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  1. HumanBones said:

    I always find it hilarious that when some people talk about gay marriage or homosexuality, they always take it like 30 steps further; "what's next, BEASTIALITY? LEGALIZING RAPE?

    Because they pretty much have to. They're cognizant, at some level, of the fact that gays represent 10% or less of the population at even generous estimates, which makes their fearmongering about homosexuality alone fall apart when it's presented to people not already drinking the Kool-Aid. They have to conflate homosexuality with ephebo/pedophilia, bestiality and polygyny in the hopes of keeping the hate train going.

  2. Technician said:

    Of course God only said man should not lie with a man as one would a woman. Didn't say anything about women specifically.

    Eh, not quite. The Old Testament never specifically mentions female homosexuality, but Romans in the New Testament refers to "their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature" which could be taken to mean homosexuality.

    For whatever reason, the Bible isn't as clear-cut about female homosexuality as it is male homosexuality. Most likely because in quite a few cultures from that time period, female-female intimacy wasn't considered sex at all, and the Hebrews cobbled together their value system & myths from cultures they'd interacted with. For example, Moses' life in its entirety seems to have been mostly plagiarized from Hammurabi. The myth of the parting of the red sea was taken from the Egyptian myth about a pharaoh parting the Nile to let one of his maidens recover a turquoise necklace, etc.

  3. rf` said:

    Won't run on the latest svn of gzdoom or zdoom, with this error:

    Attempt to get invalid state DCCont from actor MaceGrinderPuff.
    (Not sure what's up with this one)

    Script error, "warofsidhe-v03.pk3:actors/enemies.txt" line 362:
    'user_smokepersist' is already defined in 'AshGargoyleChip' or one of its ancestors.
    (actors automatically inherit user variables from their parent actors, so there's no need to define them more than once. zdoom won't even run because of this.)

    I think you downloaded it before I changed the link; the error message says you're loading v03.

  4. NYTimes Article

    Wei-Hock Soon, an aerospace engineer at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, is perhaps best known for the multitude of papers he has written on the subject of how sunspots, not fossil fuels, are the cause for warming over the last century. 'Willie', as he is affectionately known, has been the go-to guy for climate change deniers for years, due in no small part to his credentials.

    He has insisted that scientists concerned with human-caused climate change are "out of their minds" and has also said that he only takes grassroots funding, and even then, only for small amounts, and would never be motivated by money to put an agenda into his work.

    This, as a joint investigation between the New York Times, Greenpeace, and the Climate Investigations Center has shown, is bullshit.

    In eleven papers, Wei, failed to disclose from where he was receiving his funding, in eight of those papers likely violating codes of ethics. And the sources of funding are, perhaps, not surprising.

    Wei received over 1.5 million dollars, 1.2 of that from fossil fuel concerns such as the U.S. based Southern Company, one of the country's biggest electricity providers that produces most of its electricity through the burning of coal, the American Petroleum Institute, Exxon-Mobil, and, drum roll, please... the Charles G. Koch Foundation, frequent funders of anything right-wing. The remaining money came from right-wing think tanks such as Americans for Prosperity and the Heartland Institute.

  5. Version 0.5 is now out! Check the first post for the download.

    Version 0.5 Changelog:
    -If you switch away from the Warwand with the blunt end out, then switch back, the wand will have the gem end facing forward.
    -In a recent change to G/ZDoom, var ints no longer pass to actors through inheritance, so the mod caused an error when starting up in newer dev versions.
    -Pressing and holding altfire with the Dragonclaw while the scope altfire is selected no longer causes the claws to flicker.
    -Red bolts for Warbow dissipate after they travel a certain distance.
    -Digits for health & stamina readout in HUD change color as they decrease.
    -Ash Gargoyles properly return to their See state after attacking.
    -Vilegoyle gibs are now translated correctly.
    -The secret level for each episode now has an all-new entrance text.
    -A puff used by the Alchemace no longer encounters an invalid state.
    -Bar hud correctly displays primary & secondary ammo counts.
    -Previously, Warlocks were only using their earth spike magic if the target was within 256 units of the caster, when it should have been the reverse.
    -Episode 6, or at lease the three levels that comprise it, can be chosen from the Episode Select menu. Keep in mind E6M3 has no proper exit, so when you're done you need to choose a new episode/level from the menu or console.

