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  1. Beta v.3 Uploaded Changes: - Made the Flamethrower projectile unable to rip through The Mecha Trooper and the Rocket Sentry, since they are immune to fire. - Fixed some misaligned sector heights in the Prologue Map.
  2. Wolfenstein: Amulet of Gold
  3. Thanks to PSX Final Doom, i can say I "Finished" Plutonia On UV :)
  4. Showing of the Banzai charge mechanic for the Imperial Japanese Rifleman for an upcoming project for GZDoom. Once the player us within a certain distance, the Rifleman will charge the player with his Bayonet with double it's regular walking speed while shouting Battle cries.
  5. Minor update uploaded: - Fixed some the textured door in Map 05 - Some treasure re-positioning. I'm glad that had fun with the mod. Thank you very much for participating in the beta.
  6. @Shanoa Thank you very much for the feed back. That door is not supposed to be locked from anyside. The wrong texture was used by accident and will be fixed in the next update. Im glad you are enjoying to mod so far. :) And yes there is a another secret map.
  7. Minor Update: - Added some decorations and did some retexturing on Map 04, Map 09 and Map 11 since some rooms looked really bland. - Fixed some Actors with the wrong difficulty tags in Map 03 - Fixed some linedefs to be one sided to hide secrets in the Automap. - Some Treasure Items were re positioned in Map 12
  8. Beta version 2 has been uploaded Changes: - Fixed the bug in Map 9 where one of the doors was not repeatable. - Added Exit indicators to maps with no exit elevators so that players don't unknowingly trigger the exit line. - Fixed some more misaligned textures .
  9. Ahh. Thank you for the clarifications TimeofDeath. :) Ill admit DMP is my excuse to create(or not since i cant finish a map for the life of me) out of the box ideas and have them be put in a note worthy project. I'll see what i can come up with for this project.
  10. Ahh how did i just see this now :) might dust of my unfinished map that i was suppose to make for DMP 2017. Shame to see the original become yet another Boom-Vanilla project (for this year atleast).
  11. No ZDoom? Hmm ill pass then. This defeates the whole purpose of the original DMP. The only reason i didnt submit in the last few Mega Projects was due to burnout.
  12. Well not yet atleast. I see a lot of potential in it.
  13. Uploaded a minor update - Fixed some Typos - Fixed some misaligned textures
  14. Those freedoom maps are placeholders IIRC.
  15. Its the only way I know how to do it so * shrugs *