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  1. Vortex Lord

    Is Hexen forgotten?

    I use a SVN Build for a long time, downloaded their cofigs a long time ago to get across this problem as I said, this killed me when I started (end of last year). And yes I`m not mapping for Doom in Hexen map format but just for Hexen (in UDMF for about a month).
  2. Vortex Lord

    Is Hexen forgotten?

    I forgot to add I noticed some mistakes with DB2 and ZDoom. ZDoom shares Morph Ovum between Heretic and Hexen, even though Hexen has Morph Ovum`s sprite it does not have it as a inventory item (I have vanilla Hexen; Deathkings; Hexen II and Portals. I`m a Hexen fanatic). Doom Builder 2`s config for Hexen uses Doom`s keys. That killed me when I started modding.
  3. Vortex Lord

    Is Hexen forgotten?

    I`m interested how much of a interest there is Hexen? Pretty much every Doom mod uses Hexen`s features, every source port has ACS, poly objects, glitter-like bridges, etc. I don`t see any topics at all about Hexen or any pwads for it, so I thought if I might ask.
  4. Vortex Lord

    polyobj question

    Cool! I used a explicit line on a single linedef, and it worked! Though I had to use another line as a trigger that swings the poly... Also what`s this Rendering Order? I`ve put it to 1. Thanks much!
  5. Vortex Lord

    Doomworld Member Locations

    Added myself! I`m pretty sure I`m the only one here from Serbia...
  6. Vortex Lord

    polyobj question

    Poly objects are easy to make, and add a nice touch to the levels. But something has been bothering me for a while, how to make a object that consists only of one line (that can be a fence trough which you can shoot trough and swing it like a door)? I saw things like this in Serpent Resurrection for HeXen and some things long time ago... The main reason why I`m asking this is that Zdoom wiki is not rich with information. Thank you. :D
  7. Vortex Lord

    Half-Life 2 is very similar to Strife

    True! But in Strife! - You could upgrade your character! - You had non-linear approach to the levels! - 3 endings! And yes it did not had the gravity gun, of course it did not look at the technology used just before Quake came! But Strife had The Sigil! I love Strife though, can`t wait for Kaiser`s recreation.
  8. Vortex Lord

    keyboard or mouse?

    Keyboard only! Always!
  9. Vortex Lord

    What disappointed you about Doom?

    DooM: 1) Being unable to jump, levitate above the enemies. Need to kill them to pass trough; 2) Easy final boss. DooM II: 1) Arachnotron, nasty little bastards but fun to kill with sawed-off; 2) Pain Elemental, more annoying from what it spits. Again fun enemy to kill; 3) No improvements to the engine! The Ultimate DooM: 1) No new content except a hard new episode.
  10. Vortex Lord


    I still use the old style, dunno got used to it. Anyway my friend is a old YouTube user, he saw many changes! But this one. I just didn`t found handy, good thing we could switch back to old profile layout! My vote for old style.
  11. Vortex Lord

    Strife and Blasphemer on App store.

    Wait Strife`s source code is lost, game never got ported! It`s for DOS only! I love Strife, vanilla only! :D Also I was trying to find a resell of a retail copy of the game, but never succeeded... And Chocolate Doom is awesome! "Fight for the front and freedom! Move out!"
  12. Vortex Lord

    [solved] Texture Problem

    GZDoom visual mode! Guys it`s a test map. Both switch and that door texture inside that split wall.
  13. Vortex Lord

    [solved] Texture Problem

    THIS is my problem! And I don`t know why the hell is like this and how to fix it! Please help! Textures won`t map on walls like they are down on Doom Builder 2 screenshot while I`m playing in ZDoom and GZDoom! Image removed, problem solved! Thanks guys... And thanks to Kappes Buur!
  14. Vortex Lord

    How many ports of doom ya have

    Only on PC: ZDoom; GZDoom and Doom64 Ex! I play with keyboard only... HeXen mostly!
  15. Vortex Lord

    Can`t replace the pistol right.

    Sorry for the late reply, yes it helps! Thanks! :D