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  1. Mae77

    Legacy PSP gameplay fixes

    Well I don't know if flamming_python will make a "PSP LEGACY 5" finally (because of the time since this thread was made) but I think it's not a waste of time re-check some points in case if someone else will do it someday: I'm not talking necessary for levels like "Nutz" but sometimes just a PWAD with more than 10MB generally give lag in some parts of some levels. Well that's not really important just like these 2 points I think are REALLY needed to fix:
  2. Mae77

    Legacy PSP gameplay fixes

    First than all guys plz excuse me for reviving an old thread. I think this "message is important enough to warrant bumping the thread". But I'm a HUGE fan of PSP Legacy and I want to say some things: 1-.I've noticed that Doom games freeze some times when the reproduction of a MP3 ends. I discovered what gives that MP3 error. The tracks we want to use MUST be 44100Hz 192kbps stereo, with that, the freezes are vanished :D. May yoy add that info in the music.txt file for 5.0. I noticed this to Markus Buretop who released the version 4 and said he would include that warning if he ever releases a "5" version. Now it's time :D 2.-The Pwads folders as you say. It's a shame PSP Legacy only supports until 16 of them. As you you say, it's a cool idea putting separated folders for each game, but plz be sure to add support for all the Pwads as possible, not only 16 for not having to go to the computer to move/rename files/folders each time we wanna play some specifical Pwad. 3.-Any chance on this upcoming "new version" where the 64MB of the PSP SLIM can be used at its top? Because many custom wads look so laggy when there's many enemies (not talking about the NUTZ "saga", just some levels that run smoothy on old computers also) or many objects in some scenaries, making them unplayable. Or just some big levels simply make so laggy the game. I compared this issue in both FAT and SLIM PSPs and this happens with no difference (I'm assuming Legacy 4 is using only 32MB of ram). I think we must forget about PSP-1000 for this update, for getting better perfomance with the 64MB ram of PSP 2000 to forward. 4.-The analog stick of the PSP should be configurable too... you know, games designed FOR PSP work right with the analog pad, but PSP doesn't work very well, and we aren't allowed to configure the analog pad as we wish, for example: Map, Jump, etc. Plz fix it. And... Dude, I have about 40 megawads full compatible with PSP Legacy. But some have replaced levels who freezed the game putting single working levels... so there a TON of authors "involved"... since those compilations are in spirit special for the PSP Legacy, I guess the community can be OK about that. I would send them to you, pal, and you see how you distribute them for the PSP version.
  3. Mae77

    drawing by omegachaino

    A pic from a cool friend from Chile: his stuff: http://omegachaino.deviantart.com/
  4. Mae77

    Doom 4 should have...

    Did u readed this guys ? http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/10/doom-4-discovered-on-steam-content-database-thanks-to-dataminers/ Sorry if this is old news here.
  5. Mae77

    My first (and perhaps last) levels

    Hehehehe, it's hard to resist to read replies ** I have tons of Megawads from the Idgames archive and I compile some more single levels to make more megawads for me (Doom PSX adicted since 1998 but discovered the PSP Legacy and that's how I came to the world of wads... what a pain when I discovered the existence of the ARCHIVILLE just about one year ago U-_-). I always refuse to touch PC games, but PSP Legacy looks SO better than the PSX Doom games). There's a lot of awesome works as you say, so inspiration for more guys to make there's in the air. I used to release MUGEN characters and Super Mario World hacks, but with my current life I can't dedicate time for more stuff like these. Just wanted to kill monsters with my dear kids :D. I know my maps have a lot of ugly decorates, but wanna have that was as an opposite way after seeing how many talented guys make maps who look like new official doom games. That's my humor sense **. Thx for your post. Hahaha same thinking here (ugliest playable levels ever). Thanks for the feedback too. Perhaps one day I'll do it. I wanna use these few lines to thank to all the DW community for the shares (stuff, wads, knowledge, tips, feedback, etc.). This is one of the best sites of "homebrew" (refering to custom wads), and, even if I post so few here, I always read the newstuff chronicles, visit the forums and download files from the id archive. Doom is not a game. It's a way of living. Cheers !
  6. Mae77

