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  1. Mattassacre

    180 movie - reminding you that pro-choicers are Nazis

    oh goodie, somethink to make my blood boil..
  2. Mattassacre

    Thrash Metal

    I've always enjoyed thrash to some degree. I started with early metallica and megadeth, and slowly progressed to lesser known thrash bands. Anyways, my favourite thrash bands goes as follows: Megadeth Nuclear Assault Sodom Kreator Tankard Sacred Reich Hirax Metallica Exodus Testament Anthrax
  3. Mattassacre

    Thrash Metal

    aw, am i the only one who likes Nuclear Assault ? D:
  4. Mattassacre

    Thrash Metal

    would you be shocked to hear that the vocalist of Slayer is Catholic ?
  5. Mattassacre

    Occupy Wall Street

    Whenever i first heard about this I was like "newfags.. newfags everywhere.."
  6. Mattassacre

    Quake I vs Quake II

    Never played the quake series outside of Quake III Arena. (heresy) I was to busy playing Doom 2. xP
  7. Mattassacre

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    i never played the original doom until 2005. :/
  8. Mattassacre

    No auto-aim after a distance. Why?

    never really noticed to be honest. :/
  9. -please repost this in the appropriate section if this isn't correct-
    Hello, all, i'm Mattasscre.
    Anyways, I started playing Doom around 2001ish and lurked on various doom sites such as Doomworld for quite a while. So, I have been apart of the community, just not actively. So, hello.

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      > this thread

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      Am I the only one who had to slowly repeat "Mattassacre" out loud multiple times before I could pronounce his nickname in my head?