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  1. Darch

    Square Deathmatch (squaredm.pk3)

    Tx 40oz that was exactly what I was expecting when I opened this thread.
  2. Breezeep, what exactly makes you think that?? I think upper unpegged aliment will do it. Nice shots, BTW.
  3. joe-ilya: Let me know what you think; I didn't get any feedback of this last update yet. doomguy: On my end, crashes were caused by the fog. Try disabling fog this way: Display options - OPENGL options - preferences - fog mode: off This map heavily relies on its fog, so it will look a bit weird, but, well, better then nothing. Same for map 51.
  4. Me. Specially because there are almost no wads with this kind of difficulty, generally HMP is UV, UV is insane. I believe there is people out there that have fun simply shooting stuff while exploring a nice environment, but mappers don't seem to agree with it. I find most maps just frustrating to play. There are few mappers that actually implement skills 1 and 2 effectively (with power ups instead of taking all monsters away). But it still lacks some wads for us lazy players. I don't like dying. I don't like doing things twice. I like challenge as long as it doesn't kill me too much. Lack of chalenge can be boring? Yes. Starting a map all over again after dying in a trap near the exit can be boring? YES. Save scumming is boring? YEEES. Mindless killing can be very fun. Sometimes you just want to win.
  5. Hey doomguy, which GZDoom version are you using? I had this same problem with everything from 1.6 until a build fixed it in version 1.9. Try downloading the latest GZDoom patch, that will probably do it.
  6. Darch

    Was PC Doom considered scary?

    I had forgotten I´ve played Doom with no music until 2007 or so. It just ruined the atmosphere. Now I see it as an arcade, so I don't mind anymore. At my first couple of maps music was replaced by blanks. I can dig an upbeat metal soundtrack if you are exploding everything with a rocket launcher, but at first map with that pea shooter pistol?
  7. Darch

    Key progression

    I tend to use blue / yellow / red, but not strictly. Reminds of an Earth / hell progression, maybe? Sometimes I'll just match with the map color, if the locked section is reddish, the red key will open it. And I avoid the opposite, placing a blue key in a blue room so it can be hard to see.
  8. When I remember saving; when I'm low on health; when I find the right path after being lost; sometimes, when I grab a key; when I win a hard battle; when five minutes have passed without saving. Am I a save scummer? I try not to save at small maps, but I can't stand redoing half of a map due to one mistake, especially at big maps.
  9. Darch

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Whitemare 2

    This is mapset I probably wouldn't play if it wasn't for the megawad club. I didn't like the first maps very much; maybe that's because the last two wads I played were BTSX and Forsaken Overlook :P I played 6 maps already, but here are my notes for the first three maps: (GZDoom - HMP - continuous) MAP 01 - ENTRY GATE Lighting is almost flat. There is a stair with the same texture of the wall behind it, making it almost invisible. The switch textures and music are not helping, either. MAP 02 - HALL KING A little better then the first, then it suddenly ends. I like small maps, but this was a bit too abrupt. The snow theme is nice, though. Zdoom blood decals look good against the white surfaces. map 03 - SNOWBOX ASCENSION Way better then the others. I liked how almost all monsters were in the first room (well, the map basically IS the first room). The feeling of climbing through some frozen ruins worked for me. Another short map, but this time better executed. Hope this wad follows this "ascension".
  10. Darch

    Oh my icon of sin

    Because spawning monsters inside his own head was giving him headaches?
  11. When I read the first post again, nothing makes sense anymore.
  12. Why not limit the ammo numbers instead? :)
  13. Have you thought about streaming live on Twitch TV? There are lots of people watching Doom there.
  14. Darch

    Dark Cavern Grut

    Oh that's an original soundtrack? Even better. You got some fine tunes there.
  15. Darch

    Dark Cavern Grut

    Amazing. Great atmosphere and sense of exploration. Music was also very well chosen, except for grut03, the drums broke the naturalistic feeling of the environment at that one. I suppose you're still very beta, there are things to fix like the first weapon seems to be pointing below, some textures need to be aligned, this kind of polish. The Kenny enemy (:D) is great, his sounds are very fitting. Some ambient sounds of water, wind, leaves and birds will certainly improve the experience. Looks very promising, waiting for it. Keep up the good work :)
  16. Darch

    Dark Cavern Grut

    The first enemy is Kenny from South Park? :D
  17. Darch

    Monsters "jump forward"

    I don't know if you're asking just out of curiosity, but in case you want to avoid this behavior, there is a recent decorate flag for ZDoom that can disable this at specific projectiles; it is +NOFORWARDFALL.
  18. Thanks, mate! There are still some ideas that have not been included, I might give a shot at them later. If they work fine, there might be another update, but not very soon. By the way, just finished uploading a gameplay video of the new map:
  19. Ooops. I think its fixed now. http://arrrrch.imgur.com/all/
  20. You're right, I got rid of that extra skill level with alternative attacks. That was just an excuse to use a new monster, but now it is placed on the main campaign. So, here's a new version of lots of updates: Pirate Doom V1.7 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://confrariadacosta.com.br/piratedoom/PirateDoom.zip changelog: - A new map: Port Royale (plays on slot 54) - A new gun! - Big thanks for le_L for lending his drawing skills to this mod - A new monster! - Sprite replacements for vegetation, torches, chandeliers, candelabras, lamps, stones, etc - New textures overall, specially in hell map, grog factory and baron castle. - Difficulty slightly decreased: more booze added. New gun also helps. - Handguns fire rate is increased after eating spinach. screenshots: http://arrrrch.imgur.com/all/
  21. Darch

    Whitemare 2

    If I remember well, Daniel made the music for NeoDoom himself.
  22. Darch

    Doom Mapping as Emotional Therapy

    I can't map if I drink too much, so sometimes I drink less if I want to make a map, does it count?
  23. ProjectileKickBack, if you're using decorate. Try a value like 200 or more for a strong kickback.
  24. Darch

    Shifting a bunch of sectors up/down

    I'm using GZDoom. My question was actually quite vague, what happens exactly is: I use several wads as resources. Doom Builder 2 has the option to show textures from one wad at a time or all wads. If I select one wad only, it shows only floor textures when I select a floor or a ceiling. I have to select the option to view all wad textures at the same time to be able to choose wall textures at floors, and sometimes this is too much.