    My first (and perhaps last) levels

    How can I record with Fraps ? I can't do it with Skulltag, with other games I get no problems. But don't worry, I just want to share it, don't care about comments or feedback, cheers !
  7. Hi guys: I wanna share 9 levels I made from scratch for Doom 2 (01 to 09) who are ugly in design (specially level 09), but I made them just for having 'only bullet action' with my 2 little cousins addicted to Doom. We use to play in Doom Legacy X (Xbox "1") in Co-op, but this wad is not recognized by that port so we play this on 2 PSPs. I couldn't make functional doors and teleports; didn't want keys just blood, and I couldn't put "solo play/multiplayer" in the same file so this zip contains both "versions". Feel free to take this stuff as a base for new levels if you want. Just let me know if someone makes it for follow that eventual work. The "mini game" is called "No Puzzle 4 Da Shootin'". It was tested on Skulltag, DoomX (Xbox) and PSP Legacy. Since this only use simple resources, I think should be compatible with many of the source ports. Here's: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11089545/No-Puzzle-4-Da-Shootin%27.rar
  8. Mae77

    Monsters don't attack me :S

    THAT WAS THE RIGHT ANSWER !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Memfis ! Immediatly worked at both Skulltag and PSP Legacy (monsters attacking the player). Now we know how to fix this issue, for more beginners who can have this same problem. Cheers and thanx again guys :) I'll try to make a decent megawad (but don't expect too much ** ).
  9. Mae77

    Monsters don't attack me :S

    Skulltag , PSP Legacy and Xbox1 Legacy, that's my goal (I wish) Mmmmmm... I don't know, how can I know/test it ? (sorry if your questions are a joke that I didn't understand, my english is not very good... but I can survive :D ) This WIP level is an example, at the beggining of editing the monsters attacked me and now nothing.... tested on Skulltag and PSP Legacy: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11089545/level02.rar Thx in advance :D
  10. Mae77

    Monsters don't attack me :S

    I see this happened to few people, and no answers. I shot them , they see me, they attack themselves... but no one attacks me, in fact I can't make damage to myself (throwing rockets close to a wall). I used Doom 2 as a base... really I don't know what's the reason :S
  11. Hi pals: I'm learning to make custom levels with Doombuilder. But the enemies don't attack me at all :S. I'm testing on Skulltag and PSP Legacy, and in both ports this happens. What can I do please ? Thx in advance.
  12. Thx for reply. Well, just must go to back to my N64 to enjoy it as it deserves :D Anyways the DOom 64 that I extracted from TC just have one error: the character (the star guest/player) in some areas recieves damage with no reason, as the novice floors typical damage. Just for that it doesn't work well. Thanks to god the stage I wanted, Absolution, works without problems, except after killing all the monsters, there's no exit from it :D. Thanks for the info ! Wish the DS WIP can be ported to PSP as well someday .
  13. Mae77

    Things That WAD Designers Do That Irritate You

    Starting levels with weak weapons and low ammo against Cyberdemon(s) in small places >:-(
  14. Hi guys: Since the begginings of this year I discovered the Legacy for PSP. Before that, I was a Doom PSX player since 1999. I don't like too much play on PC, consoles are my choose always. My PSP resurrected my Doom addiction because of the compatibilty with custom wad levels :) Now I've almost test every wad from this site, but now a stupid question.... there's some wad who has the Doom 64 levels for Doom 1 or Doom 2 ? I know about D64TC by kaiser, I've tested his D64 wads but they have a lot of bugs when you run it as a "normal" custom wad on Legacy PSP. So that's why my question, plz... I know about a 8 level Wad with D64 levels, but I ask for an entire wad with the full D64 levels for D1 or D2. (sorry if my english is odd, I'm a spanish speaker) Thanks in advance.