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  1. Again I don't agree, taking control and force feeding me information for an extended period of time without my control is not captivating in the slightest.
  2. Version 1.2 Uploaded: - Changed the Damage output and Ammo consumption of the Raven Stuff Secondary Fire, Life Steal - Damaged reduced from 4 to 1 - Life Stolen reduced from 50% to 255 - Ammo consumption increased from 6 white mana to 10 white mana - Serpent Rider Zanthus now gives 30 Experience points for killing the serpent in addition to the 15 Experience points you gain when killing the Rider. - Fixed a bug that prevented Instant Kill Sharks from seeing the player when going out of bounds above water level. - Texture and texture Alignment correction - Reworked line triggers for Overworld music change and Area Name change to make them more consistent.
  3. Jazzmaster Presents The Sequel to Abysm: Dawn of Innocence is here! Abysm 2: Infernal Contract is an action adventure GZDoom TC for Doom 2 inspired by games such as Diablo, Dark Souls and Strife. The mod features A Hub level progression where you complete quests, level up your stats, and upgrade your weapons while keeping Doom's run and gun gameplay. The City of Hadria is under attack by the forces of Hell. As a member of the Mercenaries of the Iron Cross, you have been tasked to keep the city safe and, with the help of a Grand Scholar, stop the invasion to save the world from the certain doom. Before Playing be sure you have atleast GZDoom V.4.2.4 and to Read the User Manual. Also I recommend to not load this alongside other mods so that things don't break unexpectedly. This mod Features: Dropbox ModDB Mirror: Mediafire Screenshots: The Music: The Soundtrack for Abysm 2: Was Composed by John S. Weekley (aka PRIMEVAL) Who also composed music for other well known Doom mods including Ashes 2063 and its Expansion, The Plutonia Revisited Community Project and, more famously, Arcadia Demade by Bioshock level designer Jean-Paul LeBreton. He has also done music for Short Films and game trailers. If you want to Support John, please give him a Follow and, if you like, toss a coin to your bard. Bandcamp
  4. exactly, devs force feeding information by taking control away, instead of giving players freedom to look at it at their own time is lazy. We're gonna have to agree to disagree, For me Cutscenes are the laziest way you give information to players. instead of having the player look into it, with books and text and audio devices. you just play a video and your done... A VIDEO You cant control, in an interactive medium, thats lazy.
  5. Well obviously Cutscenes will take more effort to Make than text logs, since it does take cinematography and some writing. But Cutscenes are MUCH more lazy since all it does is Force feed information to the player who may not even want it or would want to look at it at his own pace. you are basically saying "LOL here's a video because we have to show you this without your consent, STORY NOW! PLAY LATER". You seem to confuse efficient/Less Time waste with Lazy. by this logic the graphics in games like Dusk and Amid evil are bad because it took less effort than the graphics in Anthem or Far Cry 5. Less effort = Lazy right?
  6. I find it funny how using Audio Logs and Notes is considered "Lazy" but Cutscenes are okay somehow, when they actively take you out of the game without your control THEN Force Feed Information.
  7. This is just gonna be even more fuel for the "nu-Doom isnt real Doom its Call of Duty lol" crowd, so no. Eternal really did it well with using Codex and notes. It means that you can read through it at your own time and leisure and not have to watch Cutscenes which are even WORSE at breaking the flow.
  8. Fixed that for you. thank me later. I like how you've been copy pasting the same thing over and over for 7 months. Sigh. Sorry, just because its not made the "exact" way you like, doesn't make it bad It just means "you dont like it". Its funny how the OP worded his opinion very well and Acknowledges the game has merits for others. then we get experts on the thread going. "Sux and cringy lol"
  9. Well thankfully Eternal's Story wasn't that. it actually made the world more interesting to go through. How exactly is this dark Souls? And NO, being Hard is not 'dark Souls'. I also fail to see how being Dark Souls is a bad thing
  10. I'm sorry but I don't see how the story is in anyway forced in this. it certainly isn't mindblowing or ground breaking, but it still frames the action pretty well and gives a bit more background on who the slayer is and how Hell isn't the only opposing force. calling it cringy (i hope i dont have to use this word unironically again) is just silly IMO when its taken very seriously with the added lore. Pretty interesting, that OP has very well thought out Analysis on why he didnt like the DLC and then see "its cringy AF" in the same thread.
  11. Minor Update Uploaded: - Reworked line triggers for Overworld music change and Area Name change to make them more consistent. - Some Texture realignment.
  12. Update Uploaded: - Fixed a bug that prevented Serpent Tamer Zanthus from dropping a Soul shard. - Corrected pickup messages for Poison Infusion and Scholar's Ring. - Fixed Sky Horizon cut offs in Overworld and Map 20 to make them more seamless.
  13. Version 1.1 has been released with Major Bugfixes - Fixed a bug with the Soul Essence powerup that lowered your maximum health if its over 100 HP. Now works as intended and boosts Max HP by +25 - All Minor Updates included before this one.
  14. Excenlent article guys, Nicely done! Thank you so much for featuring an Abysm 2 article in this :) Been following this since its inception and its a such an honor to be featured.
  15. jazzmaster9

