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  1. Obligatory april fool's status.

    I've seen lots of pranks related about this day, some are pretty obvious...

    Trust no one, not even yourself's self

    1. Ichor


      Yeah, I should never trust myself. Last year, I pulled prank on myself that was so outrageous that...well, it involves a can of gasoline, a squeegee with a bent handle, a boomerang, a wig made out of yak hair, and an apple.

    2. galileo31dos01


      This explains why they are playing Speed Of Doom for the DWClub, and I still can't e_e

      Luckily, there's no "april fool's day" in Argentina.


      Oh, and hi, I don't know where I am right now

    3. Ledillman


      You're in my domains muahahahaha