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  1. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'll try again,some of it may be too vague,but here goes: -the first episode had a night sky. -it had a custom STBAR. -the first level started in a mountain. -there was a level where you kill a icon of sin by hitting a switch inside a room with a mirror in front of him(I'm not sure if it's the boom translucent type windows or just a midtexture). -it included both base and hell levels. -i remember loading the first level on doom95. I think I'm confusing the icon of sin fight with another wad,but if anyone remembers anything similar,I'm thankful! EDIT:nevermind,I found it.
  2. A Visit To ID Software - Video from 1993

    It was just cheaper than the beta.Only very earlier versions of the game were free.
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Epic 2

    Map04 - Sarcophagus 100% kills; 96% items; 50% secrets I agree with what Demonologist said.But i actually enjoyed this map,here we see more stereotypical Egyptian structures,like the coffin.It still has some interesting areas to it,the green armor secret and the revenant trap with the soulsphere.But by far the last room is the best highlight of this map.After the loads of bright areas we pass trough,then enter a big dark room with cool traps,diverting a little from the previous experiences.Demon of the Well had a interesting view at the coffin. More on the gameplay side,i think the switch hunt next to the revenant coffin was too easy,the archvile could have been put in a more threatening manner.Also the spiderdemon trap,which i've made it infight with the barons.Aside from that,it's cool.
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Epic 2

    Map03 - Black magic 100% kills; 97% items; 75% secrets In this map you get a glance at the new decorations and sounds,but overall it's the same as the previous map,with more rocket launcher goodies and bigger architecture. At least the secrets are marked,since Eternal likes to use wallhump secrets. Would't lose much health if wasn't for the revenants.
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Epic 2

    MAP02 - Voodoo 100% kills; 100% items; 100% secrets This level is more typical,it already let's the player comfortable about the next maps.Since i played this a month ago,so i just remembering my past experiences. The new pain elemental sprite is cool i guess.pretty much the whole thing that keeps me playing is the atmosphere,a break from the techbases and hell.And the music of course.
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Epic 2

    One of my favorite wads,one of the few megawads that i played (almost) completely and enjoyed. I'm going to use the DOOM2+ engine for this one,since it allows me to save on big maps. MAP01 - "Entrance" 100% kills; 100% items; 0% secrets It's the first map and it already trows some big monsters at you,and still not becoming slaughter-ish,also the opening is a nice introduction of the Egyptian theme to the player.The new sounds helps to improve the mood too.While the views are nice,only the later levels shows at really this wad is about. I wouldn't lose too much health if i didn't try to punch everything,but otherwise there were no problems.
  7. Marines' appearance in ROE

    seems reasonable
  8. Wad File Recycling Center Map Project

    Two unfinished layouts i made.Toxic zone would be techbase style,while floodgates would be hell. http://speedy.sh/jD3KE/unfinisheddoom.zip EDIT:toxiczone use some doom 1 textures
  9. What's wrong on this screenshot?

    you could do this using vanilla doom,as long you provided the resources.It's not too useful,since once you picked up,it's not possible to switch back when if the SSG ran out of ammo or you selected another weapon. But speaking about the patch,it would be cool if you could put doom 2 monster in the first game too.
  10. wads with "natural" environments?

    The herian series has some vegetation.But it's more in the style of heretic and hexen.
  11. Damaging water floors?

    Nope.I just tested with vanilla(with -2/-5% damage),and i got damaged.
  12. Things about Doom you just found out

    Not exactly doom related,but alien cabal uses a modified doom 2 engine with rather significant changes
  13. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    i don't know if anyone knows this,but: -you start off in a moutain in a circle of fire -it has a modified STBAR -it appeared in the planet doom's featured pic -its a 32 map megawad -some of the maps were very long
  14. Newdoom

    skip to 2:56 to see him(William Mull)
  15. found a bug in habitat floating chain