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  1. joeking

    If id is going to do Quake next, then...

    I'll just leave this here...
  2. According to John Carmack's Twitter and comments from Mick Gordon via Twitch stream, John was "involved" in some way, shape or form with SnapMap. With that said, we can speculate how much direct involvement Carmack had with Doom 2016, but it's unquestionable how much influence he's had with the Doom franchise and the technologies if ran off of. For example, id Tech 6 (which Doom 2016 runs on) would simply not exist if it weren't for John Carmack laying the groundwork with id Tech 5 (Rage, Wolfenstein). We could stretch the genealogy of id Tech even further to the 90's, which again, a lot of this 3D technology used in these games were pioneered by him. I'm just a little salty there wasn't a simple "Thanks".
  3. joeking

    Art direction and sound design

    This. Also, realistic shadows can be very taxing on hardware (all games, not just id). It's the first feature a developer would dial down if their goal is 60 FPS constant on consoles. And most if not all the footage I've seen is on PS4, which uses a modified AMD HD 7870 (GTX 580/660 equivalent). I'm willing to bet the PC version (the real version of DooM IMO) will have much better graphics and perhaps better sound mixing.
  4. I've been a DooM fan since the very beginning. I remember the night sleeping over at a friends house and watching his father (he was one of those "cool dads") coming in the room and letting us experience the shareware on a 486DX. We spent the next year playing Doom co-op over 56K modems, DWANGO and even Doom with virtual reality headsets at a LAN center. I had a copy of the Doom Bible, did my fare share of .wad building and even attended several Quakecons. Doom was the first PC game I ever played and will remain my ATF. I'm as pumped for this game as the next fan but after seeing the overwhelmingly negative reviews and criticism circulating the Internet, I decided to take my day off and watch as much footage and streams as I could so I could form my own opinion and share it. Unfortunately, after hours of watching, I can say that I'm not really impressed and more so disappointed. Before I go any further, it appears most of this footage is on console. Some of my gripes may be alleviated by playing on the PC version. I want to break this down into 5 categories: Graphics, Sound, Animaton/Physics, Gameplay and finally Multiplayer. Here we go: Graphics: From what I've seen, to me, the game appears a little to colorful and bright. I was expecting more of a darker, atmospheric tone reminiscent of Doom 3. I think the brighter, more colorful tone takes away from the premise of the game, fighting a demonic invasion from Hell. The particle effects are lacking. There should be way more blood spewing out when your mowing these things down. Instead, I see a hyper-fast blood spurt that dissapates instantly. It looks unrealistic and a bit cartoonish. There seems to be an apparent lack of shadows too. The lighting has a static tone to it that distracts from the immersion. Kind of a step backwards from Doom 3. Sound: The futuristic, electronic-metal queues are a welcome addition. I think they did a great job with that because it just sounds badass and makes the gameplay more exciting. I also like the futuristic sound effects. It convinces me I'm playing (watching rather) a next-generation game. I do think there's work to be done though. A bit of reverb and occlusion can go a long way in terms of the immersion factor and so far, I've noticed none. Like the graphics, everything sounds very static. Even some simple pitch changes would be welcome. With regards to pitch, the demons sound whiney and alienish. I would prefer more of a deeper, bellowing, bassy roars and grunts. Also, I noticed a lack of audio feedback as you are shooting these monsters. It's there, but there needs to be more IMO. Animation/Physics: This is my biggest gripe about this game. The fluidity of the animations, for lack of a better term, are awful. It feels like everything is too "sped up". For a game trying to sell itself as a pure shootemup gore fest, there is some work to be done here. They needed to animate more frames to kind of smooth things out. They did do a good job with the hand/hud animations and weapon handling. But as far as shooting, I'm not seeing the visceral impact, or not enough of it really. For example, when I'm shooting a Mancubus with a chain gun at 2000 RPM, I want to see flinching, blood spurts, chunks flying, real-time model deformation. Instead, I see a static model soaking bullets until it either highlights blue or falls apart into an underwhelming "gibbed" animation. Speaking of gibs, I hate how demons just fall apart into chunks. I want to see gibs flying across the room with blood trails. There needs to be some sort of acceleration or dynamic processing if you will in place. Gameplay: This is kind of a mixed category but the main point is the immersion factor. I understand it's your "Praetor Suit" displaying information on-screen but the whole highlighting, icons popping out of corpses thing totally breaks down any immersion I'm having while playing. It makes me feel like I'm playing some cheap, arcade game. The visual style they chose needs to be toned down, taken out or reimplemented. Simplicity can go a long way. I'm not a big fan of the level design either, specifically the "arena" type checkpoints. Again, immersion. Instead of me feeling like I'm sprawling through a Mars base or unholy domain, I feel like I'm playing into a lazily executed developer vision of "how to appeal to Doom fans in 2016". Let's just make a checkpoint and spawn demons 360 degrees and let the mindless mayhem ensue. Got a rush? Okay, good. Let's continue to the next "arena". Good level design should incorporate both realistic/plausible locales AND action packed gameplay. So far I feel like this game is a cubish, gauntlet. Multiplayer: Nothing innovative here and I was wholeheartingly expecting this from Day 1 reveal. It's 2016, you have to bring something new to the table. For example, the developers are really pushing the acrobatic aspects of the gameplay like double-jump and fast movement. Let's take it a step further. Let me quick shoulder peek corners. Let me do a barrel roll or dolphin dive on the floor. Let me jump in the air and hulk smash somebody with both fists. I want to sprint charge into someone and knock them down. Give me something more dynamic other then WASD and jump. Again, the immersion factor is not there. My personal vision of the next generation of Doom would be darker, more realistic, more visceral, more impactful. More similar to Doom 3. I feel like this game was held back by simultaneous development on consoles. It's fairly obvious how much they've dialed back (or lack of implementing) in regards to details. Hopefully, the PC version alleviates some of my concerns.
  5. joeking

