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  1. Nordevai

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    Thats because Aleph One was based on Durandal's source code. Marathon 1 never had its source code released and there were several differences between the marathon 1 format and marathon durandal format. Eventually Raul Bonilla and Co got together and made Marathon 1 Aleph One (M1A1), a total conversion that attempted to remake the original Marathon in an Aleph One environment. While It was a close imitation there were several things that just couldn't be replicated perfectly, and at one point it contained a modified start for marathon involving the dreaming god from Pathways into Darkness that was eventually removed. Aleph One now supports the original Marathon map format, so when you go to download Marathon from the main site its not M1A1 anymore its Marathon 1. To answer you first question thought, you can most certainly play the original games from the trilogy release site through sheepshaver. Before I acquired my G3 powerbook I used sheepshaver to emulate and play the originals and the various mods for them that where not so windows friendly.
  2. Nordevai

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    As Soda mentioned the whole mouse controls being pretty wonky seemed to be one of the biggest issues. Another possible issue I could think of, though not sure if this was ever a big deal or not, was that you could not play marathon 1 as originally intended for the longest time in Aleph One. It could not read the original data files. The alternative was to use M1A1, a total coversion by Raul Bonilla, using Marathon 2 as a base in an attempt to emulate the original Marathon. It did a pretty good job of being the original marathon, but there was a few things here and there that couldn't be replicated. Well, I can kinda understand if your looking at Marathon 1. Some of that architecture was a little weird for a colony ship, but there was some pretty neat designs in Durandal and Infinity. Maybe the alien-ness of the pfhor and spht textures where off putting to some? Personally that's why i loved it. Familiar enough that you could tell that certain things where "techy" but at the same time alien enough to be "yep, certain that no human built that".
  3. Nordevai

    Marathon Appreciation Thread

    Ever since I came across an article in some long forgotten magazine back in 07-08 i've fallen in love with the series. So much that I got ahold of a old g3 powerbook not only just to run the original marathon in its native environment but to play some of the lesser known TC's and Scenarios. Its just a shame that community has declined in the past few years, not too much custom content is showing up these days.
  4. Nordevai

    Strife: Veteran Edition hits GOG.com

    This is great! I've been waiting for this for awhile. Any Idea on how long the sale is going to last?
  5. Nordevai

    Oops. Someone sent me an extra Collectors Edition....

    Count me in as well.
  6. Pretty much what Dobu and Cannonball said. With this map being in such a "alpha" state its difficult to really give meaningful feedback. Just keep working on sprucing up the layout and don't be afraid to play around with texturing. The best way to figure out how textures work is to just experiment with them in a map. Also, the player can get trapped in the secret room with the SSG.
  7. Nordevai

    Prologue (A Short Doom II Speedmap)

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll keep these things in mind with future projects.
  8. New mapper here, got room for one more on this boat?
  9. Near the beginning of December I started working on a doom map with the intentions of finally releasing something after my first mapping attempt fizzled out earlier this year. The map itself was taking longer than I wanted, so to get myself out of this slow mapping trend of mine I finally decided to have a go at speedmapping. I gave myself three hours to make a map, and this is the result. A Few Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/v6iVWQg.png http://i.imgur.com/JQDsmSj.png http://i.imgur.com/j3Hbpk6.png http://i.imgur.com/nV36QJO.png Its not the worse map in the world, so I decided to upload it here for comments. Its for Doom II UDMF format and tested with ZDoom. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or death threats. A few notes first. I spent a little too much time on details in the red key room, which left me with limited time to finish up the rest of the map. While I don't think it affected much else, it really made the last room suffer. Its just not pretty. Anyway, here's the download link Download Link(Mediafire)
  10. Nordevai

    Game Collecting

    Have you taken it apart and cleaned it lately? Back when God of War 3 came out a friend of mine bought it and I came over one day when he was playing it on his PS3. The damn thing sounded like a rocket trying to take off into orbit, so we took it apart and cleaned out the ridiculous amount of dust that had gathered inside the console. After that the console was not nearly as loud as it was before.
  11. Nordevai

    Game Collecting

    I've done this quite a few times actually, and just like you I bought the 32x doom despite not have the 32x to play it. In my younger years, I would buy Sega Saturn games (that still had there long boxes intact) simply for the fact I liked how they looked stacked next to each other on the shelf. I would have these games, including Doom for the Sega Saturn, for years before I finally decided to go by a Saturn console to play them. Other examples of this include: 1: Buying a boxed copy of Doom II for the Mac while having never owned a apple computer. 2: Finding (and buying) a boxed copy of Raiden for the Atari Jaguar despite not having a Jaguar. I just thought having a boxed Atari game would be a cool addition to my game collection. 3: Buying Japanese Megadrive versions of Shinning Force I & II just because I really enjoyed the English games. Just like the example above I thought it would be cool to have them.
  12. I'm right there with you on that one. My only real problem with the second one was how Shredder acted. Why did he never just fight them normally? He kicked there ass in the first one, only reason he lost was because he had a moment of idiocy that resulting in him pretty much throwing himself off the building.
  13. Nordevai

    My map to your map.

    I will say I loved this map so much. Its atmosphere was just amazing and the new textures really added something.
  14. Nordevai

    Favorite WAD you have played

    Deus Vult II/Action Doom II for Doom, Icebound for Heretic. Haven't played enough Hexen wads to pick a favorite for it.
  15. Nordevai

    Games that time forgot

    I played way to much of this as a kid. I got pretty good at it too. I tried playing a couple of months back, I sucked sooooo much at it.