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Status Updates posted by Ledillman

  1. If you see a post that has 9 likes, be a nice bro/sis and give 'em one more to have a beautiful and nice looking H E A R T





    1. Χyzzy


      ...I actually do that sometimes :P

    2. dew


      On the evil playthrough you can pre-emptively like posts you suspect might become popular, then when they get the ribbon, you remove the like and yoink the heart away. Then you can return to your coal-sorting factory to laugh at the stupid poor orphans.

    3. Jewellds


      I was like number 10, but it only works on posts not status updates. :(

  2. Japanese Dragon Ball Z is intense


    1. Gerardo194


      I really love that epic music!! Good memories from childhood!

    2. leodoom85
  3. Hello =)

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    2. Gerardo194


      Oh good, me too... It was my birthday today :)

    3. Ledillman


      Really?? happy birthday boy! hugs and kisses 

    4. Gerardo194


      Aww, thank you very much! Hugs and kisses for you too! I'm 24 now.

  4. Hey I fixed my  screen size thanks for the tip


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    2. Ledillman


      Yeah, I think you should use it like that too so you won't be having 10+ deaths  :*

    3. Catpho


      Wtf screen X_X

    4. Evolution


      All in all, I'm just another pixel in the wall.



      We don't need no


  5. I won


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    2. Ledillman
    3. Evolution


      Can't argue with that. So did you strafe run from the thin outer sector of the red lit block? I need answers!

    4. Ledillman



  6. Trenchbroom is pretty awesome.

    Years ago (probably a decade) I installed worldcraft  and I built a pure shitshow all over the place, couldn't understand it at all, but this tool is just so intuitive, so easy to make structures and more.




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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I love TrenchBroom.  It feels so much like the GZDoomBuilder of Quake.

    3. [McD] James

      [McD] James

      That looks really, really good!

    4. Ledillman


      Thanks! tho that was my last progress on that map lol, I'll probably continue it later

  7. Sometimes I tend to act like the flamboyant kid from Curb your enthusiasm and it gets on my nerves

    1. R1ck


      Outside DW, I somewhat can relate to this.

    2. Pavera


      I get on my nerves too. When you find yourself in a social situation almost on auto-pilot, acting exactly in every way you told yourself you wouldn't act this time. Then you look back on it in shame, realizing how everyone in the room really just wished you would go away...too nice to say anything.


      Maybe that's not the same feeling you have, but it's how I feel after almost any extended social encounter.

    3. Ledillman


      @Pavera Exactly like that. I realized when I was with some friends and one of them was recording with his smartphone, then when I watched it I was like "woah, do I say oh my gosh that frequently? and how I move, whaaat".


      So yeah, akward stuff.

  8. giphy.gif

    Heyooo how is it going :3

    1. esselfortium



      Hanging in there! Yourself?

    2. Ledillman


      Doing pretty good, just waiting for vacations :)

  9. The other day I watched Koe no Katachi.

    It was amazing, just like the manga.

    I remember hating so much on Ishida for bullying Shouko, then my most hated character was Ueno, fuck her, really. My first read on the manga was some time ago now, but I recall seeing more on the character's childhood (well, it's a movie and not a tv series with lots of episodes, so I guess it's ok to expect less content on just 2 hours)

    1. Gerardo194
    2. esselfortium


      I absolutely loved Koe no Katachi. Even though it did occasionally feel like it was adapted from a longer and more complex work, I think what they distilled it down into was truly beautiful and moving.

  10. Exams are done, finally! now I'll be traveling back home for some days, more peace at last :)

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      There you go, a brief respite:


  11. Obligatory april fool's status.

    I've seen lots of pranks related about this day, some are pretty obvious...

    Trust no one, not even yourself's self

    1. Ichor


      Yeah, I should never trust myself. Last year, I pulled prank on myself that was so outrageous that...well, it involves a can of gasoline, a squeegee with a bent handle, a boomerang, a wig made out of yak hair, and an apple.

