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  1. jazzmaster9

    Innocence X3 - Final Beta

    The Final Beta version has been uploaded - Changes in Geometry in Map 05 - Fixed the Grammar issues on the End Text. - Lowered the Icon of Sin's pain chance value. Keep the feedback coming guys :)
  2. About the Harbinger, wouldn't it be easier and more consistent Design wise, to just edit the D64 Cyberdemon?
  3. jazzmaster9

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    2018, and People still think anything with electronic sounds is DubStep. As a reply to the topic proper. I think mick gordon is just getting started. Now that he as enough time to learn his process during the development of Doom 2016, he going to put 100% into the creative aspect of composing for Doom Eternal.
  4. jazzmaster9

    A shorter and better Doom II

    Most of the City maps were average at most The Factory, Inner most dens and, Downtown where the ones that I thought were pretty good. What I liked the most about Doom 2 through were the Gimmick Maps, they are just there for strictly Gameplay which Doom excels at. It was able to mix "Story" levels and gimmick levels well. Art direction and realism be dammed, I just want fun maps.
  5. jazzmaster9

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    for me it's Gotta be Eternal Doom, man that mapset was a chore.
  6. jazzmaster9

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Im not just talking about comments in this thread...
  7. jazzmaster9

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Thats what i am saying though. the mod is not bad because its wave based, its bad because of bad execution. People whoever think Wave Based is just objectively bad and NOT DOOM, and thats what i don't agree with.
  8. jazzmaster9

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    You missed my point. Where did i say that no one was allowed to criticise? I was mainly talking about the people who Do think its bad just because its Linear and Wave based and not "WHAT DUMM SHUD BE" Being a linear Arena shooter isn't bad but the execution, which I said needed a lot of work incase you missed it, is lacking Even The author awknowledge such problems people had with the set.
  9. jazzmaster9

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    It really isn't, just because the gameplay isn't "WHAT DEWM SHULD BE" doesnt really make it bad. DTS-T was a mess, this at least feels competent on what its trying to do but it will need A LOT of work. I welcome the more linear wave based gameplay of this mod event though it gets tedious a times, its a welcome change of pace from the normal Doom experience. ... also my PC is not good enough to play it properly *sigh* so i didn't get far.
  10. Here are all the once I played: Awsome Doom series Medal of Honor: Airborne Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty Shadow Warrior (2013) Call of Duty 2 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Half Life: Counter Strike Medal of Honor: Allied Assault + Expansions Return to Castle Wolfenstein Wolfenstein 2009 Powerslave Quake Blood Pretty good Heretic Strife Hexen Duke Nukem 3d Far Cry 3 Medal of Honor: Underground Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Halo 4 Call of Duty: World at War Disappointing Call of Duty: World War 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  11. jazzmaster9

    Innocence X3 - Final Beta

    Minor Update: - Added pain Chance to the final boss to at least give players the indication that you are damaging it. - More Texture Realignment. Sorry for the lack of Updates lately, IRL stuff has taken over most of my free time
  12. jazzmaster9

    The "BUT" Thread

    Well right you are assuming their choice is a form of "crowd-pleasing" which pretty much means you think they only use those designs out of nostalgia, which is lazy and not out of pure design choice.
  13. jazzmaster9

    The "BUT" Thread

    Offended? I guess every one who does not agree with you is offended? Keep dreaming. Yeah I do disagree with it. The original designs were great then and are great now, then again You make it seem like ALL of their deisgns are just copies of the original when we can see that they have been somewhat updated and revamped for D2016 and DE. The redesigns with the Imp, Arachnotron and the Cacodemon have similarities to the original but have a twist that makes them distinc and very NuDoom. You call it Lazy I call it being faithful to the original design Tom Hall and Adrian created. Everyone literally cried about the Cyberdemon being too World of Warcraft and we still hear crying to this day. S About the The gameplay? Yeah they like the designs they didnt try to copy paste from the original and instead bring the spirit of the Frantic, fast paced, Dodge based gameplay of the original, So I dont see how they strayed from that concept. DE might even have a bit more variation in level design and exploration with the size of these maps. There you have it. I DO DISAGREE. The Nu ID guys Love and care about Doom as much as we do and to assume they Don't Care and are Lazy and incompetent because they made a design choice you dont agree with is just self centered. Plain and Simple (Unless we are talking about Loot boxes and all that pay 2 win shit) Those designs remain for a reason and its not out of incompetence.
  14. jazzmaster9

    The "BUT" Thread

    No one is calling anyone here "dumb or hater" for voicing criticism. Its people that start assuming the developers "don't Care about TRV DOOM" when thet make a decisions that does not cater to what they want the game to be.
  15. jazzmaster9

    The "BUT" Thread

    I mean I too have problems with some of the enemy designs. but to assume Laziness in part of the devs just because their decision was not to your liking is pretty dumb.