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Status Updates posted by Necromancer-AMV

  1. Version 1.3 of Strife: Weapons of Rebellion 2 is now out, ~3 weeks late due to a dumb-ass, game-crashing glitch that I needed to fix. WoR2 is one of the first Strife weapon mods to take advantage of USDF conversation scripts, which are now in the newest official release of G/Zdoom. Sangelothi's "The Martyr" and AfterworldRuler's "F5Pack" are two more.

    Hopefully the ability to customize shops and other NPC interactions through USDF creates greater interest in Strife modding.

    1. Planky


      So how does one 'maes' a blog? Talk about jails in greece and lurid activities that goes on within?

      /poor joke