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  1. Ok so i am on Can you run it and testing if my computer if it can run Rage and it says I have 1.7GB of Video Memory when it says i only have 64Mb of dedicated memory in control panel

    So is t really messing with me and which one should i trust

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    2. Maes


      Well...at that price range you can often get a laptop with a decent GPU but at the expense of something else (usually slightly weaker CPU, less starting RAM or smaller disk size, or a combination thereof). It's really a tradeoff to think over for a second.

      In my experience, a good GPU gives more longevity to a laptop than starting off with a bigger disk or RAM: you can buy a bigger disk or RAM later on, but you can't change the graphics. If I had bought said laptop with more RAM or a bigger HD (back then) but with a shitty S3 Savage video card instead of its state-of-the-art ATi graphics, it would have been made obsolete/useless for gaming and OpenGL stuff much sooner. Instead, as of 2009 I was still installing and playing recently released games like World of Goo and Puzzle Quest on it (both of which required DirectX 9.0) with no problem, and finished Battelfield 1942 and Postal 2 on it ;-)

    3. Townsend


      Well I paid more to have an extra 2GB of ram from the normal 2GBs
      Oh and my lap top is a Compaq presario CQ56 which is basically an HP computer

    4. ReFracture


      Laptops for playing games has always seemed bizarre to me. It seems like no matter what you do, you either don't have enough power, or you do and the laptop turns into an EZ Bake that has terminal illness unless you put it on some sort of cooling pad.