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  1. The Shores of Hell REDUX

    Thanks Megalyth. I felt I did the original levels justice. I'm a couple of levels into Inferno, where I'm attempting to mix it up a bit more to make it a bit more hellish/unpredictable. Glaice: I wanted to pick music that suited the levels and, if possible, had a similar feel to the original songs. When all is said and done and I will make a megawad and include one with standard tunes and one with the ones I selected.
  2. The Shores of Hell REDUX

  3. The Shores of Hell REDUX

    GarrettChan: Map-merging was only done in a couple of situations. I always thought E2M9 was useless as its own level...I think it works a lot better the way I did it but I'm obviously biased. Nirvana: Not sure how far you got...some of these are radically different from the original as far as what you have to do just to complete the level, in addition to the weapons you're given to defeat the monsters that are new to the map. I don't post on /idgames so I'm not sure what you mean. I recommend you check out MAP06 from KDITD2.wad and MAP09, MAP11, MAP13, and especially MAP15 from TSOH2.wad. MAP15 in TSOH2.wad will fit what you're talking about for sure. You'll find it less "lazy" anyways.
  4. The Shores of Hell REDUX

    Hi all, been a while. I finally finished my 2.0/REDUX version of The Shores of Hell. See my version of Knee-Deep In The Dead REDUX here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfmbt7qy2vlqnq8/KDITD2.zip?dl=0 Requirements: GZDoom (with mouselook turned on for a few switches that require aiming) is the only engine that this will work properly in because of 3D floors. Others requested a PrBoom+ ports, but it's not happening...sorry folks! * Make sure to add doom1tex.wad (included) when you play. Changes: - MAP09 - MAP15 - Added Doom 2 monsters (sparingly at times, unsparingly at others) - Added Super Shotgun - Streamlined the level design * Most levels require more/all keys * All levels have new secrets included * Some levels' original architecture reworked to create better or more interesting flow * Some 3D floors and special lindefs, but nothing too crazy (if your port doesn't do Legacy-style 3D floors, it will not work) - Play-tested this a lot, but it should be 99% bug-free - No difficulty settings, so it'll feel like UV regardless - All levels are beatable with pistol start - Music selected from Doom 1 and 2 I really think anyone would like this, as it feels like a thicker version of classic Doom with some additional surprises. Have fun, guys. The Shores of Hell REDUX https://www.dropbox.com/s/biadv54chc85iy0/TSOH2.zip?dl=0
  5. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    As far as the elevator and being low on ammunition, that is a thought...The thing is that I needed some way to make it so the doors would open to reveal the switch that would activate it. I had a few options but went with whatever would best preserve the structure of the original room.
  6. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    Appreciate the praise. I was thinking about making it a secret level in order to do a proper 2.0 of Halls of the Damned and Spawning Vats closer to the styles of the original. Since I already incorporated Fortress of Mystery into another level, and since this hybrid map is so unique, maybe it'd just be a good secret level. I wish I knew how to program scripts in maps still. Back in the day I could do FraggleScript and I could string together actions a bit, like making it so when the Cyberdemons were all dead, that huge tower would lower. I dunno. I guess it's mostly fine as is...tower should probably just not be as tall so it doesn't take as long to come down, maybe. A little tweaking is still needed on MAP14, though.
  7. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    Did you guys try MAP14 in TSOH2? https://www.mediafire.com/file/412ko79gyo87ay2/TSOH2.zip I think it'll end up being a secret level, but there are some cool things going on with it, I think.
  8. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    My thought when creating it is that you'd just run away from them. Or use the rocket launcher that you can find outside. Or....run away? ha. Maybe I should just change it to 1 Arch-Vile.
  9. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    Oh, I didn't finish responding...Pegleg, I'm definitely interested in any of the ideas you have. I'm really good at editing things together and improving them, but sometimes I'm not as good with the starting points. I am rock-solid at 3D floors, though. At least the Legacy style. lol.
  10. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    OK so I actually went ahead and made my own concept of what I thought might be similar to your idea...but upon further description, it sounds sorta different. I guess it doesn't really matter that much anyway. Here's my version...currently MAP14 (but will be switched to the secret level in a further WAD probably). Let me know what y'all think. https://www.mediafire.com/file/412ko79gyo87ay2/TSOH2.zip
  11. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    I decided to finish the map and use it as a secret level because it's kind of all over the place in comparison to the others but is still fun. I'm going to redo HOTD / SV / TOB separately in some capacity, though. Shouldn't take too long...will have them done by the end of the week maybe.
  12. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    The problem is that I'm not sure if I should finish it at all. That's why I need you to try it now.
  13. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/89njq27chebl8vb/tsoh2.wad MAP14. The player start just gets to the meaningful part. I recommend God mode and IDFA. :D
  14. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    I've attempted to do parts...trying to make an actual tower you have to work your way up through using pieces of those other two levels as interior portions of the tower. Lots of 3D floor usage. So far, it's interesting. Could end up really cool. But might not quite be in the spirit of a "Redux" version. Might just be a separate map idea or something. When I upload it later, you can give it a look and see what you think so far. NINJA EDIT: The biggest challenge I run into is that I don't know how to make enemies spawn at a certain Z-coordinate, so I have to be creative with item/monster placement, or they all end up on the very bottom floor.
  15. Knee-Deep In The Dead 2.0

    I started taking the other guy's idea and am attempting to turn Tower of Babel into an actual tower using pieces of Spawning Vats and Halls of the Damned. It's pretty interesting so far but I don't know if it quite fits the rest of my maps to justify inclusion. I'll upload what I have so far when I get home.