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  1. Darch

    Motion blur?

    Looks pretty sweet here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Aqwougxj0I
  2. Darch

    mostly map things and caco

    ^ pleeease "self proclaimed love elemental" is the best name for a monster. Awesome material you got there.
  3. Darch

    junkcity :: victorian themed texture pack (v02)

    Amazing! No project planned for these babies?
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Here's some fixes based on your fdas, if someone still wanna check it out: confrariadacosta.com.br/doom/dktower2.zip I'm keeping the older link so the fdas are still watchable. There are really minor changes, just expanded some places were movement was a bit restricted, including freeing the mastermind around the plateau. I didn't notice that a column added later blocked her previous right to come and go. Also added some block monster lines where monsters could scratch players from 200 ft below. And fixed the hud unaligned ammo. I kept the SSG a bit hidden, I wanted players to use all weapons and the SSG kind of steals the show. Judging by your fdas, I think I succeeded in that :) Also kept the crazy teleporters... in Demonologist's case, everybody teleported away and it was a bit awkward, but it's not always like that; there are some random events that I want to keep because... hm I tend to replay my stuff a lot, and I want every run to be different. I think you guys didn't noticed the main gimmick of this map, which will carry through the entire set :) Something I forgot to ask, does anybody know where are the Epic 2 rocket launcher sprites from? It's not clear in the credits.
  5. So, one more map for this project. This will no longer be a Zdoom project, since it is not using any major feature and asking players to configure Zdoom exactly like Boom because I'm lazy probably wouldn't work. So here it goes, my first attempt at Boom mapping: confrariadacosta.com.br/doom/dktowerglory.rar * tested with PRBoom+, I can't even run Boom yet.
  6. Darch

    Why is fruity alcohol seen as girly?

    Because it is sweet and colorful.
  7. Congrats to all winners, writers, runners-up, mentions... so many great works this year! Must have been a though pick up. Or the opposite.
  8. No maps with these graphics yet? Cmon people its been 5 hours already
  9. Darch


    ^ that
  10. Darch

    Do you use references when mapping?

    I use references most of the time, but rarely from other doom maps. Usually stuff from other games, and mostly from pictures.
  11. This gameplay style is the best. Had a blast with this one.
  12. Just played it in PRBoom+ on skill 3. Great map, I think everything I would say has been said in this thread already, but well: I didn't really used the automap due to its extreme linearity. Some fights are orchestrated Deus Vault style, but with low monster count. Enjoyed most of them, but, personally, I'm a bit tired of getting a berserk pack and a bunch of demons. Others like the library fight were great. Resources were ok but I felt the bfg made the cyberdemon too easy, way easier then the fight before it. I would remove it or at least the cell packs around it, since player has previous knowledge of what's coming next. I pointed mostly the low points of the map, but overall I enjoyed the experience, it was atmospheric, good-looking and had a great sense of progression.
  13. It also affects barrels.
  14. Thy Flesh turned into a draft-excluder is amazing, just played it and came straight to this thread. http://doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom/Ports/d-f/draftex.zip
  15. Darch

    Speedrun video commentary?

    King Dime usually comments his speedruns, and has made even this speed run walkthrough: http://www.twitch.tv/kingdime/c/5064546 There's a lot more speedrun videos in his channel of various wads.
  16. Darch


    ^ sounds legit
  17. Adventures of Square + 1
  18. Darch

    Monster HP

    Doom randomness seems not to be in real time, so, yes, when you load a game, the random numbers will apparently be the same. For example, if you save at MAP30 level start, Icon of Sin will spawn the same monsters every time you load it.
  19. Darch

    The Underrated and Overrated Thread

    Overrated: Keith Richards. Underrated: Jerry Reed. Best known for his acting roles, was one of the best guitar players ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOGiW-y-Vhs
  20. Great map, loved the music. I would definitely play more short maps like this.
  21. Darch

    Unwanted preknowledge?

    I think randomization is the way to go, too. This can also be done without scripts for Boom mappers, with invisible triggers that will activate depending on how player and monsters move, shot, use, etc.
  22. Darch

    DECORATE monster questions (gimmicky)

    You need the "see" state first, so it can see the player and then start chasing it. I think if you spawn a non shootable actor with see state and clear target, it will be enough to make it chase players, as it cant be hurt by others. You can also add +NOTARGETSWITCH flag, so it will chase the player even if it is hit after being shootable.
  23. Darch

    help with dehacked

    I want to make a Boom project, so I'm getting started with Dehacked. What I want to do is simple (with Decorate, at least): I need to replace the armor sprites with the Heretic Tome of Power sprites. (Tome of Power is our friend plums' avatar, to illustrate it better). Thing is, Doom armor has 2 frames while Tome of Power has 15. I've heard you have to replace existing sprites in order to add new graphics, it wouldn't be a problem to use Commander Keen's or SS Nazis, but how to I include them in the Green Armor thing? Do I have to use this? http://www.aspectsweb.co.uk/dehacked/deh06.html I don't know where to start, actually.
  24. Darch

    WAD name generator?

    "The Future Tomb" "Mutaded Computer of Angish" "The Lost Massacre" "Internal Riverside" "Slime Silos" "Containment Walls" "The Internal Rooms" and my favorite: "Canyon Unbroken" There should be a megawad with random slots given to random people out of these names.
  25. Darch

    MS Paint

    I liked it. Specially the devil drive, Indiana Jones and Sonic.