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Everything posted by massacrebosco

  1. massacrebosco

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Thanks :) Maybe I will put them into my deathmatch wad. Haha, Thank you. :D But SpaceDM9's S9DM3 have a very nice design.
  2. massacrebosco

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Finally, I used these for the neon-lights effect. They seem better. :3
  3. massacrebosco

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I'm quite interested in making neon-lights actor. :P I used the face of "The Adventures of Square" to test the neon-lights effect. Just a simple demonstration. The effect look so good. Aren't they ? :3
  4. massacrebosco

    What got you to join Doomworld?

    Very simple. Discussion about DOOM or communicate with other doomers.
  5. massacrebosco

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I'm thinking where I can put this neonlight on my Wad.
  6. What are your inspiration from for composing music ? From some heavy metal music ? From classical music ? (e.g. Beethoven, Chopin, Shostakovich...) From video game music ? Just like Megaman game music ? From anime music ? Or from others ?
  7. Actually, classical music are my inspiration for making music. :3
  8. massacrebosco

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I am thinking about if using this guy (Haruyuki) as status bar face. Maybe quite interesting. ----->
  9. massacrebosco

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I love Symphony X.
  10. massacrebosco

    extra doom guy reaction faces?

    I don't mind. :D
  11. massacrebosco

    extra doom guy reaction faces?

  12. I have a question. :D If a person who has learned bass or drums then he/she can make a metal music easier. Is this true ?
  13. massacrebosco

    The name of the Doom Marine.

  14. massacrebosco

    Most annoying monsters in doom?

    Archviles. Sure.
  15. Sorry for bumping, but thanks for everyone's ideas. :) I always listen to Mark Klem, David Shaw, Stewboy's music for now. Their music just fit the mood when playing doom. And gave me some musical ideas. Some of them are relaxing, I like them. :D Also, I think PRIMEVAL's music are great too because of having emotions.
  16. massacrebosco


    I think more than 1000 hours...
  17. I composed these sonatas. The titles were just added randomly.

    ["Tsundere" Sonata]

    1ST movement
    2ND movement
    3RD movement

    ["Autumn Wind" Sonata]

    1ST movement
    2ND movement
    3RD movement

    Actually, The "Tsundere" Sonata consists of four movements but the 4th movement isn't finished yet.

    Also, maybe I will try to make some MIDI music in the future !!
    Like electronic music, neo-classical style, progressive metal, or other style.

  18. massacrebosco

    Things about Doom you just found out

    About music tracks trivia, I just found out none of the music of official classic Doom IWADs is written in B-flat key. It's the only key not be used. ---[In C key]--- Doom E1M8, Doom E2M2, Doom Victory Music, Doom2 Map02, Doom2 Map03 ---[In C-sharp key]--- Doom E1M9, Doom2 Map23, TNT map14 ---[In D key]--- Doom E1M5, Doom E2M4, Doom E2M7, Doom E3M8, Doom2 Map09, TNT map01, TNT map02, TNT map08, TNT map20, TNT map22 ---[In D-sharp key]--- Doom E1M3, Doom E2M6, Doom2 Map06, Doom2 Map07, Doom2 Map25 ---[In E key]--- Doom E1M1, Doom E1M6, Doom E2M1, Doom E2M3, Doom E3M1, Doom E3M2, Doom Intermission Music, Doom Endgame Music, Doom2 Map01, TNT map05, TNT map06, TNT map10, TNT map16, TNT Endgame Music ---[In F key]--- Doom E3M3, Doom2 Map05, Doom2 Map18 ---[In F-sharp key]--- Doom E1M2, Doom E1M4, Doom2 Map04, TNT map07 ---[In G key]--- Doom2 Map08, TNT map04 ---[In G-sharp key]--- Doom E1M7, Doom2 Map20 ---[In A key]--- Doom E2M8, Doom2 Map30, TNT map11, TNT map31, TNT Intermission Music ---[In B-flat key]--- (None) ---[In B key]--- Doom2 Map10, Doom2 Map28, Doom2 Map31, Doom2 Map32, Doom2 Endgame Music, Doom2 Intermission Music Ehhhh......maybe someone has found this trivia already ?
  19. massacrebosco

    What was your first M rated game?

    Definitely DOOM. I started to play DOOM when I was very young.
  20. massacrebosco

    What are your Doom Habits

    I always find all the secrets and kill all monsters before exit the level, each map. Also, if I can, I would use chainsaw to melee with pinkydemon for not wasting bullets.
  21. If a person that you hate or has ever insulted you, has made some doom wads or mods, will you play it ? (In case you know who the maker is)
  22. massacrebosco

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    http://i.imgur.com/VILOq08.png Just a very simple neon light test. Maybe I will use it as ornaments in my slaughter maps. >:3
  23. massacrebosco

    official doom toy

    Cute Doomguy !!! Btw, the BFG seems legit.
  24. massacrebosco

    Doom marine's face

    Btw, who is he ?
  25. massacrebosco

    Doom marine's face

    Doomguy face a little bit looks like B.J Blazkowicz. So i think Doomguy face is inspired by him.