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  1. Eviternity and SIGIL are respectively MBF-compatible and limit-removed, they're not exactly 100% DOOM... (not playable with the original engine) What doom-like engine are you using ?
  2. Win7 is not really my main OS, I keep it besides my linux-of-the-moment (elementary OS currently) to run a few windows-only games. I guess I'll install the final free updates of 2019, then I'll keep the system untouched for years to come. I may switch to ReactOS when it goes beyond beta stage.
  3. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    Now on Itch.io : https://osr-vf.itch.io/ross
  4. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    SLIGE is a kind of ancestor to OBLIGE, not the other way around. I've hesitated between Crispy and Choco, but finally I've chosen Choco because I was aiming for the most authentic old-school feel and smallest size. I had to make a choice... If I wanted comptatibility with most recent WADs, I would have chosen GZDoom... Being vanilla-compatible is a goal for FreeDoom, but AFAIK it's still not the case today. In my packages I'm not using FreeDoom maps, only FreeDoom assets ; the maps are SLIGE-generated.
  5. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    I play most PWADs with FreeDOOM and everything looks good ;) Except in UAC_DEAD, the evil(ish) mega-corporation seems to hesitate between two names : UAC or AGM ?
  6. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    Oblige does not create Vanilla WADs.
  7. soner du

    ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

    Self-Asked Questions : Why have I done that ? - Just because I wanted to spread love for (Free)DOOM all over the planet, and like to have a minimal (Free)DOOM on my USB key. Why this choice of WADs ? - Well, because I wanted vanilla and small-size (arbitrarily under 32 MB) stuff, and I actually love the WADs I've chosen. Will the 2 packages change over time ? - Yes, I'll probably follow the next ChocoDOOM and FreeDOOM versions. Maybe change the PWADs someday, or include some little cool tools (like adding The Populator into the random WAD generation process). Maybe update the IWAD when I'm skilled (intermission screens, title screen...). Will there be other packages ? - Probably not.
  8. I've (somewhat) completed a little personal project : ready-to-play packages containing open-source data (FreeDOOM) and software (Chocolate DOOM), and a selection of classic WADs. Those packages are less than 32MB (unzipped) and include a simple GUI, basically an exe which launches a .BAT menu. URL : https://sites.google.com/view/ultimate-ross/accueil Both packages include : Chocolate Doom Random WAD generation thanks to SLIGE + ZenNode First package, "ROSS : ultimate revelation", include : Freedoom1 data + SLIGE maps Two full megaWADs : Switcheroom and Eternal Torture Two shorter WADs : Crusades and UAC_DEAD Second package, "ROSS : inferno earth", include : FreeDOOM2 data + SLIGE maps Two full megaWAD : DemonFear and Zone 300 Two shorter WADs : Null Space and Nostromo's Run
  9. soner du

    can someone send me a freedoom wad

    OK, that's a kind of linux then. I think this may work : 1/ Download some good WAD from https://www.doomworld.com/idgames//index.php?dir=levels/doom2/megawads/&sort=rating&direction=desc For example a good old classic like Scythe : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/scythe Unzip the .zip in some directory (on linux, I like to create a /home/user/WAD directory) 2/ In the /Home/user/WAD directory (or anyplace you put your WADs in), create a script file, for example named scythe.sh In the script file, put some text like "freedoom -file ./scythe/SCYTHE.WAD" or "prboom-plus -file ./scythe/SCYTHE.WAD" or "prboom -file ./scythe/SCYTHE.WAD" (it depends on what software your chromebook is running) Make the script executable. Anytime you want to play scythe, run your scythe.sh script. That's it.
  10. soner du

    can someone send me a freedoom wad

    How do you run freedoom ? With which software ? On which operating system ? (So we can explain how to run new wads over FreeDoom)
  11. soner du

    Mods for zdoom

    Chex Quest 3 : totally kids-friendly (it's a revised expansion on a game available in cereal boxes in the 90's) made for zdoom (in fact, it includes a version of zdoom) very cool it's an IWAD (does not require Doom WAD to work) It's here : http://www.chucktropolis.com/gamers.htm
  12. soner du


    Currently testing SLIGE + Populator... Globally very cool, except when a Cyberdemon is met in a corridor at the beginning of a level (and you really need a rocket launcher and places to hide) I'm having fun anyways !
  13. soner du

    Welcome to John Carmack Room !

    An electrical extension, I guess. They're crawling everywhere under the floor slabs.
  14. soner du

    Welcome to John Carmack Room !

    I don't have the exact number of voters, but we're several old doomers at the office. ;)