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Okay... Yeah, that trailer was badass.
  6. joeking

    DOOM on Clueless Gamer w/ Conan O'Brien

    Wow, they really dropped the ball with that cover art. Looks like the next Call of Duty game.
  7. joeking

    New Doom trailer in Facebook page

    Trailer doesn't do much for me... I hope they release a proper 3-4 min trailer with a little narrative, cutscenes, anything. Also, I don't know if it's just me but the melee/fatality animations are not fluid enough. It looks like they didn't animate enough frames. I don't know if that was a design choice or sloppy animation work. Not a big fan of the baron of hell either. What's with the small, chickpea eyes? Looks silly to me.
  8. joeking

    Sound issue...

    okay so.. I saw a gameplay video of doom 3 with "SikkMod" which got me interested. so i reinstalled the game and am playing through with sikkmod and wulfens texture pack. game looks absolutely gorgeous, as good as any other game out there graphics wise IMO. i have run into a game breaking problem though. for whatever reason, some sounds are EXTREMELY LOUD. like.. hearing loss inducing loud. makes playing on headphones unbearable. i have to turn my volume all the way to minimum which just ruins the atmosphere of the game since doom 3's ambience was so great. the main sound giving me trouble is this shriek the Maggots make. there are other random sound ques like glass breaking or pipes venting that are extremely loud too. oddly, some sounds are relatively quiet. i dont know if its the mod or settings or whats going on. i wish there was some way to normalize the volume of all sound effects. im thinking theres some CVAR values I could change to reduce the dynamic dB range. anyone have any ideas before i just mute the game and throw on music or something? (this would be a shame, d3 had great sound).
  9. joeking

    Doom 4 should have...

    Here's what I want for Doom 4: Develop the game for PC's only. No imposed limitations due to cross-development with inferior console hardware. After that, if some company wants to come along and take their chances porting the game to consoles (i.e. Vicarious Visions), they can have at it. Of course, there is no chance in hell this is going to happen. id software is now a profit maximizing company: http://www.maximumpc.com/article/news/john_carmack_says_id_will_take_console-first_approach_games But hey.. technically this is sort of a wishlist right? I'd wish for a pre-2008 economical environment also.
  10. joeking

    FPS drops, don't know why

    I can run Source engine games (CS:S, DOD:S, L4D2) and Modern Warfare 2 in 1080p, 4x AA/16x AF, rest of in-game settings maxed and maintain 60+ FPS. This is in 50+ player servers, heavy action/lots of smoke, zombie swarms. With Quake 4, I can do 4x AA in multiplayer and not get FPS drops. Single player is more demanding so I have to bump it down to 2x. Even with 2x, my FPS dips occasionaly during some scenes. If anybody wants to see an example of the FPS drops I'm getting, fire up Doom 3 with 4x AA or higher and pick any level. Turn on god mode, set com_showfps 1, woop out the rocket launcher and stand facing a wall directly. Now, start spamming the rockets at the ground. Does your FPS dip?
  11. joeking

    FPS drops, don't know why

    And this is where my concern stemmed from. I distinctly remember maxing this game out on older hardware in the past, without FPS drops. Then I see these gameplay vid's on youtube where people are running SikkModd with AA on worse hardware, without FPS drops (while FRAPsing). I'll take the driver recommendation into consideration. I've been holding off on the latest WHQL's cause of poor feedback over at guru3d and nvidia forums. I'll probably update with the next release.
  12. joeking

    FPS drops, don't know why

    Hey all. I'd appreciate any input on my situation. I recently re-installed Doom 3 after years of collecting dust. I noticed when r_multiSamples is set to "4", my FPS becomes unstable, sometimes dropping down to the mid 30's. This is frustrating to me because my video card is a GTX 550 Ti. Shouldn't I be able to run 4x MSAA without FPS drops, considering this game is more than 7 years old? Or is Anti-Aliasing really that taxing with id Tech 4? With r_multiSamples set to "2", my FPS does not drop - at all. Here are some specs and settings: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz 4 GB DDR2-800 GTX 550 Ti WinXP Pro 32-bit 1920x1080 res, Ultra settings, r_renderer "ARB2". V-SYNC is OFF I'm using the 275.33 drivers.