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  1. jazzmaster9

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    Hot take: using Slopes or 3D Floors AND various Boom, Vanilla mapping tricks are ALL impressive and deserve of praise.
  2. jazzmaster9

    thoughts on hyperdetailed doom wads?

    As a primarily GZDoom mapper, i love the extra bit of detail UDMF Can achieve. Mapsets like Elemetalism, Bastion of Chaos and the like are able to achieve mindblowing levels of architecture while still "keeping the spirit" of the original games, which in its self is subjective since once can argue that Doom's modablity is part of its "spirit" "Working within limitations" is great as form of mapping exercise for me, but IMO it isnt the end all be all of creativity .
  3. Here's my submission for the project. Map Name: Outpost Chroma Author: Jazzmaster Music: skyscraper by Stewboy (D_JAZZMU) Difficulty Settings: Implemented Ports Tested: dsda-doom-0.24.3 Description: Short techbase map, mostly low to mid tier monsters, combat isn't too difficult. about on par with early Doom 2 maps. Notes: This would be perfect for an early map slot due to its very low-mid difficulty. Link: 30mc2_jazzmaster_m01_v1.zip Screenshots:
  4. jazzmaster9

    Doom Slayer in Fortnite

    obligatory fortnite bad, doom ruined now, only classic games real doom! post. (I don't play Fortnite, so complaining about this is pointless for me)
  5. Definitely signing up for this. looking for a good challenge Community Project. this seems right up my alley
  6. jazzmaster9

    Common wad mistakes

    One thing i notice for newer mappers is not listing the intended source port or not providing which source port was used in testing. Because there will be a time were a map that looks to be Vanilla or Limit Removing, but needing ZDoom instead. As someone who started with UDMF/ZDoom Hexen format, this is a take that comes up A lot and is something I will always disagree with. I say Try what you think is cool/fun. play around with what format/features works for you, and toss out that don't. the Early Learning stages are there to experiment and the later stage is to refine what you learned.
  7. jazzmaster9

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Roll up, roll up!

    I have a question, im gonna be using 32in24-15_tex_v2 for my map. How will I be able to change the texture's names since i don't know which ones i will use to begin with?
  8. Has There been a lot? Cuz I've seen a lot of Cool first maps and big project releases this year. As for lazy junk, this aint one of them. This is less "Lazy/Uninspired" but more "pointless but very amusing" which is much more interesting The fact people are actively participating in playing and talking about this means it got further than most low effort maps. Lets try to not lump everything that doesnt look like Sunder or BTSX into the "Lazy" "Git gud at mapping lol" category.
  9. jazzmaster9

    User Ghastly has passed away

    Ghastly is someone i never got know well, but his name is someone i frequently came across in the ZDoom forums ever since i got there. Contributed a ton in the community. Rest in Peace.
  10. jazzmaster9

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Been working on a few maps for Abysm X: Dance of Blood World 3-1: Nexus of the Void World 2-3: Fortress of Steel World 1-3: Ivory Keep
  11. jazzmaster9

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Version 1.5 up!

    Hope everyone enjoys the my map. Lets see how many can spot the difference between DMP version and the Standalone version of Metropolitan Mayhem Machine.
  12. GZDoom compatabilty is very much appreciated :D I'm just so used to movement in that that switching to Boom or Vanilla movement will be a bit of an adjustment. I only really use those two ports for vanilla/limit removing testing
  13. jazzmaster9

    CRPG conversations

    I guess how you feel about ARPGs is how i feel about Turn Based ones. The vast majority of the RPGs i play are ARPGs, with Diablo 2 being the most time i've put into ANY game. for me ARPGS are a great middle ground. The real time gameplay gives real time feedback with controls, damage, movement etc. which I find immersive than stopping every step to pick from a menu, but its also Not as input intensive as a brawler or a hack and slash game where its ALL about the movement and input timing. The real sticking point for me is the looting, exploration and atmosphere, just running a dungeon and the surprise of the items you get.
  14. Decided to replay some Knee Deep in Zdoom.

    Like Brutal Doom, its not as bad as people claim, but it also isnt the godlike mod. Its a fine piece of work.


    Curious how Knee deep in KDiZD will shake up.

  15. jazzmaster9

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    The worst of it all? These gimmicks Now ... You tell me. Is this conclusion good design? Was it worth it in the end? I do not know. I lean towards no .. But maybe Hugo has a point too. Suck it up princess, as some would say. For me I do hope they a continue with the experimention of different fast pace gameplay styles and combination. I already have the classics for the traditonal FPS, i dont need another one after Doom 1, 2, Final Doom and Doom 64. I didn't like the direction it went with Doom 3 and thats Fine, I decided that it didnt hold my interest and continue with it, people can do the same with 2016 and Eternal. Doesnt mean its bad, it really just wasnt for my liking.
  16. WOAH! congrats on the release. I get relive one of my first custom wads that i've played in a new lens. Can't wait to play this (i.e be added to my already long backlog T_T ) the Original is one of my notGuilty pleasures (I never been guilty for liking anything) so I'm excited to see how this shakes up what Im already familiar with.
  17. jazzmaster9

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Doom Delta is the closest we got to this. A mapset to go along with it would complete the full Doom Bible experience.
  18. jazzmaster9

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I've been seeing a reccuring theme with the recent Dean of Doom episodes and thats "Your favorite wad/that wad everyone likes, Isn't as good as you think it is" and how many people agree with his sentiments. Don't know what to make of it, but thats just something I observed. Player Tastes change over time i guess. Let's see if im around long enough to see the "Going Down and Eviternity are bad actually" takes 10 years down the line from community members.
  19. jazzmaster9

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    Starting with Rapidfire 2 onwards, I started incorporating this Doorway-Archway-Thing(i don't know what this is called) into my architecture. Very inspired by BTSX E1's visual design.
  20. jazzmaster9

    Most influential ZDoom maps?

    People can debate all they want about their quality, but the very early Tormentor projects like Ultimate Torment and Torture, KDIZD and Stronghold has an influence on ZDoom mappers one way or another other. It especially did for me. they show fully what the Source port was capable of doing both visually and gameplay wise, where it's not restricted to just a Vanilla+ experience with more line and sector limits and line actions. Action, RTC and Ghouls Forest 3, are also very influential in the ZDoom total conversion scene, showing how you can change Doom to what ever you want.
  21. If anything you can have a "i told you so" moment here as well once it happens in 3-5 years. Corporate meddling had ruin something good once again.
  22. And Doom Eternal is still very well recived despite that. Nice to see you havent changed one bit since you last been here.
  23. Maps over 10 minutes long and I cant UV max it first try. Very much egotistical and pretentious if you ask me. /s
  24. jazzmaster9

    What are the most impressive wads you've seen?

    Definitely Heartland, BTSX E1 and E2, Elementalism, Age of Hell, Blade of Agony, Heck even the older ZDoom wads like Ultimate Torment and Torture still impress me even now.
  25. jazzmaster9

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Started working on Abysm X: Dance of Blood again after finishing my Operation Orange. Here are some various screenshots of what i've made over the past week.