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  1. The official release (v1.1) of Wolfenstein - Shadows of Destiny is now available :) IDgames link to coming soon. Changes: - All walls are now in Truecolor PNG - Some changes in texturing
  2. Hello. Yes this project is not dead. The final Release is coming this weekend :) You still have time to give your feedback and bug reports. Thank You so much to those who have participated in the beta.
  3. Here's something for the Shadows of Destiny sequel.
  4. I am personally proud of my Innocence X series. Its a shame X3 is still in development hell.
  5. I was also kidding about that though. That game is not necessarly the best in representing teenagers but hey, there are worst slice of life games out there.
  6. How dare people play not-manly slice of life games!! *wink Serious note: Currently taking a break from FPS for a bit and playing through the Dark Worlds of Super Meat Boy. Oh man, what did I get myself into?
  7. Currently Playing Shadow Warrior 2013 and really enjoying it so far. The bosses in this game are insane design and gameplay wise. Probably knocked out Duke 3d in my top 5 FPS games list, which is funny because I was not a fan of the original SW.
  8. TNT and Doom 2 better than Doom 64... hmmm somethings not right with that sentence. Doom 64 actually had new gameplay elements compared to Doom 2 and cetrainly had better level design than TNT.
  9. Final Beta uploaded - fixed the Silver door glitch in Map 08 - Also changed some thing placement and texturing on Map 08
  10. Update to v.3 uploaded - Fixed the Fireball spawner in Map 09 (Thank you Korell for finding that)
  11. Medal of Honor: Airborne Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Doom 2016 Return to Castle Wolfenstein FarCry 3: Blood Dragon Ultimate Doom Quake Call of Duty 2
  12. I'm on a Boat!
  13. Beta v.3 is now the Final Beta version of the mod. expect the full release soon :)
  14. For me its Ultimate Torment and Torture. Still love that mapset after all this time.
  15. Command and Conquer: Generals 2 still hits me. Man that would have been an awsome addition to C&C.