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Everything posted by KoolKat_x

  1. KoolKat_x

    Doom ever get you in trouble?

    Gets me into trouble constantly. ALL HAIL COMRADE RALPHIS!!!
  2. KoolKat_x

    Going slow?

  3. KoolKat_x

    I almost died again

    Again, I wish you luck. Again I hope we don't have that in common. :(
  4. KoolKat_x

    I almost died again

    Man, I get bloody noses all the time too. Lord, please, let it not be a tumor. Good luck, and may God help you. Pritch: did you ban me for the James bond poll?
  5. KoolKat_x

    what worries you?

    I worry that my old profile will never get unbanned. That's why I'm going to whine about it wherever I go.