    Did cheat codes ruin your experience of playing Doom?

    Why? I don't get this. What you get out of the game or any experience depends solely on you. If you enjoyed your time with the game great. Played games without cheats? Good for you, no need to patronized people who didn't. your experience is NOT better or worse than anyone else. This is the same people who cry about people using the Master Key in Dark souls and how it will "ruin your game"
  16. Thank you very much for playing the mod, I'm glad you are enjoying it.
  17. Minor Update uploaded - Changed some sector Geometry in Map20 to ease navigation - Fixed some misaligned textures is Map 01 and Map 20 - Fixed Animation Glitches with wall torches
  18. Minor Update Uploaded: - Corrected some miss-textured walls. - Fixed typos with NPC conversations. - Fixed typos with Level Titles. - Bandit's Hideout corrected to Bandits' Hideout - Serpent's Nest corrected to Serpents' Nest
  19. Minor update uploaded: - Changed the Dialogue for Mystic Helga to show the amount of gold you get for selling rings. - Corrected the file name to match the version of the mod v1.0 - Texture Alignment corrections
  20. jazzmaster9

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | News 10.6.2020 | p8

    Well the final say is gonna be with the Torm so lets just wait for the response.
  21. jazzmaster9

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | News 10.6.2020 | p8

    Hmm any sources about how this was a "tacked in last minute" But anyway. Im not involved with the development here so we'll wait for Torms response. But I for one don't see the issue with adding in something Nazi's have been known for for decades. Human experimentation being one of them.
  22. jazzmaster9

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | News 10.6.2020 | p8

    I believe the concentration camp idea has already been discussed by the team in the ZDoom thread so, no use trying to have them remove that entire section. In a time where most AAA companies try to shy away from even showing a Swastika, this is a breath of fresh air.
  23. The Final release is Here! After a month long open beta and internal testing, the Final release of Abysm 2: Infernal Contract is finally here. Thank you so much to all who participated in the beta and who were able to give their feedback and suggestions. Your input have helped greatly in making this a polished and better balanced product. Various changes have been made since the first beta version came out more than month ago and all of it was possible with your help and support. Again, Thank you So much :D
  24. jazzmaster9

    Which version of Doom Builder is best?

    Good luck trying to use UDMF Slope handles in old Doom Builder... Also wha you said about UDB not being able to redraw lines is wrong. I am able to restart drawing unfinished lines and i have always been able to do this since GZDB. Seems like this is a recommendation based on not knowing how to use the tools.
  25. Major Update Uploaded: Beta V.2.3 will be considered the Release Candidate for Version 1.0 - Added compat_explode1 which removes Vertical Thrusts from Splash Damage. - New Cursor Graphic. - Aesthetic Changes to the overworld. Changing the Sail textures for the Ships and Making the Wheel on the ships a 3d Model (Thank you to TheMisterCat for making those)