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  1. The problem is that I'm not sure if I should finish it at all. That's why I need you to try it now.
  2. MAP14. The player start just gets to the meaningful part. I recommend God mode and IDFA. :D
  3. I've attempted to do parts...trying to make an actual tower you have to work your way up through using pieces of those other two levels as interior portions of the tower. Lots of 3D floor usage. So far, it's interesting. Could end up really cool. But might not quite be in the spirit of a "Redux" version. Might just be a separate map idea or something. When I upload it later, you can give it a look and see what you think so far. NINJA EDIT: The biggest challenge I run into is that I don't know how to make enemies spawn at a certain Z-coordinate, so I have to be creative with item/monster placement, or they all end up on the very bottom floor.
  4. I started taking the other guy's idea and am attempting to turn Tower of Babel into an actual tower using pieces of Spawning Vats and Halls of the Damned. It's pretty interesting so far but I don't know if it quite fits the rest of my maps to justify inclusion. I'll upload what I have so far when I get home.
  5. OK thanks for the feedback! I fixed all of the issues, I believe. Will be in the next release. I'm trying to decide what to do with the next 3 maps. Might do some sort of combination. MAP09: I changed the way the stairs worked, which is probably why the glitch went away. MAP10: I checked and I think I misspoke before...the pillars aren't supposed to lower...just run and grab the backpack right away and no prob. MAP11: I'm not sure what those unkillable spectres are...I checked both maps you mentioned and the only spectres showing are within the regular playable area. Maybe it's a GZDoom glitch overall or something. MAP12: Not sure what was happening with the D1 Yellow door...might have had somethign to do with the other side being DR (also monsters) that made it so you could only trigger it once or something? Should be fixed. Fixed the texture glitch under the secret door by the bridge. It was a 3D-floor overlap issue. SS guy is for my own amusement. May or may not make it to the final version. MAP13: Made some texture changes that look better. And attempted to fix the issue with the 3D floors. I think depending on your rendering settings, it can look different. Unsure, though. And it wouldn't be a post by me if I didn't say: I'm really despising the idea of editing "Halls of the Damned", though. What a terrible level.
  6. Pegleg...wanna join forces maybe? We could take pieces of "Halls of the Damned" and "Spawning Vats" and stack them on top of one another vertically so you have to work your way though it. Not sure if you saw but I've gotten pretty adept at using Legacy-style 3D floors to create complex room-over-room stuff. If you play my TSOH2 wad and get to the end of MAP13 where I put Fortress of Mystery underneath the slime pit, you'll see what I mean. The only hard part about this is you can't spawn enemies in 3D space (that I know of)....they always automatically appear on the lowest possible floor, so to circumvent that, you have to think about the shape of the tower. In my head I'm thinking that the level should start out like Spawning Vats (the underground-looking parts) and then ease into one super level between the 3, with the Cyberdemon battle being at the top, of course. ^ All that being said, if you have your own vision, I wouldn't be remotely offended if you made something similar. Maybe people like it more/less but either way, it's more classic Doom. Anyway, let me know what you're thinking.
  7. Here's the latest. I think my mapping skills are getting quite good. I've been more imaginative with these ones. MAP09 - Deimos Anomaly MAP10 - Containment Area MAP11 - Refinery [total overhaul] MAP12 - Deimos Lab MAP13 - Command Center Next up is the dreaded "Halls of the Damned". (shudder) I'm thinking about some combination of Halls and Spawning Vats that leads into Tower of Babel. We'll see. Hope you enjoy it, Johnny. And I think at the end of this, I'm going to call these episodes "Doom Redux". I'll probably do Inferno at some point in the future, but I don't really think Thy Flesh Consumed needs to be redone because it's already very refined and plenty challenging as is.
  8. I edited it so the 3D floors don't overlap with the texture underneath, so it should be fixed. The 3D floor overlapped with the space that the actual floor was occupying, hence the problem. I'm also adding more ammo in some spots to make it more reasonable. Took out or switched a few enemies, etc. I'm probably going to start up with E2M5 tonight. And then, eventually, the dreaded E2M6. If I survive E2M6.
