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  1. Since a few weeks ago I've been getting a sharp pain in my shin bone, It started after I was fooling around with a hammer and whacking myself with. So wat do?

    inb4 sexual comments

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    2. Krispy


      You know what the doctor will say?

      a. You have a hairline fracture. Get some rest and take a Tylenol.

      b. You're fine. Get out of here and don't forget to pay me.

      c. You have one day to live.

      Take your chances is my opinion.

    3. GreyGhost


      Could be a hairline fracture or bone splinter, either way I'd get it looked at. Next time, don't forget your safe word.

    4. fraggle


      DoomUK said:

      Your dad really needs to lock up his tools.

      There's one particular tool he should have locked up years ago and never taken out.