    2. galileo31dos01


      This explains why they are playing Speed Of Doom for the DWClub, and I still can't e_e

      Luckily, there's no "april fool's day" in Argentina.


      Oh, and hi, I don't know where I am right now

    3. Ledillman


      You're in my domains muahahahaha


    damn, my stomach is full of sushi, had a blast with a friend eating sushi and drinking some good 'ole beer ;) 

    It is becoming one of my favorite preparations, I don't want to fall into addiction tho, it is expensive to go to these sushi bars. 

    I do want to learn how to make sushi by myself :3

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I used to make Sushi myself at times some years ago. It's not very complicated, really, you do want to make sure your cutlery is at least good quality, because it's really annoying when you ruin it during cutting. Everything else is simply practice.

    2. esselfortium


      making sushi is pretty fun once you get the hang of it! do you do much cooking otherwise?

    3. Pavera


      Man I love sushi. 

  13. It finally happened! : today I went to the men's restroom in college, as I walked in, a couple of guys started looking weird at me and said "hey, uhm, this is  the wrong restroom", 5 seconds of uncomfortable silence later I raised my voice and said "uh no I don't think so", because my voice doesn't pass that much they just  laughed and apologized, I laughed too, it was fun  :)

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      No need to thank me, really. :-)

      I believe that kindness is one of the few "divine" things humans are capable of. So let's sprinkle that stuff everywhere. ;-)

    3. Coraline


      You'll get used to it ;)

    4. Pavera


      These kinds of posts bring me joy.

  14. I was supposed to wake up at 7:00 am to wash my hair, it is almost 8:30, and dreamt about trying to wash my hair in freaking college, but there was this teacher that wouldn't let me leave the room to do it. And some childhood friends were in my class... for some reason.

    what the hell

    1. Pavera


      As someone who once had long hair, I can identify with the classroom shampoo nightmares. However I cannot identify with having friends.

  15. I tried to play L4D2 with my laptop's touchpad and got 11 kills in a map, I'm so proud of myself.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      That's kind of like doing brain surgery with a sledge hammer. O_o

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      lol I used to play Instagib Quake 2 like that. 

  16. I can post a message on other poeple's feed too!

    hello there

    1. Ledillman


      oh wow, everyone can see this, kinda embarrassing lol

    2. Pavera


      just makes it all the more beautiful

  17. Important day in the forum, I've seen people online that I thought were dead, will this event surpass most people online record (From instaDoom if I recall correclty)?

    1. Tristan


      I doubt it, that was nearly 10000 people, cool to see some people coming back though!

    2. Ledillman


      I saw my boy Milian online, his last post before were from 2007 iirc (!!!)

    3. Pavera


      It's definitely got me enthused about doomworld again. Hopefully the changes make the community feel more vibrant and more accessible to newcomers.

  18. Welcome to the future

    1. Sharpie


      Not future enough. I fixed that with the attachment


    2. Sharpie



    3. Misty


      Future can wait a bit. Let's appreciate this tuesday. 

  19. ...Quake's main theme was played in the background.
    Yep, that just happen'd. I also recall listening to "Life", also from Quake, and also in the same scene

    It happens late in the movie, like at 1:29:00, when the guy goes into a building to rescue a girl.
    If you can watch it somewhere, try to identify another Quake ost :3

  20. So that just happened, I was scared to even think of it until some time ago, like, what If ppl laugh or screams at me? or even beat me up for whatever reason?
    Today I got a call from an old friend to hang out, we haven't seen in a while but he knows about my change, so it was ok, suddenly the thought pops in my mind What if...?" I mean, I really look different, people have told me that, even I've noticed it so why the hell no. Picked up some clothes I like, almost no make up and out... I waas like, everybody wish me luck good bye be good take care byeee.

