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  1. $120 for the finest Hybrid Fibre Coax in the totally not price gouged Commonwealth of Australia, I could get faster but would be paying upwards of $150 for it.
  2. Yukarin

    Quake II Remastered

    Ah well there you go!, the more you know!
  3. Yukarin

    Quake II Remastered

    Loving the Remaster so far especially the new additions and the new AI, It actually makes the Berserker somewhat of a challenge now. and the new easter eggs 😄
  4. Yukarin

    Quake II Remastered

  5. I'm having an issue where launching the game directly into the editor has very stuttery and poor mouse control when you go to test a map. Is this a known problem? Running maps from the editor when launching the game normally doesn't have this issue
  6. Yukarin

    what does the G in GZdoom stand for

  7. Yukarin

    It's Cirno Day

    Happy Cirno day! Make sure to bring her plenty of frogs!
  8. Yukarin

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    Man Door Hand Hook Car Door
  9. Yukarin

    What soundfont do you use to play doom?

    I use a combination of WeedsGM3.sf2 and RealAcousticDrums through Virtual Midi Synth
  10. Yukarin

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    The only one I can recall was Ultimate Simpsons Doom like 10 - 12 years ago
  11. Thanks for all the feedback! I've fixed all the issues (hopefully) and updated the OP with a link to an updated version.