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  1. Well, bumping the thread a little but for a good reason. It's all done. In the end, I'd say it was a perfect variation of simplistic to AWESOME maps. The garden is a must keep. If this project was to undergo a sequel, I would suggest to keep the general layout and put time on updating the garden, fixing bugs and to better evaluate the maps's tags. I think it would be fun to come in the same place again, with maybe some changes but still a time saving no effort known place. On the negative side, I wished a better evaluation of the maps. On many occasions, I had a rough time on some level 2 or 3 maps while breezing in some level 4 and sometimes 5. The size was also problematic. Sizes vs time required could be better evaluated. And, finally, bugs were all over the place (well, more than usual). Exiting maps while searching secrets, homs on many occasions, Locked doors while backtracking or coming back at some point later in the game, etc. Overall, for all this represent in fun, effort/work and general result, this is a fantastic project. Hope to see more. Bravo to all involved.
  2. Oh wow, a continuation. I just finished the 22 maps set. I have played "all" wads in existance and this one gets in my top 5. Now, knowing there will be some more of this is some wonderful news. So I'll leave some thoughts that may, or not, be useful; - After a few minutes of playing the first map, I knew I was into a Masterpiece. Now that I still am with a fresh feeling of the Ending map, by itself, this map is a Masterpiece. So, for what you are working on as a sequel, I can only say: surprise us. Either direction you will take, I'm VERY VERY confident that it'll blast us all. - The non linearity of the maps is what stands out the most, gameplay wise, for me. So many times have I hesitated to take a path instead of the other trying to remember to track back right after ... NOT, 'cause you ended up finding some more things, routes that seemed even more promising ... but after all, the maps are so well constructed that you would eventually come back for the missed parts later on. I have NEVER seen this at this extent in any other game. And it's damn addicitve. - Still, gameplay wise, the absolute freeness of the player to crawl cliffs, mountains and drop them with, in many occasions, a satisfactory state of finding something like ammo or a secret. I was proud of myself for the risks taken by my marine in some most improbable places trying to find nothing but ending up with something. AWESOME. I have never been free like that in a wad and, still, there were some places I'd wish to go further ... - There is a perfect balance between spawned fights, the fights with the existant monters at first, the quest and the search for everything. No abusive slaughter, nothing unfair, and there was always something to get you back on track. In a map like the last one, it's a miracle that I could complete it with 100% without having to struggle my way through. I just don't understand how you managed to achieve this. - I play my wads with Colourful Hell and Trailblazer version 3 as this combination is the most satisfying for me; a vanilla bored player with miles of experience, and when I got face to face with Romero's incarnation of the White Cybie (Colourful Hell) in the crusher room on map 20, I found out what I could do with this thing after being crushed myself :) ... No words to describe the fun. So I think you get the point here. You are a god mapper for this last set and take our words of advice not too much and elevate your project in another dimension. Good luck and be sure we'll be there.
  3. pfl

    Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

    I really feel PRODOOMER deserves a "first" place Cacoward TRAILER * awesome replay value (hidden rings system + 100% level complete necessity) * awesome gameplay * the best bestiary * multiple habilities * huge weapons updgrader * addictive as HELL as you progress. See for yourself
  4. @ Jaws In Space: I enjoyed all of your maps with a special mention for Up Town. Mapping with restrictions in the like of "limited textures allowed" can give a newbie styled map look "by default". Have you read this one comment in which one would rate your maps as the bottom line ? That's another example of what I was stating to be "needlessly rude". But don't worry, my map will win this honnor on the next set :) that is, if it ever gets the approval seal :) But I have a good idea for it (I dream for a berserk-punch stressful maze with some Archviles and some occasional "respawning" pistol guys. [something easy :)]). @ schwerpunk: Hey, your map is great. Much as your writing; very zen, precise and clean. And open minded. I admire you. So there will be a bugfixed version I see. Would that be something like DWMMP1.1 ? Now, I know I'm out of bound but, anyone tried the Stardate 20X6 ? I'm finishing it on UV. Insanely hard.
  5. I appreciate your care for me :)
  6. I had noticed the map 04 ending "duality". I thought it was a fine "shortcut" and let it be. I should have asked. And yes, criticism has proven to be needlessly rude, but this all over the place nowadays; le goût du jour. It'll eventually set asides for something better. The "negative iniatial contact" was a little to be expected since Stardate 20X6, preceeding it, is an Epic mapset that will take it's share in this year's december awards. I mean, coming from that to an infinately variable minimalistic experimental mapset was sure to change the mood :) The wad grows on you and I feel it'll ultimately be positive.
