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  1. So that just happened, I was scared to even think of it until some time ago, like, what If ppl laugh or screams at me? or even beat me up for whatever reason?
    Today I got a call from an old friend to hang out, we haven't seen in a while but he knows about my change, so it was ok, suddenly the thought pops in my mind What if...?" I mean, I really look different, people have told me that, even I've noticed it so why the hell no. Picked up some clothes I like, almost no make up and out... I waas like, everybody wish me luck good bye be good take care byeee.

    We hang out, he was shocked, like, really shocked to see me like that because last time he saw me it was like 2 months ago, and there was little to no change in me, at least physical changes, plus the boy clothes so yeah... But we had a great time, we went to the park, ate ice creams 'cause hot freaking day, he had to buy some stuff so we went together, pretty fun!
    And ppl didn't notice anything weird on me besides a husky ass voice, that's why I don't talk too much, but it was just that, ppl ma'amed me, heard some compliments, a couple of naughty ones but I don't really care.

    Overall It was pretty good, first times are always scary, had muh heart pumping all the day, but, but, but... damn it was fun and nice.
    Step by step I guess.

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    2. Tracer


      Glad to hear you guys had a good time.

    3. Ledillman


      40oz said:

      heh, I missed all of this, but seriously, mad props to Ledillman for keeping her cool throughout all this. A lot of nonsense arguments followed by super reactive defense all over her blog.

      Is it possibly a side effect of the changes in hormones? My wifey doesn't believe when I tell her she's beautiful all the time.

      Thanksss! I've learned to sit down and listen, hopefully the derail wasn't that bad and interestinf points were made.

      It may be because hormones, or maybe I'm not used to it and my brain is in denial lol

    4. esselfortium


      When you're seeing yourself in the mirror every day, you don't notice the gradual changes that take place over time. Nothing much changes from one day to the next, but over time the changes can be really striking. Combined with however many years of ingrained assumptions from seeing yourself a certain way before, it can leave you with a very inaccurate impression of how you actually look to other people. I'm still mid-transition, but even so, I was still blown away when I saw some photos of me from several years ago, because even though when I look in the mirror it still sometimes feels like I've barely changed at all, I don't look anything like those pictures now. I'm glad you've been having a good time lately, and I hope you're letting the positive outside feedback in :)