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  1. llrockstar

    Duke Nukem Forever $10 on Steam

    Seriously is everyone still Bitching about DNF? If you can't be happy with the game then there's a few things wrong, either you've never played and been a fan of the original games, Your pissed because it's not like COD, MW, BF or some other shitty Military based game, or you expected WAY TOO MUCH out of this game. It took Longer than GNR's Chinese Democracy Album for Christ's Sake! That was foreshadowing that anything that need more then 10 years to make wasn't gonna be amazing. Duke Nukem Forever was awesome Despite it's Modern Day Cultural failures. Other than that it was Duke Nukem straight from formula and at his finest So either like it or Eat shit and die. And for the "Fans" of DN At least the game came out. Be happy for once in your lives. Damn.
  2. llrockstar

    Doom Metal Music

    Wow man thanks for that. I've listened to Neurological's stuff from both DooM and another game his friend was working and The creativity is Brilliant. Thanks again for listening as well as the Complement.
  3. llrockstar

    Doom Metal Music

    :D thanks very much like I said I'm just happy you took the time to view this. lol
  4. llrockstar

    Doom Metal Music

    No I did all of the instruments except for drums. The Drums were programed :) I even threw the old Keyboard in there at the beginning. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.
  5. llrockstar

    Doom Metal Music

    I do listen to Solitude Aeturnus! that's funny. It's weird because it feels like something more prone to the 3rd game really. But thanks for checking it out.
  6. llrockstar

    Doom Metal Music

    Hey Guys I'm a Musician from South Florida and I've recently Started covering the original DooM music in Rock and Metal Form much like Neurological and Sonic Clang, I've also covered music from Wolfenstein and I also create my own tracks that are inspired by the same games. I'm going to post a song i recently wrote inspired by DooM, originally it was my attempt at E1M1 but it wasn't going so well so I scrapped the project and soon my song "EAT LEAD!" was born. Let me know what you think, if you really like it please subscribe to my youtube account and I'll keep dishing out new tunes. The Long Lake Rockstar~ DooM - "EAT LEAD!" youtube.com/watch?v=i-lG6Q1qj3Y