  9. JohnnyTheWolf: I'm not sure why yours is having that texture issue and mine isn't. Any ideas? As you can see in my screenshot above, it leaves only the step texture and then shows the rock texture underneath it. The purpose of MAP11 having the backtracking is to introduce more monsters. I have an idea that will work better and be more fun. Shouldn't take long to do, either. I'm not going to offer support for other ports, though, because it would require redesigning too many parts. Lingyan203: Yeah, since PrBoom+ doesn't allow 3D floors, the mapset won't play correctly in some parts anyway. In the case of TSOH MAP12, it won't work at all because 3D floors are required for bridges.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Not sure why the staircase in 09 looks funny to you, as it looks perfect to me on my end. On 10, the three pillars always lower for me. Not sure how they don't for you because they have 100% of the time I've play-tested the level. Also, on 10 I think you're right about the Baron in that secret area only being able to be lowered once. I'm going to keep it as once-lower but without the Baron. 11 was actually a very time-consuming map to get right. I had to set it up so all of the monsters would go to the right spot and the purpose of the level is to introduce the Arachnotron, in addition to forcing you to find the other 3 keys and fight tougher monsters. There's no really much one can do with the level because it's so tightly made. I could totally fabricate new areas, but there weren't any areas that I thought really justified that. It took just as much time to do as the others, maybe more (in the case of 09). I suppose that one way to make the backtracking more worthwhile in 11 is by having new sections of the map be visible. I actually have a new idea that I think might work better and achieve the same thing. More on this as it develops! :) Glad you liked 12. I thought those bridges were a fun idea and I always thought that map had some potential but the original has so many useless areas that you just don't need. The 3D floors present some fun ways to mix it up. As far as all of the levels go, the difficulty is definitely too hard, and will need either more ammo, less monsters, or more health in some areas. But part of the goal is to make you have to conserve ammo and use Berzerker. I don't like the chainsaw that much but Berserk is fun sometimes. Thanks for the feedback. The next level, I'm kind of dreading because it's another one of those sort of maze levels with a bunch of pointless rooms. I may nix some of them in favor of some different ideas. ...And then of course we get to my second-least favorite map in the entire game: Halls of the Damned. (Absolute least-favorite is definitely E3M7: Limbo). But for E2M6, I think I can come up with a way to make it more fun.
  11. Some adjustments have been made to make the maps easier. Still working on TSOH2. Here's where I'm at so far: Deimos Anomaly Containment Area Refinery Deimos Lab MAP09-MAP12. Can make it easier if need be. But you're supposed to rely on the Berserkers more on some maps.
  12. So I'm not used to using Slade, but I will try.
  13. Thanks for the response. I have that texture file, but I'm wondering how to merge it with a Doom 2 pwad so I don't have to keep including separately in zip files.
  14. Hi all...I like to work with the full suite of options when using textures for Doom 2 pwads. So I set up GZDoom Builder to use doom2.wad and doom1tex.wad as resources. Naturally, when I'm play-testing wads from within the Builder, they work great. The problem I run into is when I try to load them separately...the Doom 1 textures do not load unless I drag both pwads over at the same time. I have also attempted to use XWE in order to add the textures to the pwad but I must be doing it wrong because I've never been able to get it to work. Maybe there is a specific spot you are supposed to drag it? If anyone can give me some help on how to make this happen, that'd be awesome. Thanks.
  15. For anyone interested, I am working on a GZDoom version of The Shores of Hell, but the goal is to keep it mostly like the original, but with some fun extra secrets and making use of custom linedefs and a few other ideas. I recently made a remake of Knee-Deep In the Dead using some modern ZDoom features that attempted to keep most of the levels intact, but added monsters from Doom 2 (and the Super Shotgun) in addition to refining some of the levels to make it so you have to really explore the entire level in order to collect keys, throw switches, etc. in order to beat it. Also, when backtracking, you will have to fight new monsters that sneak up on you. "Knee-Deep In the Dead v2.0" garnered good-to-solid reviews from the people that played it. But the reason that I'm posting in this thread is because I'm part of the way through The Shores of Hell and I think it's turning out well despite (in my opinion) the levels in TSOH being not quite as good as KDITD. The purpose is to make it feel like the original with a few new additions...sort of like a DX version. Here's a link to KDITD2 and to the sample level from TSOH2: [MAP01 - MAP08] - GZDoom only (PrBoom+ will not work because of Legacy-style 3D floors] - Add both wads - Mouse look required to shoot a few switches, but generally not required overall...jury is still out on how I want that to go Because I don't know how to add Doom1tex.wad textures into these wads, you have to load both when loading the game. Here's a link to the Shores of Hell thread that has the download for everything so far. For those that just want to try one level out to get a feel for what I did: