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  1. So this year was pretty sad to me specially for my football (well, for some people is 'soccer') team that has 'won' 3 second places this year, 2 finals against other teams and one of them was by not scoring enough goals.

    That makes me so freaking sad, mangry, etc. I don't think that we have bad players, coach, etc, it's maybe some kind of magic thingy that doesn't allows us to win anything this year...
    I've cried a lot for my team, it's like a passion, few people can feel this like me... and in the otherside, deaths, family deaths, this years has been so shit for me.

    But, not at all, some things have been good, like my grade, finishing games (silly, but makes me happy)family and friends reunion, etc.

    I just hope I will have better times next year, but this year, has been like crap.

    In other news I will probably finish some project (of anything, doom maps, work things, etc) in the next days.

    1. AndrewB


      My indoor slo pitch team is 8-0-1 so far this winter. We were 36-4 during the summer. Unfortunately we lost the final in the last at-bat.

    2. Ralphis


      My favorite basketball team is the 76ers

    3. glenzinho


      And the answer for 100 points is Universidad Católica