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Status Updates posted by jazzmaster9

  1. The Beta for Wolfenstein: Machines of Death is now available for download.

    Tell me what you think :)


  2. Wolfenstein: Machines of Death beta... Soon.

    Keep an eye out for that :)

  3. The open Beta for Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny is still on going. Check it out if you can :)

  4. After days of procrastination.

    WOlfenstein: Shadows of Desinty Beta v.1 is now available:) 

    1. Dragonfly


      But there's no link? D:

  5. All the maps on Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny is complete. Time for the boring part... playtesting ughhh.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jazzmaster9


      I'm currently doing some internal testing at this point.

      The public beta will come out soon for everyone :)

    3. TootsyBowl


      Why do you find the playtesting boring? Isn't the whole purpose of the map to be played?

    4. jazzmaster9


      Yes. It is.

      But imagine having to not only make the map but also play it again.. and again... and again then fix it re play it

      *Repeat for 50x and even then there some glitches you did not catch.

  6. 6 maps for Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny done :)

    Another 6 more to go.

  7. When you love working on your TC so much, You already plan on making the sequel before the first one is even finished.

  8. A Wolfenstein TC... yeah I got something planned

  9. So... Mapper's Block

    1. Deadwing


      I only got past this after I started planning my maps on the paper before opening Doom Builder

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Read a particular thread in the Editing Tutorials forum, it might help

  10. So no more "Nuking Hell" in Innocence X 3.

    But there will be killin Nazis.

    1. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      I'm still choosing to interpret your earlier comment about "everyone's favorite video game fodder" to mean that Duke Nukem is the final boss.

    2. jazzmaster9


      Funny Enough, That was considered early in development as a secret boss.

  11. Not sure if I want to create a full scripted scene for Innocence X3's ending or just imply it using text.

    Spoiler: Hell gets Nuked. And I already have a scene in my head

    1. HavoX


      Hmm... that is a tricky dilemma indeed. I'd flip a coin in this case.


      Off topic, but I've read from Prehistory of The Far Side that when you have an idea, you should write that down so you don't forget it.

    2. jazzmaster9


      Its been in my head for a while. Basically involves shooting a nuke rocket through a teleporter then scripting an explosion sequence.

  12. When you realize your mapset is yet to have an Arch-Vile when most of the maps are almost done.

    Well, there is still Map 4 though.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jazzmaster9


      Because Im not gonna waste those PSX Archvile sound effects.

    3. leodoom85


      If there is only one archie for a few stages, it shouldn't be bad...

    4. jazzmaster9


      I don't usually use a lot of them, mainly because, mapping wise, they are hard to use monsters.

  13. The ending for Innocence X 3 will involve everyone's favorite video game fodder.

  14. so... Innocence X 3 is a thing again :)