    We hang out, he was shocked, like, really shocked to see me like that because last time he saw me it was like 2 months ago, and there was little to no change in me, at least physical changes, plus the boy clothes so yeah... But we had a great time, we went to the park, ate ice creams 'cause hot freaking day, he had to buy some stuff so we went together, pretty fun!
    And ppl didn't notice anything weird on me besides a husky ass voice, that's why I don't talk too much, but it was just that, ppl ma'amed me, heard some compliments, a couple of naughty ones but I don't really care.

    Overall It was pretty good, first times are always scary, had muh heart pumping all the day, but, but, but... damn it was fun and nice.
    Step by step I guess.

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    2. Tracer


      Glad to hear you guys had a good time.

    3. Ledillman


      40oz said:

      heh, I missed all of this, but seriously, mad props to Ledillman for keeping her cool throughout all this. A lot of nonsense arguments followed by super reactive defense all over her blog.

      Is it possibly a side effect of the changes in hormones? My wifey doesn't believe when I tell her she's beautiful all the time.

      Thanksss! I've learned to sit down and listen, hopefully the derail wasn't that bad and interestinf points were made.

      It may be because hormones, or maybe I'm not used to it and my brain is in denial lol

    4. esselfortium


      When you're seeing yourself in the mirror every day, you don't notice the gradual changes that take place over time. Nothing much changes from one day to the next, but over time the changes can be really striking. Combined with however many years of ingrained assumptions from seeing yourself a certain way before, it can leave you with a very inaccurate impression of how you actually look to other people. I'm still mid-transition, but even so, I was still blown away when I saw some photos of me from several years ago, because even though when I look in the mirror it still sometimes feels like I've barely changed at all, I don't look anything like those pictures now. I'm glad you've been having a good time lately, and I hope you're letting the positive outside feedback in :)

  21. I was a bit skeptical about using Spotify, because it turns out I'm a stupid bitch that even having my Iron Maiden, Metallica, Blitzkrieg, Beatles, Judas Priest CD's I still use(d) youtube to listen to them, knowing that the audio quality is worse, and without wi-fi I couldn't listen to them, refused to play on CD because... I dunno?
    Until one crucial day I downloaded Spotify in both my laptop and iPhone...
    Knowing that every Beatles album (even the anthology ones) were avaiable to listen, even the LOVE album is there, blew my mind.

    The only thing that I disliked about Spotify Free is that you can only play songs randomly, this often sucks when you have 2 songs that blend together, for example: Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band - With a little help from my friends, or The Hellion - Electric eye.
    Luckily there is a sale that gives Premium Spotify for 3 months charging you only like 500 CLP (less than a dollar). However, I don't have a credit card so it's game over for me ;( tehee.

    oh, and The Beatles' "1" 2015 remaster album has an amazing sound quality my god.

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    2. Fonze


      dew said:

      You can download by the track too. You can even assemble a playlist, then download all of it with one flick. I'm honestly not sure how many albums/tracks you can hold in a device offline, though I've noticed Spotify sneakily deleting stuff I haven't played in a while.

      AgentSpork said:

      I use Spotify as a sort of "trial and demo" platform for checking out new music. If I enjoy a particular artist or album that I listened to on Spotify, I'll purchase a copy and add it to my permanent collection. As with any online streaming service (such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.), it irks me that you don't actually own any of the media you're watching / listening to, and something that you once had access to can be removed at any time without notice.

      Fair enough. As a strictly "trial and demo" thing it does seem to be a bit better than YouTube. Though mostly just for data purposes as videos are horrendous on that front and loading up a video for a song is such a shame. Still, not like YouTube won't be capable of being a fallback if a song I like disappears. But if you can hold enough to not know quite how many you got, I think that's a nice-enough way of saying "enough."

      I'll have to give it a download some time soon and see the light, I suppose, heh, though I'm not sure I see it replacing having the actual mp3 file permanently on my phone's sd card.

