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  1. Darch

    The largest WAD on /idgames

    There are some wads, like Grezzo 2, with 800+ megabytes. I don't know if it's in the archives, though.
  2. Vanguard. Seriously, play it.
  3. Darch

    ZDoom Pistol Start Options

    If I remember well, Romero says in an interview that after the concept of lives was abandoned in Doom, restarting the map from pistol start was enough punishment for dying. So that's why the maps are designed to be playable from pistol start, I suppose. Nice to have this concept back.
  4. Darch

    lifts vs stairs

    I like when lifts can be activated by monsters so you can get some vertical action from Zombies and Arachnotrons, for example.
  5. Darch

    Really Off Depictions of the Future from Past Movies

    Yeah the present was so futuristic in the past :P You could also have quoted 2001: a Space Odyssey, but the title is self explanatory. The cars didn't fly, but that last scene when Marty sees a computer on a museum is quite accurate: I just saw one pc with floppy discs in a museum these days (and an Atari).
  6. Darch

    Gzdoom openGL error

    Oh I could reproduce the Door_Raise bug playing under Doom (strict) compatibility mode. Maybe it's something to check, why some doors (usually bigger ones) won't raise in this mode. This is a bit off topic, but anyone knows if I can "force" compatibility mode, same way you can force lightmode in MAPINFO? I see. I found this about my system (Intel indeed): Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report Driver Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate* , Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) DirectX* Version: 11.0 Physical Memory: 4083 MB Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB Maximum Graphics Memory: 256 MB Graphics Memory in Use: 196 MB Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel Processor Speed: 2933 MHZ
  7. Darch

    Gzdoom openGL error

    That's sad. I'm having the same issue here, so it means I'll have to stick with GZDoom 1.9 from now on... I believe there are doom players that don't play any modern games, so don't have a need to upgrade their pcs (well at least that's my case). I didn't mind it until I watched Dime streaming some of my maps yesterday, and the Door_Raise action didn't work. I don't know which GZDoom version he was using, but I can't even test it. It doesn't happen in any of my GZDoom versions, so I assume he was using a recent one.
  8. Darch

    Stuff you hate in games

    Non skippable tutorial levels. Many PS2 games suffer from this, obliging you to perform every move in the game before letting you actually play.
  9. Darch

    Pointless features in games

    GTA 2 tokens. They are just collectibles in the map that give you nothing, it's almost impossible to find them all, AND when you finish the game without picking them, you get a message like: "Didn't get all tokens, sucker!" or something. So they're not totally pointless, they provide frustration. Not that the real ending is much more than that.
  10. Darch

    going vanilla (not really)

    Thanks, purist, that did the trick! I could run plutonia.wad, so the IWAD was the problem indeed. Also tx fraggle for the chocolate Doom configs.
  11. Darch

    going vanilla (not really)

    I'm starting to map for vanilla, but I'm not sure how to test its compatibility. I tested it with chocolate doom; crashes by limit overflow right at the start. So I need a limit remover port, as close to chocolate as possible. (strafing would be nice). I downloaded Boom and PRBoom+, but can't run none of those; Boom seems not to be compatible with my windows version (7) and PRBoom shows an error message saying Doom2.wad file isn't exactly where it is (inside PRBoom folder). I even matched the capital letters, with no success. So, does somebody have a link for me to download a limit removal port (for complelevel 2 maps, I think), or any fix to these issues?
  12. Darch

    going vanilla (not really)

    Tx plums, so it seems I really got to get PRBoom running. I created the DOOMWADDIR path, but I still get this messege: checkIWAD: IWAD tag doom2.wad not present. Any clues? BTW, it's not installed in Program Files. I couldn't bind keys, so I had to press one key + arrow to strafe. Is there a way to configure keys in chocolate Doom?
  13. Darch

    The sad tale of Duke Nukem Forever

    Of course there is. But it's not like he took this idea out of nowhere, either.
  14. Darch

    The sad tale of Duke Nukem Forever

    It's actually at the very end: Which is the part I strongly disagree, as it can be applied to any hobby and most jobs.
  15. Darch

    going vanilla (not really)

    Thank you very much plums, Crispy Doom should be what I am looking for, but it also crashes with my map. So, what's the limit remover (I probably need to remove all limits) closer to vanilla? Well, I was going to map for vanilla, but since I already overflowed chocolate limits and crispy Doom limits at the first room, I think I really need a limit removing port. Going under vanilla probably means nuking the entire map. I'm coming from GZDoom modding, so working under Doom 2 format and stock textures (this is self-imposed) is enough limiting for me right now. But thanks for your tips, that chocorenderlimit thing seems very useful for real vanilla mapping, which is something I want to do in the future. (edited thread title)
  16. I think this a matter of game design, not really a player fault. There are games that hook you and you can't stop playing it until its finished; they are very rare, unfortunately. These are the classics. (on the other hand, there are classics that you keep replaying the first levels, without ever being able to finishing them). The other ones, they are simply not interesting enough for you to get past the hard sections; then they are abandoned.
  17. Darch

    Giant monsters?

