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  1. soner du

    What's Your Favorite Band Ever?

    First : The Young Gods Others on the podium : The Boo Radleys Zenzile (the French ones)
  2. soner du

    6 years of Doom sobriety.... what have I missed?

    By the way, you can also run Eviternity on a fresh source port named Woof : https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Woof! It's an updated WinMBF, more "old school" and lightweight than PrBoom+.
  3. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    Currently working on a third package, I'll probably call it "ROSS - Cult of the Wyrm", "Ross - Schism" or something. Based on BLASPHEMER, all-vanilla (SLIGE + dm2conv), some vanilla PWAD (UnBeliever at least...)...
  4. soner du

    Preference of OS

    I'm mostly using Win7 for gaming too (for Torchlight 1, Titan Quest, Wrack...). Also to test some windows-only browsers, such as the lovely Opera GX. And for LaTeX publishing, I prefer MikTeX to TeXlive... (I know one can install MikTeX on linux, but I've never tried it) Otherwise, GNU/Linux is perfect for my daily needs : browsing, gaming (Doom, Quake, Steam stuff...), music, etc.
  5. soner du

    Preference of OS

    My personal computer has GNU/Linux as a primary OS, and Win7 as a secondary OS. I change the linux distro regularily. I was on Debian + Budgie desktop for a bit more than a year, before switching to Bunsenlabs one or two months ago. Very interesting, it was formally called Crunchbang/#!, it's basically Debian+Openbox with well-done configuration tools. Those recent years, I've used Sparkylinux, elementary, MX Linux... More briefly antiX, KDE Neon for a few days... I've also tested funky stuff like Clear Linux (some crazy shit from Intel).
  6. soner du

    Douve !

  7. soner du

    Douve !

    Not from me, but it's a very nice medieval take on Doom, From the "Codex de Simon de Thuillères", a French compilation of fake medival art about modern pop culture. (now being crowdfunded : bit.ly/le-codex )
  8. Doom I* Quake I* Tales of Maj'Eyal NetHack Torchlight I* Eldritch Transcendence Final Fantasy VII HyperRogue Titan Quest * : I also like #II, but still prefer #I
  9. soner du

    What ports do YOU use?

    Chocolate Doom for vanilla WADs (most of the time). Crispy Doom for limit-removing WADs. ZDoom for funkier stuff. Currently testing Woof, maybe my future BOOM/MBF port.
  10. I was 21 when I started playing Doom, at the end of 1993. Stopped playing in 1996 (when Duke Nukem cam out), came back in 2009.
  11. soner du

    I want a dog ! (looking for MBF/Woof WADs)

    The WAD runs perfectly under Woof ! Poor doggy died, burned down by that pesky early boss...
  12. Are there WADS specifically designed for, or especially enjoyable with, nice dog(s) besides the doomguy ? I want to test the Woof source port (a modern "winMBF") ; I've played other MBF-based source ports (PrBoom+) in the past, but very rarely with a dog...
  13. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    I've not updated my packages with the newer Freedom IWADs (from 0.11.3 to 0.12.1) because, for some reason (the newer SKY4 textures ?), the freedoom1.wad is now a few MB bigger. I can not more keep my packages under 32MB unzipped, as advertised... I'll probably update my packages with the full Freedoom IWAD (including the maps, as they're fully vanilla now), and put bigger PWADs compared to the small-sized ones I've included previously (Dmonfear, Zone 300...). I'll try to keep a 64MB limit this time.
  14. Some good vanilla Ultimate Doom MegaWAD : Eternal Torture : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/megawads/et Switcheroom : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/megawads/swtchrm Zone300 is also a cool Vanilla Doom II MegaWAD : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/zone300
  15. 10 points for Batman Doom 9 points for Suspended in Dusk 8 points for REKKR 7 points for Ancient Aliens 6 points for Alien Vendetta 5 points for Plutonia 2 4 points for 2002 A Doom Odyssey 3 points for Demonfear 2 points for Endless Torture 1 point for Nostromo's Run