      Thanks for the info

      Goober: it's interesting to hear how different prices are in Finland, as well as the way roaming is handled across borders over there. Still, 6 euros a gig for roaming isn't that bad, especially if calculated by the meg.

    3. geo


      I just use Youtube Red. I love. I've also paid for Yahoo Music and Rhapsody over the past decade. Wow Rhapsody tries to get me back. What's weird is Yahoo Music turned into Rhapsody or sold to Rhapsody but then they restarted Yahoo Music.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      I think spotify is horrible. Them and the record labels are partnering up just to make cash. Who knows how much money, if any, the artists are getting after spotify pays the labels. If you're an independent artist, spotify makes you sign up to a middle-man service before you can submit your music, and that costs money. I doubt record labels are paying spotify for the opportunity to have their catalogs streamed.

  22. First step is to basically block my testosterone, so I got these:
    Spironolactone 25 MG, 2 plls a day per 3 months
    Diethylstilbestrol 2 MG 1 a day per 3 months

    My T levels are 7.7, according to my doc they have to go down to something between 0.x to 1

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    2. Memfis


      I don't understand that. I don't know what gender is. Is it like personality? And what, you can't just be who you are and live happily unless there is a word for the kind of person you are? Just wear that pink skirt or whatever, go on the street and have fun. Is it so important to have a term? Why talk about this?

      Sometimes in these threads I feel like noone understands what the hell is going on in the discussion, but everyone is too afraid to call it bullshit because they will look bad. I know that's probably not it and I simply can't understand it because I haven't experienced what these people are going through but yeah. I've never seen a good clear explanation of what gender is.

    3. Cupboard


      Well, your gender can be important if you want to take a leave of absence from work (maternity leave) because you have a new child but you were born a man but effectively now you are a mother. Works the same way if you were born female, decide you are a man, and request a leave of absence to care for a new child.

      Hence, categories can be important because they specify what protections you have under the law and in the workplace.

    4. Technician


      TheCupboard said:

      Well, your gender can be important if you want to take a leave of absence from work (maternity leave) because you have a new child but you were born a man but effectively now you are a mother. Works the same way if you were born female, decide you are a man, and request a leave of absence to care for a new child.

      Hence, categories can be important because they specify what protections you have under the law and in the workplace.

      I don't think a self-identifying woman is going to get into an emergency woman's shelter anytime soon.

      I'm not entirely sure if you're trying to be facetious with your post, though.

  23. Years ago, i only knew like, 3 or 4 songs from Judas (Painkiller, Nightcrawler, Brekaing the Law and Nostradamus), and recently I started to listen more and more and hell... they have amazing songs, lots of them. I've listened almost all of their albums (need to catch up with the latest 3 or so).

    Ok, so let me put my top 10 songs from Judas:

    10-Rapid Fire
    8-Breaking the law
    6-The sentinel
    5-Electric Eye
    4-Freewhel Burning
    3-Turbo Lover/Bloodstone (sorry, couldn't choose just one)
    1-Screaming for Vengeance

    (Honorable mentions: 11-Painkiller, 12-Fever, 13-Eat me alive 14-Night Crawler, 15-Take these chains)

    Currently listening while making this post: Heading out the highway
    That's it folks.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Tracer


      My top priest songs:

      1. Demonizer
      2. Painkiller
      3. Loch Ness
      4. Metal Meltdown
      5. Hellrider
      6. Judas Rising
      7. Burn In Hell

      This is just off the top of my head, no particular order.

    3. Clonehunter


      I don't think Screaming for Vengeance can ever be mentioned without the opening track, The Hellion. It was the first Judas I really heard outside of background Pandora noise, and it somehow blew me the fuck away.

    4. Springy


      Saw them live last December and they were surprisingly not as bad as people claim (as in playing live). I highly recommend listening to Sad Wings of Destiny, Sin After Sin and Stained Class those are albums I come back to most.