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  1. Be cause when someone fails to create/finish a good UDMF map its somehow the formats fault for having too many features.
  2. Is this really the fault of the Format or the Author who clearly had no vision of what he wanted to make so bit off more than he could chew? Dont blame the tool for a bad artist's failed creation.
  3. I really dont mind the no haters tag only because BD threads always end up going to shit. Im glad this thread remained somewhat controled. Im planning to try the new Version this weekend only because of the Environment enhancer thing. Really interested on how thats gonna change up the regular BD gameplay.
  4. As if the original wasn't Very bland and Boring. At least the new IoS can actually defend itself more.
  5. The mod has been uploaded to the idgames archives. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wolf_shd
  6. that fog needs to be darker. 1:1:1 in RGB value. Right now it ruining the seam between the sky and the grass texture. Also its best that you edit out the light pixels on the floor for the lamps if you are going to use Dynamics Lights. EDIT: Just saw the new video and it fixed the lights. Hope to see more of this. I love Wolfenstien TCs 
  7. Not sure about my least favorite album, but my favorite from 2017 would be DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar. Though one 2017 album i didnt expect to like but actually enjoyed was Divide by Ed Sheeran. Strange how after buying a few Metal albums I ended up liking the non-metal albums more.
  8. Playing through Shovel Knight right now. Been hearing a lot of positive things about it in review so I went ahead and tried it. Its pretty great so far. Definitely feeling the NES spirit in this game.
  9. Innocence X3 is out of development hell... for now
  10. GZDoom is my favorite. I only seem to use PRBoom and Chocolate Doom when testing for community project submissions.
  11. v1.1 update Uploaded! - Rebalancing with ammo and health. - Fixed some texture alignment
  12. Well i actually like the fact that despite his character being morw human that the player is still allowed to beasically gut a Nazi in two. This BJ is basically a more "war torn" Hero than a Terminator type Hero and I like that.
  13. Doom has ways been industrial metal to me. Most the the design is Hell meets tech. Though im dreading the, inaccurate, "Dubstep" is gonna be used at some point for Doom 2016 at some point here
  14. Medal of Honor: Airborne is by far the best FPS I've played so far. Im yet to play a First Person shooter thats better. I really love the cover system in that game along with the nonlinear objectives system. The only games that come close to it for me were Shadow Warrior 2013 and Blood Dragon.
  15. The official release (v1.1) of Wolfenstein - Shadows of Destiny is now available :) IDgames link to coming soon. Changes: - All walls are now in Truecolor PNG - Some changes in texturing