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  1. I was a bit skeptical about using Spotify, because it turns out I'm a stupid bitch that even having my Iron Maiden, Metallica, Blitzkrieg, Beatles, Judas Priest CD's I still use(d) youtube to listen to them, knowing that the audio quality is worse, and without wi-fi I couldn't listen to them, refused to play on CD because... I dunno?
    Until one crucial day I downloaded Spotify in both my laptop and iPhone...
    Knowing that every Beatles album (even the anthology ones) were avaiable to listen, even the LOVE album is there, blew my mind.

    The only thing that I disliked about Spotify Free is that you can only play songs randomly, this often sucks when you have 2 songs that blend together, for example: Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band - With a little help from my friends, or The Hellion - Electric eye.
    Luckily there is a sale that gives Premium Spotify for 3 months charging you only like 500 CLP (less than a dollar). However, I don't have a credit card so it's game over for me ;( tehee.

    oh, and The Beatles' "1" 2015 remaster album has an amazing sound quality my god.

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    2. Fonze


      dew said:

      You can download by the track too. You can even assemble a playlist, then download all of it with one flick. I'm honestly not sure how many albums/tracks you can hold in a device offline, though I've noticed Spotify sneakily deleting stuff I haven't played in a while.

      AgentSpork said:

      I use Spotify as a sort of "trial and demo" platform for checking out new music. If I enjoy a particular artist or album that I listened to on Spotify, I'll purchase a copy and add it to my permanent collection. As with any online streaming service (such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.), it irks me that you don't actually own any of the media you're watching / listening to, and something that you once had access to can be removed at any time without notice.

      Fair enough. As a strictly "trial and demo" thing it does seem to be a bit better than YouTube. Though mostly just for data purposes as videos are horrendous on that front and loading up a video for a song is such a shame. Still, not like YouTube won't be capable of being a fallback if a song I like disappears. But if you can hold enough to not know quite how many you got, I think that's a nice-enough way of saying "enough."

      I'll have to give it a download some time soon and see the light, I suppose, heh, though I'm not sure I see it replacing having the actual mp3 file permanently on my phone's sd card.

      Thanks for the info

      Goober: it's interesting to hear how different prices are in Finland, as well as the way roaming is handled across borders over there. Still, 6 euros a gig for roaming isn't that bad, especially if calculated by the meg.

    3. geo


      I just use Youtube Red. I love. I've also paid for Yahoo Music and Rhapsody over the past decade. Wow Rhapsody tries to get me back. What's weird is Yahoo Music turned into Rhapsody or sold to Rhapsody but then they restarted Yahoo Music.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      I think spotify is horrible. Them and the record labels are partnering up just to make cash. Who knows how much money, if any, the artists are getting after spotify pays the labels. If you're an independent artist, spotify makes you sign up to a middle-man service before you can submit your music, and that costs money. I doubt record labels are paying spotify for the opportunity to have their catalogs streamed.