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  1. Yukarin

    Controversial music opinions.

    Ministry's first album is one of their best and Psalm 69 is largely forgettable My only complaint with St. Anger is that every song is too long for it's own good Everything Iron Maiden released since Brave New World feels like a rehash
  2. Yukarin

    my creative meme for doom

  3. Yukarin

    Imagine that you win the lottery.

    Build or buy a house out in the boonies and invest the rest in stock and property.
  4. Yukarin

    what doom source port is your favourite?

    GZDoom. It just werks™
  5. Yukarin

    What does Doomguy have in his pockets?

    A buck fifty
  6. Yukarin

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    When will ZUN put her in another game
  7. Yukarin

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    I only have the Recycle bin in the far left corner of my second screen. Anything I really need is pinned to the start menu or taskbar
  8. Yukarin

    How To Like Electronic Music?

    If you're into metal like your comments in the previous thread suggest, genres like Industrial and EBM might suit your tastes more. I'd suggest early KMFDM, Front Line Assembly - Millennium and Youth Code, With Millennium actually sampling riffs from popular metal albums of the time.
  9. Yukarin

    Little things that lightly annoy you in Doom?

    Revenant missiles doing a full damage roll
  10. Which ever one takes me to Gensokyo
  11. Yukarin

    PrBoom + : Mouse "Twitch" Issue

    I was having this problem with PrBoom+ as well. Updating to fixed it for me.
  12. Yukarin

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    UV all the way