  7. Map 5 on UV, last section: about 150 Revenants :) I entered the place with 70 health. Then, why not, some Pain Elementals. A CyberDemon and good luck. Well, after a few tries, I got a working pattern and got them all. Was able to get down and bring everything I could for the next one. I was also able to bypass some sections. Eeach level pleases me more than the previous. 6 announces 1000 vs 1. Fair enough :)
  8. I am surprised to see The Monochrome Mapping Project 2 talk already !!! Well, if we're already brainstorming it, It could be: - at least different than the first one. Not a repeat of this wad Membrain :), it's already there ... - I'd offer myself to go seek some special guests mappers. I won't name no names :) - What about to let it turn around the idea of a Monochrome Mapping Project central start point hub from where all different styles/categories could be accessed; the Black & White Alley ... The Minimalist Gameplay Corner ... The Coloration Center. The Pistol Start One-Way. Even The UV Slaughter Madness & why not a Mini Progressive Lane. Bizarre suggestion ... EDIT. And a Newbie Bad Dump corner for my map :) One last thing. I wish to give up my "co-leader title". I very feel I'm not TECH enough for the job. A co-leader that cannot give much of the answers is a "bad co-leader". I'd see myself more in the consultant/tester/motivator department :) Da Werecat has proven he has more to give for that rank :)
  9. @ John Suitepee: I saw your first video; entertaining. Have you tried the Staccato chaingun method yet ? :))) It works pretty damn well. @ Da Werecat: are you linking a portable through your cell phone? Never done that. Is it as simple as connecting to any wifi?
  10. Scientist's map is a killer opener; it gives the mood :)
  11. Hi everyone, I'm late; @ The Club & Ribbiks: This Stardate 20X6 feels kinda Epic à la Sunder. This hardcore training will get you much too strong when you come back to our Monochrome Mapping Project. I hope you will like it and, since you are getting in shape, I will highly recommend you to pistol start (level after level) the mapset on UV. Then, you might still have some fun :). But, Holy Epic, Stardate 20X6 feels like Tool playing the first part of an unknown band. Now, I took a ride with Stardate on UV. I feel at home. I very feel the Sunder in it. Not quite as hard, but still. Now, I tried to hit the switch below. Guess what? It worked. There is one "get stuck here" on the other picture. @ Ribbiks: Mighty great mapset sir.
  12. @ Katamori: 23. But, 32 if you want to consider the remaining Doom2 levels :) @ The Monochrome Mapping Project team: Like Scientist before me, I want to thank you all. Fantastic team, very productive, et cetera. It was an honor to assist you in bringing this to life :) @ The DWmegawad Club: thanks for the publicity. What more could we expect, really ? I'll, for one, be around to follow your progress as I have played this beast PLENTY in the last few weeks :) Hope you enjoy as much as I/we did. @ Any Doomers: this 23 rooms museum will get you on your guards. Pistol start for the ones seeking excitement; Select HMP for an instructional visit; UV for the few intellectual ones >: Need a guide :? IMPORTANT EDIT: Woah! Our project is set to follow the Stardate 20X6 this month at The DWmegawad Club. We knew that. But has anyone tried the Stardate 20X6 maps yet ? Holy Epic. I am on the first map now and this feels like Sunder ... ouch! RE EDIT: Yep, they are indeed playing an Epic mapset à la Sunder down there at The Club. I know 'cause I joined in. This Stardate 20x6 is so MUCH harder than ours, the "training" they are getting with it will let them breeze our set with their eyes closed, afterward :))) I think I will go back there and suggest them a Nightmare run for our wad :) Anyway.
  13. Oh! I got stuck on "These are mine", looking too fast on "If you're not referring to maps' author". shame shame on my poor self :) ...
  14. 03 Support Storage, 11 Outpost Gamma & 16 Town Hall are Jaws In Space. Do you have 2x identity ? :)
  15. I find it beautiful. 1- you'd want to ask the authors if ... 2- the release is tomorrow :)
  16. Your wishes are orders :) http://www.solidfiles.com/d/33d94e3110/
  17. Well, I don't mind that. It's in schwerpunk's hands now :)delegate(: It followed a suggestion we had and it seves a puprose of being well detailed, if anyone would want to do something with the original maps ...
  18. @ schwerpunk: I have a much updated text file for you: EDITED OUT One important thing would be to check the "where to get this file" at the bootom of the file to ensure it's the right spot. As for the release, everything will be fine with me. I have run through the wad 5 times now, not counting the maps seperatly, sometimes with an add-on, and it plays great all the way through. This doesn't need the N.A.S.A seal of approval :)
  19. Text file updated EDIT: I retrieved it since I got one last minute call from one author and we're checking one last detail. Will update as soon as. @ Da Werecat: I think I'll have to thrust you on this one :) One day before closing ...
  20. @ Da Werecat: It's good to have the edited version as soon as it's done; I'm constantly on, searching and testing. I don't even have to list the updates, you're doing it for me as I read back along the thread :)). Great job again. Have you any idea about Death Egg's request ? Or Scientist (we have to keep him high) :)) To do: - Death Egg's blue key - update with the new Control Center & Support Storage
  21. @ Da Werecat: Exactly, the rocket launcher is touchy to get at first and the ending :) needs to take this into account. It is "perfect" like this. I felt I had none to waste during the stay, and that's just it. Well done. @ everyone: Ok. So we're basically settled. 6/6/6 is the release date. The 5th text file will come in here. I need only two music entries. All others are done. I have two more maps to complete (22/23) and 23 has been proven fully fonctional. I think we now have something working GREAT. :))