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  1. So it's official now, some days ago I uploaded my Ugly Doom webpage were I'll post my short crappy reviews/opinions of wads, talk about other projects, my own projects and misc, everything I do there is doom related... or me-related, I also have plenty of Doom links too.


    It has a creepy old style structure and visuals, it's my first time with a personal webpage so don't be so rude :-P
    Anyways there it is, my personal doom space in the web, i'll update it at least every week... I hope.

    UPDATE 07/03/2014

    I've added downloads for 3 projects (one of them is on the unreleased/cancelled section) and one of them is multiplayer.

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    2. Memfis


      hey I liked your Deimos Chronology level :) http://doomedsda.us/wad2331.html

    3. joe-ilya


      D2INO is already finished.

    4. Ledillman


      @Hey thanks! good to see that there are people playing my levels
      @joe-ilya: I already know that, but i can't find a time to update that and post my review. Should be done at the end of this week, because i'll be entering vacations finally.