than one missile weapon, plus other interesting features that changes the gameplay. Please click on http://www.moddb.com/mods/rott-2012 A. Delyon.
  10. Delyon

    Doom Source Code tutorials

    Hi everyone. Over the past few months and as a modest contribution to the community I took the initiative of posting a few tutorials on how to create mods for doom using the source code. Anyone interested in this subject is welcome to pay a visit to : http://www.moddb.com/games/doom//tutorials At the moment these articles are targeting beginners and emphasis is on game play. The ports I am using are Chocolate Doom and Doomsday but the exercises in these tutorials can be easily modified for use with other ports. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. A.Delyon