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  1. after finishing it yesterday. Medal Of Honor: Airborne is a game that got pushed aside and comsumed by the CoD monster. It has a ton of inovative mechanics that was never seen again like it's unique cover/ADS system and the fact that you start at any point in the map via paradrop. Also it has Gasmask Nazis who shoulder fire MG-42s an you get to fight hoards of Rocket Launcher troopers.
  2. So... Mapper's Block

    1. Deadwing


      I only got past this after I started planning my maps on the paper before opening Doom Builder

    2. bzzrak


      Read a particular thread in the Editing Tutorials forum, it might help

  3. D_STALKS from Back To Saturn X E1 has got to be one of the best custom MIDI used in a Doom mapset.
  4. For me its Thing Placement and the endless hours of playtesting after you "think" you're done with the map.
  5. 1. Content Tourist 2. Easy 3. Real Normal 4. Community Enforced Normal 5. Unfair!
  6. ACS can also emulate the "One at a time action of the Macros". Though I would imagine it would be tough.
  7. So no more "Nuking Hell" in Innocence X 3.

    But there will be killin Nazis.

    1. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      I'm still choosing to interpret your earlier comment about "everyone's favorite video game fodder" to mean that Duke Nukem is the final boss.

    2. jazzmaster9


      Funny Enough, That was considered early in development as a secret boss.

  8. Well I didn't blatantly pass drama on another thread did I ? You know what else is useless? Being told NO but trying to force a YES. You made your point, they said no. Move on.
  9. Nope this is "I can't accept the fact that the author said NO to my suggestion" Maybe you can pass this drama on another PSX thread that will make them listen.
  10. The PSX TC Administrators at it again it seems. Suggestions are fine. BUT you gotta accept that fact the the Author can say NO. I Guess now I understand why they wanted to keep this project under wraps for so long.
  11. Congrats on 666 posts and getting the rank of Evil Member, heh

    1. Nevander


      15 more posts and I'll be there myself.

  12. Not sure if I want to create a full scripted scene for Innocence X3's ending or just imply it using text.

    Spoiler: Hell gets Nuked. And I already have a scene in my head

    1. HavoX


      Hmm... that is a tricky dilemma indeed. I'd flip a coin in this case.


      Off topic, but I've read from Prehistory of The Far Side that when you have an idea, you should write that down so you don't forget it.

    2. jazzmaster9


      Its been in my head for a while. Basically involves shooting a nuke rocket through a teleporter then scripting an explosion sequence.

  13. Mordeth bridges is one of my favorite vanilla trick. But Holy crap. This Mordeth bridge ++ I wonder if this could be usefull for the D64 for Doom 2 Mapset? Even to this day new variations of old tricks are being found. Nice work
  14. Wow you really can't let that go huh? I guess If you cry long enough things MIGHT go how you want it to. Keep the crying and drama to yourself.
  15. This TC has the advantage of being in an updated port. This also has the advantage of not being mythical and and actually being available to the public unlike GEC. Just do what you love. There are better mapsets out there than Innocence X yet i still continue with it because it's out of passion.