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  1. As far as the elevator and being low on ammunition, that is a thought...The thing is that I needed some way to make it so the doors would open to reveal the switch that would activate it. I had a few options but went with whatever would best preserve the structure of the original room.
  2. Appreciate the praise. I was thinking about making it a secret level in order to do a proper 2.0 of Halls of the Damned and Spawning Vats closer to the styles of the original. Since I already incorporated Fortress of Mystery into another level, and since this hybrid map is so unique, maybe it'd just be a good secret level. I wish I knew how to program scripts in maps still. Back in the day I could do FraggleScript and I could string together actions a bit, like making it so when the Cyberdemons were all dead, that huge tower would lower. I dunno. I guess it's mostly fine as is...tower should probably just not be as tall so it doesn't take as long to come down, maybe. A little tweaking is still needed on MAP14, though.
  3. Did you guys try MAP14 in TSOH2? I think it'll end up being a secret level, but there are some cool things going on with it, I think.
  4. My thought when creating it is that you'd just run away from them. Or use the rocket launcher that you can find outside. away? ha. Maybe I should just change it to 1 Arch-Vile.
  5. Oh, I didn't finish responding...Pegleg, I'm definitely interested in any of the ideas you have. I'm really good at editing things together and improving them, but sometimes I'm not as good with the starting points. I am rock-solid at 3D floors, though. At least the Legacy style. lol.
  6. OK so I actually went ahead and made my own concept of what I thought might be similar to your idea...but upon further description, it sounds sorta different. I guess it doesn't really matter that much anyway. Here's my version...currently MAP14 (but will be switched to the secret level in a further WAD probably). Let me know what y'all think.
  7. I decided to finish the map and use it as a secret level because it's kind of all over the place in comparison to the others but is still fun. I'm going to redo HOTD / SV / TOB separately in some capacity, though. Shouldn't take too long...will have them done by the end of the week maybe.
  8. The problem is that I'm not sure if I should finish it at all. That's why I need you to try it now.
  9. MAP14. The player start just gets to the meaningful part. I recommend God mode and IDFA. :D
  10. I've attempted to do parts...trying to make an actual tower you have to work your way up through using pieces of those other two levels as interior portions of the tower. Lots of 3D floor usage. So far, it's interesting. Could end up really cool. But might not quite be in the spirit of a "Redux" version. Might just be a separate map idea or something. When I upload it later, you can give it a look and see what you think so far. NINJA EDIT: The biggest challenge I run into is that I don't know how to make enemies spawn at a certain Z-coordinate, so I have to be creative with item/monster placement, or they all end up on the very bottom floor.
  11. I started taking the other guy's idea and am attempting to turn Tower of Babel into an actual tower using pieces of Spawning Vats and Halls of the Damned. It's pretty interesting so far but I don't know if it quite fits the rest of my maps to justify inclusion. I'll upload what I have so far when I get home.
  12. OK thanks for the feedback! I fixed all of the issues, I believe. Will be in the next release. I'm trying to decide what to do with the next 3 maps. Might do some sort of combination. MAP09: I changed the way the stairs worked, which is probably why the glitch went away. MAP10: I checked and I think I misspoke before...the pillars aren't supposed to lower...just run and grab the backpack right away and no prob. MAP11: I'm not sure what those unkillable spectres are...I checked both maps you mentioned and the only spectres showing are within the regular playable area. Maybe it's a GZDoom glitch overall or something. MAP12: Not sure what was happening with the D1 Yellow door...might have had somethign to do with the other side being DR (also monsters) that made it so you could only trigger it once or something? Should be fixed. Fixed the texture glitch under the secret door by the bridge. It was a 3D-floor overlap issue. SS guy is for my own amusement. May or may not make it to the final version. MAP13: Made some texture changes that look better. And attempted to fix the issue with the 3D floors. I think depending on your rendering settings, it can look different. Unsure, though. And it wouldn't be a post by me if I didn't say: I'm really despising the idea of editing "Halls of the Damned", though. What a terrible level.
  13. Pegleg...wanna join forces maybe? We could take pieces of "Halls of the Damned" and "Spawning Vats" and stack them on top of one another vertically so you have to work your way though it. Not sure if you saw but I've gotten pretty adept at using Legacy-style 3D floors to create complex room-over-room stuff. If you play my TSOH2 wad and get to the end of MAP13 where I put Fortress of Mystery underneath the slime pit, you'll see what I mean. The only hard part about this is you can't spawn enemies in 3D space (that I know of)....they always automatically appear on the lowest possible floor, so to circumvent that, you have to think about the shape of the tower. In my head I'm thinking that the level should start out like Spawning Vats (the underground-looking parts) and then ease into one super level between the 3, with the Cyberdemon battle being at the top, of course. ^ All that being said, if you have your own vision, I wouldn't be remotely offended if you made something similar. Maybe people like it more/less but either way, it's more classic Doom. Anyway, let me know what you're thinking.
  14. Here's the latest. I think my mapping skills are getting quite good. I've been more imaginative with these ones. MAP09 - Deimos Anomaly MAP10 - Containment Area MAP11 - Refinery [total overhaul] MAP12 - Deimos Lab MAP13 - Command Center Next up is the dreaded "Halls of the Damned". (shudder) I'm thinking about some combination of Halls and Spawning Vats that leads into Tower of Babel. We'll see. Hope you enjoy it, Johnny. And I think at the end of this, I'm going to call these episodes "Doom Redux". I'll probably do Inferno at some point in the future, but I don't really think Thy Flesh Consumed needs to be redone because it's already very refined and plenty challenging as is.
  15. I edited it so the 3D floors don't overlap with the texture underneath, so it should be fixed. The 3D floor overlapped with the space that the actual floor was occupying, hence the problem. I'm also adding more ammo in some spots to make it more reasonable. Took out or switched a few enemies, etc. I'm probably going to start up with E2M5 tonight. And then, eventually, the dreaded E2M6. If I survive E2M6.