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  1. Hey, first post on my Doomworld Blog !

    Here are my personal Doom resolutions for 2013 :
    - Finish Alien Vendetta (currently stuck on MAP16 : I'm scared of those Cyberdemons !) and continue Hell Revealed...
    - Make a WAD ! I have a title (Nix), a concept (alternate episode 1), a few ideas, started some sample rooms, but I have to work seriously...

    As for my personal resolutions :
    - Continue to lose weight down to 80kg or less. I've already lost some 28kg (from 117 to 89, that's 61.6 lbs or something) in the first half of 2012, the last 10 kgs are the hardest part !
    - Finish to paint those walls, and totally change that kitchen, in my apartement.