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  1. Major Update Uploaded: Beta V.2.3 will be considered the Release Candidate for Version 1.0 - Added compat_explode1 which removes Vertical Thrusts from Splash Damage. - New Cursor Graphic. - Aesthetic Changes to the overworld. Changing the Sail textures for the Ships and Making the Wheel on the ships a 3d Model (Thank you to TheMisterCat for making those)
  2. Uploaded Beta V2.3 - Added Hot Key binds for Apples, Healing Potions and Mana Potions for quick access.
  3. Minor Update Uploaded: - Change geometry on the overworld map to enhance visuals. - Added Ambient Sounds in the overworld.
  4. jazzmaster9


    Well thank god Eternal was a actually great. Microsoft has to make something really good to top it. Though i doubt id will let anyone touch Doom at this point.
  5. Beta v2.2 Uploaded This will hopefully be the final beta version before full release - Changed player view height from 41 to 46 to have him be visually the same height as the NPCs. - Changed the Weapon and Spell Projectile Spawn heights to match the new view height. - Correct Weapon Offset for the Repeater to have it centered.
  6. jazzmaster9

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    Based on the internet "everything ever created" is overrated. I personally dont like the concept of calling something overrated. Its the equivalent of "Lots of people like something i don't? that cant be ! It must be stopped!"
  7. Doesn't mean that these games are unable to at least remember their roots. Regardless if you think they are just "fans" the content that was released still has clear inspiration from the original. Being made by "fans" doesnt make it anymore better or worse. In the case of Diablo 3 the "fans" were more concerned about making WoW than making Diablo. While the new id team still knew the essence of Fast Paced action, monster and and weapon variety that classic doom has.
  8. jazzmaster9

    PS5 Revealed! |ARE YOU EXCITED?|

    must be REALLY Hazy because I'm not seeing it, these animations have more weight to them than the original. its just better
  9. jazzmaster9

    PS5 Revealed! |ARE YOU EXCITED?|

    Demon Souls alone is pretty much tempting me to buy a PS5 if you played demon's Souls you will notice the complete opposite.
  10. Same Here, I love St. Anger. though i will say the Album has some stinkers, but I really thought it wasn't THAT BAD.
  11. Update: With the Feedback and Suggestions winding down, I'm eyeballing a Version 1.0 full release within the next 1-2 weeks so keep an eye out for that. Keep the feedback coming.
  12. ModDB link updated to current iteration of the Beta v.2 now known as Beta Version 2.1 Keep the Feedback and Suggestions coming guys.
  13. jazzmaster9

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    doesnt sound like a Wayne's World reference to me...
  14. jazzmaster9

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Any sources for this? or are these more crack theories about how Bethesda are ruining your Classic Doom? these ports were made so that people who don't know much about sourceports dont have to put up with Crappy Dosbox... but you already know this. but your version of reality cant have that be the case.
  15. jazzmaster9

    The new steam update for doom 1 and 2 are bad

    Actually a lot of people here are very vocal about their criticism on Bethesda, but we'll play along with your version of reality. We don't actually need purists here tho, just people who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to doom without acting high and mighty