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  1. KevvyLava

    My First Attempt at making a map

    I actually liked this for what it was. Some of the maps people posting on here are so drawn out and you never know where to go, etc. For just testing some things out, this was fine. Some of the textures were screwy and didn't blend well in my opinion, but this was perfectly fine for a first map.
  2. KevvyLava

    Doom III: IDKFA Edition | Project

    EDIT: I'm good to go. I don't know how to use discord and I think it's a weird website. I think I joined under the name "SeveredLegs" but I don't know what to do next.
  3. KevvyLava

    Doom III: IDKFA Edition | Project

    I would be interested in mapping/designing and midi creation. Here's some of my recent work, which is an edit of classic Doom maps for a deathmatch wad: And here are some midis that I've made that might fit into Doom levels: https://www.dropbox.com/s/93rjka1nf2xfdvz/midistuff.zip?dl=0
  4. KevvyLava

    Clandestine- my third map

    Pretty sure you can't beat this....the door after the Barons doesn't open. I think this is ...decent. Might want to contrast the dark feeling with some brighter, more open rooms. The "trap" with the cage/room was a bit predictable. Some attention should be paid to texture alignment. Don't be afraid to add framing around doors or areas where textures might not naturally align. Golod textures to use as framing would be METAL, SUPPORT2, and SUPPORT3. Using those textures can be a good way to throw new rooms wherever you want, using different textures. Was still a decent little playthrough there. Keep it up!
  5. KevvyLava

    My first doom builder map.

    I didn't like this map. It's pretty obnoxious. Even if that's the point, might as well dial it back at the beginning and give the player some hope. I beat it having to respawn twice, but went through a lot of "trial deaths" before that point.
  6. KevvyLava

    Noob made an level for Doom

    First level was easy, second level was easy THEN HARD. Biggest gripe I have is that the second level just drags on and on and on and on. And a lot of times we're just going into a room to throw a switch to open a door to another room. And a lot of times I don't even know which room it is. Cut out a bunch of that stuff and fix misaligned textures and you're gravy. Groovy, even. -Kevin
  7. KevvyLava

    My first map - Innocent

    I thought this map was pretty decent. I had fun and wasn't too annoyed except at the beginning. Once I picked up on the personality of it, I was humming along. Good variance in types of combat, although the crusher/revenant room was a bit much. Could have made the room bigger or made it the fast type of crusher that doesn't instakill you. But I guess that'd kill the revenant rockets, wouldn't it? Maybe instead of the whole ceiling being one big crusher, you could have several, smaller crushers? Just an idea. Keep it up, and if this is your first map, you're going to accelerate the quality of your releases very quickly. Have fun!
  8. KevvyLava

    E1M1 but every enemy is a barron and you can't escape.

    I like how he pretends to be "the responsible one in the room" and then his story keeps changing: - You're posting commercial content "not appropriate" for release - Well, it's not "commercial" -- it's "protected" And then when you point out that the original content is available for free, and you need to own the game to play the modified version anyway, he changes his position to: - It's "silly" (I do believe that was the point of this exercise) - It has "no novelty" (actually, I think that's exactly what it is: novelty) Then, finally, he evolves into: - "Well, you could release it, but no one will want to play it." Meanwhile, there is now a thread full of people commenting on it, trying it out, and a few of them having a good laugh, including myself....hearing that constant groan every time another Baron appears. heh. Imagine telling someone not to reproduce a modified version of a level in a game already available for free, which requires the official software to play.....on software that has official source codes publicly available....for free.......for a game that was released in 24 years ago. Worst type of forum post, right there.
  9. EDIT: You don't have to bind to "swim up" -- just "jump" and even if jump is disabled, it still lets you swim up. I know....testing it with bots was a nightmare but it was funny to just see them sometimes RIGHT after they spawn....right into the drink lol. Binding something to swim up should work, but I'll test more. Also, I have to reduce my usage of FIREBLU...someone was saying it's an inefficient texture in some way or something...I forget exactly what they were saying. But I think that's what's causing the choppiness in software mode. In any case, some tweaks are in order and those will probably be completed this weekend. If there are any levels you weren't a fan of, I can look into it and see about making some adjustments. Any favorites? -Kevin
  10. Had a great time, folks! Looks like some changes are definitely in order for a few of the maps. But I think it's safe to say that most of them went over well. HAve a nice night!
  11. What in the hell are those symbols?!?!? haha
  12. As the creator of the wad, I hope you all enjoy this. Most of the maps have had significant facelifts as far as visuals, and of course more of the areas are condensed/connected than before to make it more ....deathmatchy? Any feedback afterwards is welcome/encouraged.
  13. KevvyLava

    Classic Deathmatch Redux

    I HAVE CLEANED UP THE ENTIRE WAD! Please see the most updated download link, @Zillah. Gee that didn't take forever, did it? haha https://www.dropbox.com/s/ubnixn812lxujc6/KevinDM-F.zip?dl=0
  14. KevvyLava

    What is this?........A Siege for Ants?

    Felt more like a wad for ants (to me). :(
  15. KevvyLava

    What is this?........A Siege for Ants?

    Some of the textures aren't loading and I'm not sure why. I'm dragging the file onto LZDoom and for whatever reason, I'm getting a bunch of checker-box textures. Any ideas? Nevermind, it looks like the extra wad is the missing textures.