    You better use sprites from games with a better definition then Doom for giant monsters, otherwise you will have giant pixels on the screen, using the scale property. It's generally used to decrease sizes, increasing should be used with caution.
  18. Darch

    Release - The Wailing Horde

    I was going to say that I liked how ammo balance makes you use all weapons, instead of drowning you in shells like most Doom maps. But then I thought it was a Ultimate-Doom-lack-of-super-shotgun thing, but now, seeing that players still want more shells, hm, well, I prefer maps that balance all ammo types, like this.
  19. Darch

    Release - The Wailing Horde

    Excellent map, loved the way it changes and surprises you all the time. The weapon and item "teases" are also great. Flows extremely well for a non linear map. I don't know what else to say other than keep up the good work!
  20. I had the same impression by the screenshot. Nice short map. I liked how it is a shotgun only map, I would like to see some rocket launcher only maps or plasma cannon maps. Good music and atmosphere.
  21. I have a block with abstract mapping, so I usually use images or videos to get inspiration from, trying to recreate these places in Doom. These places tend to be flatter then a Doom map should be, so I try to add some extra height variation (not always successfully). I'm playing Sunder again, which I consider a masterpiece in terms of abstract mapping, and it inspired me to try an abstract map. I did the main room, and I simply don't now where to go now. All my ideas feel like mediocre fillers to this room. I feel like ending the map as it is, ridiculously small (I tend to make small maps because of this). I don't understand how people make a megawad out of 3 or less themes, I usually run out of ideas in the middle of a map and always change theme for the next one. And speedmapping. Those are things out of my reality right now, that I've got to learn.
  22. Darch

    Lucid dreams

    I'm writing a post I'm writing a post I'm writing a post
  23. rf this is looking gorgeous. But, as already said, gameplay seriously needs balancing. You're introducing new mechanics and health system, giving no time to the player to get used to it. The very first horde has 6 monsters with 4 hit points each (24 in total), against 10 hit points for the player. At the first room of map 01 out of 40? Why? When I gave my first steps out the first scene, I had 2 health points. Didnt find any health inside the castle, either. You could start with 1 hit point monsters. The visuals and music are so good that nobody will mind to start just wondering around a bit, killing easy monsters and figuring out how the game works. This is the kind of project that HAS to be fun, and you have another 39 maps to develop difficulty anyway. Also, I don't know how hocus pocus works, but remember that players will be 99% doomers, so everyone will be happy if you let us just hold the fire button. Tapping the fire button so many times gets boring, specially with 4 hit points per enemy. I hope you don't mind this criticism, I'm only saying all this because I'm really hyped by this project and want to play it :) And balancing it is so close, anyway. One last little nitpick: monsters have some black borders that don't really match the other visual style, I'm no graphic artist, but I think it would look better with other colors instead of black. I made a test with the gargoyle: Again, hope you don't mind these suggestions and wish you good luck with this project, looking forward to play it!
  24. Darch

    Lucid dreams

    Oh, lucid dreams. I've tried this some years ago. Now I gave up, but there was some times I had them. There is a technique to be aware that you're dreaming that consists in trying to find your hands while dreaming, and look at them. One night, I was at a party on a room at the second floor of a house, and I noticed one of my fingers was shorter than it should be, so I started staring at my hands. Then, I heard someone whispering to another, "Look, he is looking at his hands". Then I realized that was a dream, and thought it would be cool to fly through the window to the pool outside the house. But I was at the second floor and everything looked so real I decided not to take the risk. There was another time when a girl climbed a stair in a weird way, almost flying, then I said to her that looked like a dream, and she said: "and who's saying this is not?". Then I remembered the "Waking Life" movie, there is a line that says you can't read small letters while dreaming, so I saw a poster on a wall with small letters and read it, and concluded I was awake. Then I awoke.
  25. Ok, but supposing we have these faces done, is there a way add new states to the game?