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  1. Thanks :) Maybe I will put them into my deathmatch wad. Haha, Thank you. :D But SpaceDM9's S9DM3 have a very nice design.
  2. Finally, I used these for the neon-lights effect. They seem better. :3
  3. I'm quite interested in making neon-lights actor. :P I used the face of "The Adventures of Square" to test the neon-lights effect. Just a simple demonstration. The effect look so good. Aren't they ? :3
  4. Very simple. Discussion about DOOM or communicate with other doomers.
  5. I'm thinking where I can put this neonlight on my Wad.
  6. Actually, classical music are my inspiration for making music. :3
  7. I am thinking about if using this guy (Haruyuki) as status bar face. Maybe quite interesting. ----->
  8. I love Symphony X.
  9. I don't mind. :D
  10. Meow~~~
  11. I have a question. :D If a person who has learned bass or drums then he/she can make a metal music easier. Is this true ?
  12. DoomedDoomguyFromDoom.
  13. Archviles. Sure.
  14. Sorry for bumping, but thanks for everyone's ideas. :) I always listen to Mark Klem, David Shaw, Stewboy's music for now. Their music just fit the mood when playing doom. And gave me some musical ideas. Some of them are relaxing, I like them. :D Also, I think PRIMEVAL's music are great too because of having emotions.
  15. I think more than 1000 hours...