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  1. I've fixed it. There was an undefined sector special where that teleport was. There was nothing there on the original map.
  2. No, I forgot to mention it was in first person.
  3. It was either a dos or Windows 95 game. You controlled some kind of car that could shoot other cars. In the beggining of the game, There are two paths, left or right, left brought you to a drop, which led you to a infinite loop, unless you turned around. This then brings you to a strange place with turret enemies. I don't remember where right led you
  4. Does Anyone know if there's a fix for this: It's hard to see, but there's a red line of pixels which are part of the railing texture that's repeating.
  5. Is there any way to make the hud sprites (and status bar) scale?
  6. I can't change the resolution, after i try to set it the port just "crashes" and keeps running in the background.
  7. I thought they meant the 3d sky effect that Doom 64 also has.
  8. I'm getting a strange error loading my map: I can't seem to fix it.
  9. I already solved it, It was because I was using the wrong PSXDOOM.WAD.
  10. I keep getting "P loadblocks: data failure" while trying load (Final Doom). Does anybody know what this error is?