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  1. Awesome gameplay. Awesome music. Awesome monsters and bosses. Awesome locations.

    This game is freaking awesome, I remember sitting in my brother's bed while watching him playing Diablo 2 LOD, that was my first experience with the game. Years after that I installed Diablo 2 in an old PC and started playing with a Necromancer.
    Never beated Baal in normal, because that PC crashed and lost my data.

    I re-installed it in my new laptop some time ago when I received a gift from my bro, that gift was the original Diablo 2 and LOD Expansion CD's.

    Now i'm a Necromancer Level 76 and i'm currently in Hell difficulty and searching for Jah & Ber runes to combine them with another rune in a 3 socket body armor to make an 'Enigma', but i'm currently in Act 1 and it'll be hard to find a high rune in this Act.

    I can easily stay until 5 AM playing Diablo 2... uhg, I can't remember when was the last time that a game drained all my energies because of the obsesion... I think it was Doom back in 2007-2011 :P

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    2. Avoozl


      I wish my new PC wouldn't struggle to play it in window mode with dxwnd, also the video test doesn't work so I can't change the 3D settings to 3DFX so no more fancy perspective.

      A word of warning though: Do not, I repeat, do not use the character editor out there, otherwise you might ruin the game for yourself.

    3. ReFracture


      If you're running Windows 7 try running the vid test as admin. It crashes for me if I don't, but works fine if I do. Also you probably will be setting Direct3D, 3DFX is pretty dead. :P

      If you can't get it working you might be able to force it through the registry..
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II\VideoConfig\Render
      0 is DirectDraw, 1 is Direct3D

      Also if you're talking Windowed mode in Diablo 2, use a command line arg:
      game.exe -w

      -w will set the game to Windowed mode. That's official, not a hack.

      If you're talking Windowed mode for Diablo 1, I recommend the strangebytes patch. The character select screen is kind of jacked up but the game itself is good.


    4. Avoozl


      Edit: Ah, I managed to get it to work with XP SP2 compatibility, strange it didn't work the last time I tried that setting the last time.

      Well that's one of the problems, setting D2VidTst to run as admin struggles to even load just the same, I used to be able to run it on my previous PC with Win 7, but my new PC with Win 8 doesn't want to.

      However I may have forgotten what it was that I did exactly to get DXWND to work with Diablo 2 in window mode long ago, also around then with nglide or glide-init I was able to run 3DFX mode with working perspective.