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  1. Sometimes I tend to act like the flamboyant kid from Curb your enthusiasm and it gets on my nerves

    1. R1ck


      Outside DW, I somewhat can relate to this.

    2. Pavera


      I get on my nerves too. When you find yourself in a social situation almost on auto-pilot, acting exactly in every way you told yourself you wouldn't act this time. Then you look back on it in shame, realizing how everyone in the room really just wished you would go away...too nice to say anything.


      Maybe that's not the same feeling you have, but it's how I feel after almost any extended social encounter.

    3. Ledillman


      @Pavera Exactly like that. I realized when I was with some friends and one of them was recording with his smartphone, then when I watched it I was like "woah, do I say oh my gosh that frequently? and how I move, whaaat".


      So yeah, akward stuff.