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  1. thx134

    Doom 3 - DirectX Raytracing

    This is fucking rad, I checked out the the github, but can't figure out how to install it. is this going to be more like a sourceport where the engine data is all included and you just add the game files? or how would I install this?
  2. i can't join my own skull tag server every time i do it brings me to the console screen and says "make sure you have the correct wads"
  3. thx134

    psp doom

    psp doom. it's a good idea but when you get down to playing it, the final product just plain stinks.take for example the control scheme. it has a similar control scheme as the ps1 version of doom and theres a reason why i dont play doom on ps1. another thing is the music.it's horrible. it's like an 8-bit remdition of the music in doom. i'd give it a second chance if someone could make it better. like a gzdoom or doomsday for the psp. or at least a mod where you could easily change the control scheme
  4. thx134

    jdoom what is it?

    after it's set up can i upload new wads like custom wads
  5. thx134

    jdoom what is it?

    okay so ho do i use it do i have to have doomsday first?
  6. thx134

    adding wads to zdoom or gzdoom

    im not sure it'll work like that but i'll give it a try
  7. thx134

    jdoom what is it?

    so what exactly is jdoom and how do i use it?
  8. thx134

    adding wads to zdoom or gzdoom

    thanks guys you really helped now i can play all the doom wads that i download turned out all i had to do is go over to my wad of choice right click hit copy then right click on (g)zdoom and hit paste then the program would start up ask me which wad i wanted to use depending on if it was for doom1 or 2. after i make my selction it would start the custom wad file. so thanks for the help.
  9. thx134

    adding wads to zdoom or gzdoom

    i tried dragging and droppin already. am i supposed to have everything in a specific folder?
  10. thx134

    adding wads to zdoom or gzdoom

    yes i know but i just can't any info from that maybe if you can explain it in lament's terms.
  11. i'd like to play all these awesome wads,but i'm running zdoom and gzdoom and i'm having trouble installing the wads. mainly because i don't know how to do it and doom wiki isn't helping can someone please better explain how to install wads to zdoom and gzdoom?
  12. thx134

    doom biulder 2 for pc

    of corse. i can run minecraft,doom,doom2,starcraft. . .
  13. thx134

    doom biulder 2 for pc

    how would i be able able to check?
  14. thx134

    doom biulder 2 for pc

    whenever i try to make a new map it doesn't go to the normal grid. it goes to a distorted scree with different colors