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  1. That was super overkill but strangely therapeutic. I'm not quite sure what to think of it, but I'd definitely not be interested in playing it again.
  2. KevvyLava

    Enigmatic: Complevel 9 Speedmap by Jacek Bourne

    I think it looks excellent. There are a ton of parts that were fun. The purpose of this is supposed to be a gauntlet, sure. But it feels like it could achieve the same thing in 8 minutes vs 20. I liked seeing waves of enemies in the distance, particularly when all the Cacodemons are chasing you over that giant chasm midway through the map. But in my opinion, the map is too much like, "Go in this room, throw a switch, then a bunch of guys come out. Then go to the next room, do the same thing." The traps were predictable. But you have an excellent eye for detail, as far as map design. Eventually I was using God Mode and it still took forrreeevvverrr to clear some of those later rooms full of barons, etc. But it sounds like some people on here enjoyed your map, so maybe I'm the outlier on this.
  3. KevvyLava

    Enigmatic: Complevel 9 Speedmap by Jacek Bourne

    I thought this was super boring. There were some good visuals but it's so overkill as far as the number of enemies that it ceases being fun because you know it's just "Oh another roof full of revenants and arch-viles. It could have been 10 rooms instead of 30 and achieved the same thing. Not a fan.
  4. KevvyLava

    Simple map for the first Doom (simplemap.wad)

    It's super short. There wasn't much to it, honestly. For someone that seems newer to map, it's "fine" as an early submission. Straighten out some of those walls and put some more rooms in there. Then put the red keycard further away from the red door, so the player has to go looking for it. Maybe a room with some green slime and a bridge or ledge you have to go over while dodging some imps. Then see what you think playing it yourself. THat's what I would do.
  5. KevvyLava

    My first ever doom map "The Deep Labs"

    This map was aweeesommmmeeee!!! What a hell of a first map! Texture work is great, the secrets are incredibly well-placed. Although I had to work really hard to find the shootable switches to find the blue keycard. Might want to tone down the difficulty on that detail so people have more of an incentive to check out the rest of the map. The difficulty was right on point as well. What a wonderful job!
  6. KevvyLava

    Modern wads that are relatively empty?

    Just started Deathless.....to me, this is the essence of Doom. Not endless trap rooms with 45 Revenants. Really a big fan of the first episode so far.
  7. KevvyLava

    (RELEASE) Doom: The Way We Remember It (V2)

    I loved the rendition of E1M7. Took a few liberties, but it felt great.
  8. You definitely achieved your goal. I'm a fan of it. Have a nice night!
  9. KevvyLava

    slimetemple.wad - 1 map wad

    I had fun playing this but it was a little too hard in my opinion. A few less revenants at certain points would go a long way. But it was cool. Well-designed and generally I enjoyed it.
  10. Excellent job! This is a really fun little level. Died a few times but it wasn't unfair. I knew there'd be traps constantly and so I had to be mentally prepared for it...but I still got caught napping a few times. Nothing in this map was bullshit lol. Great work, again.
  11. KevvyLava

    Dance on the Water - five maps [update 18.12]

    The design is cool as far as the look, but unless you like tight-rope walking with -20% nukage and a bunch of archies and mancubii breathing down your neck at the very start of a level, don't waste your time. It's pointlessly difficult from the very start. Easy pass on this one. I don't understand the obsession with extreme difficulty from mappers on here. I know we all got guud at the game over the years, but come on.
  12. KevvyLava

    THE SECRET GARDEN: a nice walk outside (upd. map, v2)

    I had fun with this. Good solid little simple level. Good job showing restraint without the temptation of adding a ton of different enemies or weapons. Gave it a nice classic Doom feel. I like short levels like this. And I also appreciate the use of 3D floors like this that just add a little something to the level without it feeling like there's this complex mapping technique being used. It's used more as a little surprise than a feature of the level. Nice work.
  13. This was REAAAAALLY good. Best wad I've played in quite some time. Difficulty was spot on. Big fan.
  14. KevvyLava

    My first 2 maps (Doom II)

    First map is really well designed for a small level, but is obnoxiously hard at the beginning. EDIT: Just played the second map, which I liked a lot better. But honestly, the use of the arch-viles kills the action in both matches. It's one thing for a map to have a section that has a lot of tension, and the arch-vile is a great monster for that for obvious reasons. But even the second map, which has a cool design and excellent attention to detail visually, suffers from the arch-vile problem and in my opinion, is just too difficult to enjoy. If the arch-vile wasn't breathing down my neck the whole time, or if there weren't as many open spaces with revenants and cacodemons targeting me, I'd like it more. But I will say.....if this is your first 2 maps, VERY well done!
  15. KevvyLava

    BANANA FACTORY ACCIDENT V 1.1 (new update)

    This was really something else! Crazy fun, but could've used a bit more ammo at times. The underwater part was tough until I figured out you can catch a breath of air in certain spots. Really just a completely goofy/fun wad. Great balance between humor, traditional "Doom," and fun surprises/music. I loved the part with the "Lava Reef Zone" music from Sonic Mania. The whole thing was just great.