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  1. Having a blast playing through these, man. Excellent work.
  2. KevvyLava

    Chemical Facility - (My first map/.WAD)

    This was SOLID. A fun experience without the obnoxious difficulty. Great work.
  3. KevvyLava

    A Tricks and Traps Remake.

    Very cool ideas, just too hard and a bit long. All in all, if the textures were fixed, it'd be really great. The ideas and execution were great. Too many cyberdemons imho.
  4. KevvyLava

    I reworked an older wad of mine

    I like that this feels like a real Doom level. And isn't insanely hard for no reason.
  5. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    I appreciate the feedback! I can see the confusion with the blood vs. slime or lava. I think maybe I should dial back the nukage damage in all spots. Makes parts annoyingly hard. I'm in the process of redoing parts of episode 1 as is. Parts of it (especially E1M7) are annoyingly wrong. I think I actually did a great job on E1M6, but hey, it's easy to praise your own work, right? haha
  6. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    I just looked up Smooth Doom. Seems interesting. Let me know what you think. I have some new ideas for the redone version of Episode 1, too. Also, @Aquila Chrysaetos thanks for the tip on linedef 201. Will try it tonight tonight. The area I want to change is on House of Pain. I don't recall if you played through the whole thing, but what I did on that level was set it up so when you came back to previous areas, they were entirely reformed. Got the idea from Duke Nukem 3D's "Lunatic Fringe" level, where there is a 720-degree "double circle" that overlaps itself. I made use of a lot of dummy sectors and 3D floors and I think I came up with some cool stuff, I think.
  7. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    Hi all! Question for anyone who knows how to do scripts. There's a certain spot in one map where I want to have the player activate a switch and the floor instantly raise to a certain height. The map is not UDMF. The only time I ever got scripts working was using Doom Legacy and I don't remember how I even got the script embedded into the map in the first place. Everything I did in this ended up being weird workarounds using ZDoom, Legacy, and I think a Vavoom tag or two. All of the tutorials I have found seem to skip over basic questions that I have. Using GZDoom Builder for everything. Thanks to those that have given me feedback. I'm considering editing the first episode to make it a little more polished and less tedious. Stay tuned. If anyone has any other recommendations on some slight modifications for Episode 2/3, let me know. Most of it will stay as is.
  8. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    I thought it was my one chance to use Commander Keen since it was MAP32 but then later learned that any level with sectors tagged 999 will open if all the Keens are dead. But I wanted it to be a little bonus idea. Ah well. :) I started implementing skill levels. It won't be perfect, but there'll definitely be there.
  9. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    It appears to work just fine for me. Names are correct and everything. Both exits operate correctly. They're right next to each other.
  10. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    I wanted it to feel like you had to tiptoe from part to part like a bunch of catwalks. Also, there should be enough health to help you survive, especially if you have the BFG. Also.......you didn't play MAP32? The secret exit on Hell Keep takes a few steps to find. But nothing too out of the way.
  11. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    Welp, I changed the tags to 135 for anything previously marked 0 and achieved the same thing. Here's a video of me testing the flooding portion. I think you'll like the level a lot more having seen this. Forgive me on the upload quality. I'm new to screen capturing and still need to tweak things a bit.
  12. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    I'm not sure what happened on Mt. Erubus! I've never run into the situation you see there and I'm not sure how it could have happened. Did you jump a wall or something once you teleported up to the red tower the first time? I've tested it a lot. One thing that might be the issue is which source port you are using. GZDoom handles a 0 tag like a real tag as far as Legacy 3D floors, so it might be something like that. Feel free to plug through with -nomonsters and see if it works this time? Buuuuut I need to run through with -fast to see how bad I get my ass kicked.
  13. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    Thanks again for the feedback. As far as MAP07, I know the part you're talking about now. I had thought that you needed all the keys to get that far. I'll fix it. As for Pandemonium, if you find all 3 skulls, your life is a LOT easier at the end. See if you can find them all. Also, the Arch-Viles barely have any HP because I rigged a room to injure them before they are released. Chaingun should get 'em easily. The elevator ride of death isn't too bad if you just keep moving and plug the guys randomly as you keep moving. Maybe I just have a lot of practice after testing it. Then again, I never tried it with -fast. There's some non-linearity in Pandemonium to find those keys. Have at them! I could probably do difficulty levels. As I understand, it's pretty much 3 levels, so that shouldn't be too bad. And redoing episode 1? Maaaaaybeeee. haha.
  14. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    Yup, that'll be fixed on the next version. :D
  15. KevvyLava

    Ultimate Doom Redux v1.0 [GZDoom]

    Can't figure out which part you are talking about. There's only one outside part, and that's the secret lift by the red key to get the supercharge.