  6. Gez said:

    Some people who were not invited came anyway. Take Netanyahu, who not only was not invited but in fact was asked not to come, and he came anyway, and skipped in line to try to get the first bus, and pushed his way to be at the front row during the photo op...

    Good grief, I thought you were joking for a moment; turns out that was actually what happened. What a fucking asshat; a memorial is in progress and he wants to use it to get people to move to Israel? And he wasn't even invited and was explicitly asked to stay away? The fuck outta here. He wanted a photo-op? Well, he got it in the worst way possible.

  7. The Jaws bit got a chuckle out of me.

    Wonder if they're moving away from the "dinosaurs change their sex because West African frog DNA" that set up the first one.

    Kontra Kommando said:

    However, this was my reaction to the sequals:

    The Lost World was a better book than movie. As for 3, yeah, that was total butts. "BUT PTERODACTYLS, GUISE" No 3, not even getting Sam Neill back can help you. Not even Sam Neill.

  8. His wife, Carrie, who is a medical provider, said her husband has been under a lot of emotional and physical stress and that she's concerned how the video and any fallout may portray their family in the community.

    "What my husband did and how he reacted wasn't the correct way to do it, but there were circumstances that came about beforehand," she said. "He's had a very hard year."


    I am sick and fucking TIRED of cops and cop defenders using the "shit's hard, man" excuse. THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU GET A "Get Out Of Jail Free" CARD. You enforce the law, therefore you cannot be above the law.

    The U.S. has some of the lowest education standards for incoming police officers out of ANY industrialized nation, and we fucking pay for it every day. 5% of world population, 25% of world prisoner population.

  9. Your Tear Level is critical! Take cover and find tissues!

    In all fairness I think the booster jet suit which Metroid Prime was doing a decade ago and the mechas are pretty interesting. The modern Middle East war setting is a dead end mechanically and thematically, and especially tiresome given that this series desperately wants you to take it seriously despite the fact that it puts out a narrative that feels like a Tom Clancy novel as directed by Michael Bay.

  10. I start to ask myself how anyone could, with a straight face, propose a voting system that makes some votes worth more than others, but then I remember that this is coming from an ideology that already gerrymanders, flat-out stops people from voting through Jim Crow 2.0, makes it harder for people who have occupational conflicts, etc. to vote, and seems more interested in making corporate campaign funding unlimited and, as some Republicans are now musing, anonymous as well.

  11. geo said:

    Daily Mail


    Yes, Daily Mail, I am so fucking stupid that I don't know what a mask is. I need pictures from some Tom Cruise movie showing a man wearing a mask so that I know that when you tell me a man was wearing a mask, he was in fact wearing a mask.

  12. *Movie announcer voice*

    "From the religon that brought you "I Need To Wear A Plastic Bag Over My Entire Body If We're Passing Over A Cemetery", comes the latest, greatest effort in using religous tolerance to endanger the safety and exasperate the patience of fellow passengers onboard a commercial airline flight:

    Stop The Plane, I've Been Seated Next To A Woman!


    A Bunch Of Orthodox Jewish Men Who Really Need To Learn Some Manners!

    Orthodox Jewish Man: "Enough is enough! I have had it with these mothafuckin' women on this mothafuckin' plane!"


    A Bunch Of Women Who Didn't Need This Shit On An Eleven-Hour Flight!

    Woman: "What you think I'm gonna do, lift up that yarmulke and give you a kiss? *Tsk* Honey, you be dreamin'!"

    Tempers are put to the test as men stand up in the middle of the aisle, bribe women to move, flat-out harass them, and in at least one case, a woman is required by aircraft personnel to move to the back of the plane!

    On El Al Airlines Now!"

  13. Waffenak said:

    Is it worth paying 200€ to get legit copy of it?

    Two hundred and fifty bucks!? I hope that's with the cost of the Sega CD included. Otherwise, I'd say a big fat nope. But then I can't think of any game I'd pay $250 for, so YMMV.

    On topic of a Blade Runner 2, why on earth would we need one? If Deckard was a replicant, he should've shut down by now. If you make him canon human, then you piss off the people who insist he was a replicant. Don't fix what was never broke to begin with; you'd think the reception of Prometheus would've made that clear.